10 Legen…Wait for it…Dary Facts About ‘How I Met Your Mother’

Making a good movie or show has a few special requirements. ‘How I met your mother’ could definitely be classified as even more than a good show. But what was the cost for the actors, what has happened behind the scenes, and where all those strange ideas came from, you will understand while reading below.

1. The characters of Bays, Thomas and Lili are based on real people


The show was inspired by real events and people. Ted and Marshall characters were based on the actual creators – Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and Lily – on Thomas’s wife. They threw some real-life events from college to the show.

2. Dress code


It’s hard for Barney to be spotted without a suit on the show. Even, the occasional cases can be counted because they are only 16.

3. A Letterman writer was inspired by the “Have you met Ted” line.

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Justin Stangel, Late Show co-head writer, came up with the pick-up line “Have you met…?”. While being in a bar with Bays he has used the line on random girls. It was funny, so they put it in the show.

4. Britney Spears’ appearance at the show saved it from cancellation


The famous singer picked Abby’s role by herself. Thomas and Bays were worried she would want to play Stella, but instead, Britney chose to be Abby, Stella’s receptionist. The episode “Ten Sessions” was the most-watched and she credited the merits on herself.

5. The actors partners played characters on the show


They played assorted weirdos. Alexis Denisof (Alyson Hannigan’s husband) played Sandy Rivers, Taran Killam (Gobie Smulders’s husband) played Gari Blauman and David Burtka (Neil Patrick Harris’ husband) played Scooter.

Written by Patrick Bennet

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