10 Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know About Jason Statham


If you like action movies, chances are Jason Statham is one of your favorite actors. The movies he stars in usually feature a lot of fight scenes, stunts, car chases, and explosions.

But it turns out that his personal life is just as interesting as the characters he tends to portray—except the actor doesn’t kill people, of course.

Statham has many talents and interests, and is very good at most of them. This has to be one of the reasons why he is such a successful actor.

After reading these 10 facts about Statham, you will probably like him even more than you already do.

1. He did the helicopter scene in Crank himself

Image Source: Rio Rancho

Believe it or not, Statham was actually hanging from a helicopter above Los Angeles with only a tiny cable attached to his belt. Not many actors have such devotion to their work.

2. He used to be a model prior to his acting career

Image Source: Baklol

He reportedly did not like how he looked when smiling, so he always made that familiar face we all know; that tough look was the reason Guy Ritchie picked him when casting.

3. He was featured in a Kit Kat ad.

It sounds a bit strange when you hear this incredibly active person telling you to take a break, but the ad is a fact.

4. His exact year of birth is unknown

Image Source: VK

The day and month of his birth is known by everyone; Statham was born on the 26th of July. However, it seems that nobody actually knows the year, and different sources claim it was somewhere between 1967 and 1972.


5. The days when he was selling stuff on the streets helped him become an actor

Image Source: Sky

Statham’s first job was a street seller, and that helped him when Guy Ritchie asked Statham to try and sell him some fake jewels as part of the Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels casting process. Apparently he was very good at it.

6. He was thrown out of a Playboy mansion for refusing to pose with the girls

Image Source: Transporter

During a visit to one of the late Hugh Hefner’s estates, Statham refused to pose next to the girls while wearing his bathrobe, so he was removed from the property.

7. Statham was an excellent diver

Image Source: BBC

Being a part of the National British Team, you could imagine all the training he went through. That same physical preparation opened the doors to his eventual acting career.

8. He performs most of the movie stunts himself

Image Source: Moustache Magazine

Knowing just how tough it is for the stunt teams to do their job, Statham has been fighting for a long time for a stunt category at the Academy Awards.

9. Statham failed the driver’s test many times.

Image Source: Movie Citizens

Despite his amazing driving skills, Statham has failed his driving test multiple times. The funny part is that he was driving for years before he even applied for a license; he used to drive to the test location, fail at it, and then drive back home.

10. He is a master at chess

Image Source: Everything Noir

In addition to an impressive physique, Statham obviously has brains; he is reportedly a very good chess player. He once said that he and Guy Ritchie played regularly, and apparently the director was a really bad player, and the director still owes Statham a lot of cash due to all his losses.


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