11 Body Parts That Are Completely Useless Now, But Our Ancestors Had


6. Palmaris muscle

Image Source: Metdaan

This muscle used to be essential for climbing, but now it is missing in over 10% of the population.

7. Nipples

Image Source: Metdaan

While female nipples have always been associated with lactation, men do have nipples, because in the first few weeks male and female embryos have the same blueprints. Anyway, the man’s nipples are completely useless.

8. The goosebumps muscle

Image Source: Metdaan

After we almost have no fur, goosebumps may be pointless, because animals use it for when endangered or cold.

9. Appendix

Image Source: Metdaan

The appendix used to be an important part of the digestive system when humans used to eat a lot of plants. Nowadays, people eat fewer vegetables and the muscular tube that connects our large intestine is vulnerable to infections.


10. Thirteenth rib

Image Source: Metdaan

The gorillas and chimps have an extra set of ribs, including the 13th rib, but only 8 percent of the population do having one.

11. Toes

Image Source: Metdaan

According to a recent research humans balance on the midline of their feet and we no longer need our toes. So, basically we are shifting out balance every single day and in a couple hundred years most of them will be completely useless.

It is already proven that people without toes can live healthy and normal life. They just use the rest of their foot and muscles as a compensation.

It’s quite possible, because the horse for example used to have more than just 2 toes.


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