11 Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know About Heath Ledger And The Joker

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If people were to choose their favorite villain, we are 99% sure they would pick the Joker. His personality traits is what actually makes him so fascinating. He is definitely a brilliant and smarter than just an ordinary villain. His actions are well balanced and thought-out.

To portray such an interesting character, one have to be a brilliant and skillful actor. Many people agree that Heath Ledger’s excellent performance will never be forgotten. We have put together some interesting facts about Heath Ledger and the Joker.

1. Batman’s role was considered for Heath at first

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It sounds unbelievable, but before Christian Bale got the Batman’s role in “Batman Begins”, Heath Ledger was the one who was considered to play it. According to Christopher Nolan, Heath was the perfect fit for the Joker’s role. He later won an Oscar for it.

2. Michael Cane was scared to death by the Joker

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When he first saw the Joker in his full face of make-up (the elevator scene), Michael Cane, got so afraid and confused that he forgot his lines. He later got used to it, but he will never forget that feeling of fear.

3. The villain got an Oscar

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In 2009 Heath got nominated for an Oscar by the Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor, which made him the only one awarded actor by a major Oscar for a superhero movie. “The Dark Knight” got 8 different awards at that ceremony.

4. Isolation

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Heath stayed in the role for a long time. In order to fully enter the Joker’s mind he spent 43 days isolated and locked in a motel room. This is incredible, isn’t it? That much time spent in isolation and loneliness helped him to present the Joker’s madness and dark traits in the most realistic way possible.

5. Alex DeLarge inspired Heath Ledger

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Joker’s appearance was partially impacted by the punk icon Sid Vicious. However the main impact for his movement an gestures was from Alex DeLarge (A Clockwork Orange).


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