10 Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know About Paris Hilton & Will Change Your Opinion Of Her

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A lot of people think that the rich and famous have the absolute dream life. The perception of their lifestyle is based only on the things that are visible, such as the cars, the mansions, and the gossip surrounding them.

Some celebrities are even believed to have everything they own because someone just simply gave it to them; the result that is pictured is a spoiled and arrogant person who constantly showcases their lavish and enviable lifestyle. That may be true in regard to some people.

But in other cases, the public opinion is wrong, and the reality behind the big star might turn out to be a whole lot different. A perfect example of this is Paris Hilton. She was known mainly as a party girl with a scandalous style, and she has had the reputation of a typical rich heiress who only lives for the joys of life and does nothing except spend her family’s money.

You are about to read about some interesting facts regarding Paris Hilton’s life that are going to turn your opinion about her upside down; there’s way more than just good looks when it comes to Paris. In fact, she may be one of the most admirable business women in the world because of her character and intellect combined.

1. Her Inheritance Was Only $5 million.

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We know what you are thinking – who gets to start in life with that kind of money? Not everybody, of course, and it really is a solid foundation. But instead of just spending all of it on shiny things and expensive parties, she was able to create a real business empire—including stores, beach clubs, perfumes, and many other businesses. All of that was achieved before Paris even turned 30.

2. Her fee as a DJ is a million dollars per gig.

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On some occasions, she works as DJ, but do not imagine her going into a regular club for a night shift. Her fee for a full night of DJ services is a whopping million dollars. That’s $347,000 per hour. That is the mother of all labor contracts. Best of all, she is having a great time doing it.

3. She was one of the first successful reality television stars.

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Paris was among the first celebrities with a glamorous career in reality TV. The premiere of “The Simple Life” show, on which she was a character, had about thirteen million viewers. That tops the combined numbers of “The Kardashians” and “The Hills”.

4. She own a fashion line for pets

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One of Paris Hilton’s passions, among many other things, are her dogs; therefore, it is no surprise that at one point she simply decided to combine her love for canines and her business skills—she created a fashion line for pets.


5. She became popular without the professional help of a publicist or the social media platforms

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Many things have changed since Paris Hilton became popular, and her personal opinion is that now it is easy to become famous—all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection.

6. She is keeping up to the family tradition and is diving into the hotel business

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Paris Hilton has planned hotel projects for various locations, including New York, Las Vegas, and Dubai. Since she successfully runs a lot of different businesses, she has plans to release a book on how to become a businesswoman and create an impressive empire from scratch.

7. Paris Hilton has three siblings

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In addition to Paris, you have probably heard the name of her sister Nicky Hilton, who is relatively popular. However, Paris and her sister have actually two younger brothers. They are named Conrad Hughes Hilton and Barron Nicholas Hilton.

8. Back in 2014, she had already made more than two billion dollars in revenue from her fragrance, which is a massive success.

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Since more than three years have passed since that report, you can only imagine what the current numbers are. Her income from annual product sales is above ten million dollars, so you can easily assume that she is not terribly worried about cash flow.

9. Paris has also managed to become a best-selling author.

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You have probably asked yourself by this point—is there anything that Paris hasn’t done yet? Apparently she has a lot of interests, and in 2004 she published her book—entitled “Confessions of an Heiress”—which almost instantly became a New York Times Best Seller.

10. She has a contract with Birdman’s label

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Last year, Paris Hilton signed her contract with the Cash Money record label, owned by Birdman, and her intentions are to release a house music album.
Since she already has multiple top 10 singles, this will probably turn out to be her next big move.


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