10 Of The Most Brutal Contract Killers You’ve Never Heard Of


While we’d all like to assume that hitmen, or “contract killers”, don’t exist and have never existed, that would be a truly naïve assumption. Fact is, those people with enough money and the right connections can, do, and always have hired others to do what could be described as the ultimate “dirty work”.

There are plenty of well-known contract killers, but there are also several who aren’t so well known by the general populace. Here are ten you that probably haven’t heard of yet.

1. Harry “Happy” Maione

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Harry “Happy” Maione looked anything but happy, and was referred to as “Happy” because of his persistent, constant scowl. In the 1930’s, he worked for an organization known as Murder Inc., which was an arm of the NC Syndicate. Essentially, he worked for the mafia/mob .He was a go between for the Italian and Jewish members of the organization, and killed 12 or more men while in their employ.

Eventually, Maione’s dastardly deeds caught up with him. NY District Attorney started targeting a director of Murder Inc., and as a result Maione—with a bit of help—had to kill an informant. The victim, a loan shark named George “Whitey” Rudnick, died in May of 1937. He had been stabbed with an ice pick by one of Maione’s associates.

As a result of his role in the death of Rudnick, Maione was convicted of murder. It was overturned on appeal, but he was convicted again. Ha was sentenced to death and was executed at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York. His partner, Frank Abbandando, was executed alongside of him.

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2. Irving Cohen

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Irving Cohen, also known as “Big Gangi” Cohen, was also a member of Murder Inc. Interestingly enough, he also worked as a bit-part actor and crowd scene extra in films.

Cohen was known for killing with an ice pick, and there was an ice pick used in the murder of his friend Walter Sage in 1937. Murder Inc. bosses had come to the conclusion that Sage had been skimming profits from gambling operations; naturally, the bosses decided Sage needed to go. They chose Cohen to do the dirty deed, and do the deed he did. During a drive to the mountains, Sage was stabbed over 30 times with an ice pick.

Sage’s murder led to Cohen being put on trial for murder. He was ultimately acquitted, however, after numerous weeping sessions in court. After the acquittal, he gave up his life of crime and worked as an actor in Los Angeles—where he had been living before the trial—for many years. His last reported job was as a stand-in on the 1960’s television program Bonanza, and he died in 1976.

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