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10 Things We Have Been Doing Wrong Until Now

Image Source: Reddit

They say that we never stop learning and we think it is the truth. We experience new things every day and there is a learning experience involved every time. This is the most important thing for every person, actually. As we grow and develop our skills, the knowledge we have is essential! This is why you need to go out there and explore everything you can! Life is short and the things you can learn are so many that one lifetime might not be enough! Of course, not everything you learn can be of use and sometimes knowledge is more or less insignificant, but it is still puzzling to learn something that was right in front of us for years! The following list will make you feel weird because it shows obvious things that most of us have been doing wrong all along. You what they say – better late than never, right? Check out the curious list and enjoy the images!

1. This one left us baffled

Image Source: Facebook

We believe that almost everyone loves Gatorade and the reasons for that are more than obvious. However, there is more to that drink than just the taste. The Gatorade bottle features a nice design and we like how it looks, but it is even more practical than you could imagine! Just take a look at the photo and have your mind blown to bits! Apparently the designers thought about the inconvenience of holding the cap of the bottle so they came up with a sneaky solution. The bottom of the bottle apparently acts as a cap holder. You just pop the cap in and it will stay in place! It might be something really simple but it is still something we missed despite the fact that it was right in front of us.

2. Here is something simple that we all got wrong

Image Source: Fcebook

This one made us feel a bit ashamed, to be honest. It is so simple yet we have doing it wrong all this time! It seems that the most obvious solutions are sometimes really hard to find and that is just weird! For those of you who have never used a similar device, this is an air freshener and as you can see, it is extremely easy to use. The trouble is that most of use it the wrong way which is pictured on the left. The clever design of the shell offers a far more elegant and easy solution, but we guess that throwing away the package with the instructions is a mistake that we will never make again! This is a proof that something seemingly simple can actually turn out to be different than we thought at first.

3. Here is one rather huge no-no

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Even the most common small rituals that we have adopted as a habit could turn out to be wrong. There are certain things that nobody should do but many people do anyway! One of them is related to an item as simple as a pair of chopsticks. You have either seen how people rub them together before having a meal or you do it yourself every time before you grab a bite. The reason for that is the possible existence of splinters on the chopsticks which could easily be eliminated after the rubbing. However, there is an unexpected problem that nobody thought of. If the chopstick are high-quality ones, there will be no splinters at all. This means that if you rub them together while sitting at a restaurant, you are directly insulting the owners of the place because you are unintentionally implying that they give their guests low-quality chopsticks. We suggest you never do it again, except you are in the comfort of your own home.

4. Now this is going to upset many among you for sure

Image Source: Imgur

This is probably one of the most obvious things on the list and we cannot believe that only a few people are aware of it! It turns out that when you get your drink from Starbucks, you also receive a bonus you never knew existed. As you can see, the cap of the takeaway cups can be used a coaster! Its design allows the bottom of the cup to fit perfectly so it doesn’t move and spill. This is a really clever idea and we cannot believe we never figured it out! We guess that those who knew about this discover the feature by sheer chance! We love such small details because they show that the brand wants their customers to feel nice and comfortable and they provide them with all the necessary conveniences they could think of.

5. Here is a simple trick that can save you anytime

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Our modern world reshaped most people’s line of activity and it is safe to say that most individuals’ jobs are related to spending a lot of time on a computer. This is essential because technology evolves with a rapid pace and we need to be updated frequently. Sometimes an important piece of work that needs to be done fast is lost because you lost a tab that you accidently closed. Not to worry, because there is a working solution! All you need to do is press the Ctr+Shift+T combination and the last used tab will pop up back on the screen. This can be a life-saver if you had to react quickly in order not to lose the information. We never knew this hack and we are glad we know it now because we are definitely going to use it!

6. Using a toaster proved to be a tricky job

Image Source: Imgur

Well, we never thought that we were going to say this one day, but apparently we have been using a toaster wrong all those years. Technically speaking, we used it the right way, because we inserted the pieces of toast where they belonged and we able to turn them into crusty toast every time. The problem is that we got the main function of the toaster all wrong. It turned out that the numbers on the dial were not levels of power! They are minutes! This simple fact made our jaws drop because we never realized it! We guess that most people did the same thing and nobody realized this. We believe that the difference between two and four minutes cannot be noticed because it is too small and this is why nobody realized the actual meaning of the numbers until now.

7. This juice bottle was hard to open

Image Source: Imgur

Do you remember drinking from these bottles as kids? The juice was delicious and we always proceeded the same way when we got a bottle. We used to cut the whole upper part until it looked like a regular bottle. Most people did the same and we all thought that this was the right way to do it. However, we believe that certain individuals were aware of the actual way to do it. It turns out that we did it wrong for all those years. It was supposed to be cut at the top and the segment with the round piece of plastic was meant to act like a straw. It is so simple and obvious!

8. Here is something that could be considered to be a hack

Image Source: Imgur

As we already mentioned, sometimes the simple solutions we all need were there all along for us to see. Despite this fact, we seem to neglect them and realize their importance years after we should have! This microwave hack is the perfect example. Chances are that you never use the power button, just like us. However, it turns out that using this function is a must! It allows for the microwaves to be distributed differently and the food heats up evenly. It takes a bit longer but it is definitely worth it! The only downside is that this mode consumes more energy, but we can live with that. How come we never tried this before? We should definitely give it a go.

9. Here is something we never realized we could use

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that people get creative out of necessity sometimes. This is a good thing because sometimes a common problem can be solved with just a bit of clever thinking. Check out this awesome photo! It shows how a spray bottle nozzle fits on a regular water bottle without a problem! This is the perfect solution to the hot summer days when you don’t have an A/C on your disposal. Just fill a water bottle with freezing cold water and screw on the nozzle. You will have the best possible device to keep yourself cool during the heat wave!

10. Here is something that we never thought we could do

Image Source: Imgur

If you are really into deep cleaning, you are going to love this! We never suspected that an oven has this hidden feature! This is a really convenient way to clean your oven and make it shine like new! The design was made in a really clever way and being able to reach below the coils is really important if you want to do a good job with the cleaning.

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