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11 Amusing Images That Will Definitely Make You Say ‘That’s Crazy’

If you are like many people, you are always looking for funny and interesting pictures and videos. That is one of the many reasons the internet is so great. It keeps you entertained when there is nothing new to watch on television. Sure, there are other things you could do instead, like go for a walk or check out a new restaurant, but sometimes you just don’t feel like leaving the house.
Here are twelve examples of fun images that you will likely find pretty interesting.

1. The Pianos on the Beach

Image Source: Reddit

There are just so many questions to be asked. First of all, I don’t understand why there would be even one piano at the beach. I certainly don’t understand why there would be an enormous stack of them. Also, it looks like low tide. What happens to the pianos when that changes?

Really, I don’t understand why anyone would stack pianos like that in the first place—anywhere. That can’t be good for the instruments.

I play the piano, and I know for a fact you have to take care of them. All of that moisture can’t be good for them.

If you wonder why more people don’t play the piano—which is a shame because they’re lovely instruments—it is because a good one costs a small fortune. You can learn on a digital keyboard, I suppose, but a truly great piano will set you back many thousands of dollars.

2. The Gift Card Box

Image Source: Reddit

This is an adorable little box. I didn’t know they made boxes so small. It sort of seems silly, but the presentation is nice, and Amazon gift cards are always a nice surprise. I suppose the box could have been a lot bigger, which would have been an enormous waste of cardboard.

It is amazing what you can buy at Amazon. If you want something, and it exists on the planet, there is a really good chance Amazon can deliver it to you. There is a reason the company is worth a trillion dollars.

If you can believe it, Amazon employs well over 500,000 people throughout the world.
The CEO of the company is named Jeff Bezos. He is 54 years old. For about a year now, he has been the wealthiest person in the world. He is personally worth roughly $150 billion.
Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, is worth about $97 billion.

3. The Journal That Looks Like Silver

Image Source: Reddit

It really does look like a block of silver when it is closed. I wonder what the cover is made out of.
I also wonder how much this journal cost. I didn’t even realize that people used journals anymore. What kid writes in a diary? I know kids did when I was young, but I just assumed kids these days all had their own blogs. These days, a lot of teachers don’t even think teaching cursive is necessary. They think it is more important that young children learn how to use keyboards and computers, which is a pretty valid argument.

4. The Kid With the Book

Image Source: Reddit

The kid in this picture looks very much like the little kid in the book. That must be fun for the kid and the parents. I wonder if this was intentional somehow. I know it would probably cost a small fortune, but shouldn’t you be able to have a talented artist insert the likeness of your child into a book? For all I know, that is already possible. I don’t have children, so I wouldn’t know.

I used to read a lot as a child. One of my favorite books was “Peterkin Meets a Star”, which was published in 1983. It was all about a little boy who met a star. I remember it as being very charming. If you have a kid, I recommend checking it out. The story has actually been turned into an app for the iPhone. It was written by Emelie Boon, who is from the Netherlands. She is currently a professor; she teaches the illustration of children’s books in Rhode Island.

5. The Laundromat

Image Source: Reddit

I love that this laundromat has gym equipment. That’s a great idea. I wonder why more laundromats don’t do this.

There were times in my life where I had to use a laundromat. Those were dark days. It just takes so much time. I didn’t exactly own fancy clothing, but I also didn’t want it to be stolen. You pretty much have to stick around the laundromat, so you might as well do something productive. You could always update your social media profiles, of course, but exercising seems like a better use of your time.

It is so hard to find time to exercise; I am pretty sure that’s why more people don’t do exercise nearly as much as they should. It isn’t that they don’t want to; they’re just busy.

6. The Date on the Milk

Image Source: Reddit

I know that the date on this milk is supposed to be March 10, but it definitely looks like it says “Mario”.

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Naturally, when you think of Mario, you think of the famous video game character. I know I do. He is the mascot of Nintendo, and gamers have been entertained by him since 1981. He is, more or less without a doubt, the most famous video game character in the world. He has starred in well over 200 games, and most of them have been very good.

If you are not familiar with Mario, you have been living under a rock. He is a plumber, and many of his games revolve around trying to rescue a princess from a bad guy—usually Bowser, who is the leader of the Koopas. He also enjoys racing go-karts. He has been known to play tennis and baseball. In certain games, he appears as a baby, as does his brother Luigi.

As a company, Nintendo is doing very well these days. They hit a bit of a rough spot a few years back; however, since their most recent console—the Nintendo Switch— was released, the company has been thriving.

March 10th, by the way, is considered Mario Day. It has been officially observed by Nintendo for a couple of years now.

7. The Wax Buddha

Image Source: Reddit

It apparently got really hot in Australia, so this wax Buddha sort of melted. It looks pretty good as far as I am concerned. It definitely looks like he is meditating.

Buddhism is a fascinating religion, and it is the fourth largest in the world. It originated in India.

I am glad I am not a Buddhist, though, as I am not fond of the concept of rebirth. That seems like torture. Once I am done with this Earth, I am done. Who would want to be reborn? I understand, of course, that you don’t typically remember past lives, but the whole thing still seems exhausting. One life on this planet is enough as far as I am concerned. I am not eager to do it again.

8. The Tiny Stairs

Image Source: Reddit

The story here is that the stairs in this image were a bit too steep for the owner’s dog. Therefore, these tiny little steps were built. The owner apparently built them, which is sweet. Now that’s a good pet owner.

I can certainly understand being worried about your pet. Years ago, I had an old dog. Towards the end, he definitely had a bit of trouble with a certain set of stairs in the house. They too were slippery, like this set of stairs was.

My current dog, when he was a puppy, was roughly the size of a gerbil. He couldn’t make it up a single step on his own. It was kind of funny watching him try, though. Nowadays, he runs up and down stairs so fast that you would swear he was breaking the sound barrier.

9. The Nintendo 64 Output and the Van

Image Source: Reddit

If you have a friend that makes it possible for you to play the Nintendo 64 in his or her vehicle, then that is a friend you definitely want to keep for life. He or she is obviously very cool and has excellent taste in video games.

The Nintendo 64, which came out in 1996, was a fantastic video game system. It is considered one of the best of all time. Time Magazine actually named it the machine of the year, and it is still remembered fondly by many; that is largely because of the simply amazing games that came out for it. For example, “GoldenEye 007” was exclusive to the system. There are a lot of people out there who still play that game even though it was released in 1997. If you are not familiar with the game, you are missing out. A lot of people, myself included, wish someone would do a proper remake of that game. There was something of a remake for the Nintendo Wii, and it was remastered for other consoles, but it just wasn’t as good. It didn’t have the magical quality of the original. The remake did receive pretty positive reviews, though.

The game was based, of course, on the James Bond movie “GoldenEye”, which was released in 1996 and was also quite good. It was the first James Bond movie I ever saw, as there hadn’t been a Bond movie made in six years. Audiences loved it, and so did the critics. Pierce Brosnan played James Bond; he would also play Bond in a few other movies, including “Die Another Day”.

10. The Traveler and the Plane

Image Source: Reddit

Somehow, this young woman got herself booked on a flight intended to move crew around, so there were no other passengers. She basically had an entire plane to herself.

I didn’t realize it was possible to end up on such a flight; I am assuming you can’t intentionally request such a flight and this young woman simply got very lucky.

I would love to be on a flight with no other passengers. They are the worst part about flying. I don’t mind the terrible food. I don’t mind the expensive drinks. I do mind having to wait for the restroom and the screaming babies I always get seated next to. The babies never sleep, either; they are always wide awake and wailing.

Once in a while, I’m stuck next to a person who wants to have a conversation. I don’t know why. I always bring a book or an electronic device to fiddle with. You would think those objects make it clear that I have no interest in getting to know the person I was randomly seated next to on a plane, but some people just can’t seem to take a hint.

11. The Thing That Protects the Alcohol

Image Source: Reddit

In certain areas—in most areas, really—it is illegal to sell alcohol after a certain time of day. This seems like a sort of extreme way of preventing people from buying that alcohol, though. What’s the harm if someone buys a six pack of beer at three in the morning?

You can’t buy alcohol in grocery stores at all where I live. You have to go to special stores. It can be a real pain if you are lazy, like me, and just want to pick up a bottle of wine to have with dinner.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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