11 Photos Proving That All Children Need To Have A Dog

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Dogs are not only man’s best friends, but they could also help with raising children, and people who have dogs in the family could easily confirm this. The canine companion is more than just a pet; a dog is able to teach every kid valuable lessons about responsibility, patience, caring for another soul and empathy. These are the kind of life skills you would definitely want your kid to learn as early as possible.

If you are not convinced that a dog is one the best things that could happen to your little kid, then check out the following photos.

1. The collar of shame is not going to stop them from loving each other

Image Source: Reddit

This dog probably has some health problems, but it’s nothing that some love and compassion couldn’t fix! The toddler is obviously full of those and he is kindly sharing them with the dog.

2. Dogs always understand

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No matter how rough was your day, a hug from your pup would definitely take a huge chunk of your stress load.

There’s nothing like feeling the love your four-legged friend is always ready to smother you with.

3. This gentle giant has a new human to take care of

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The way this dog looks at the baby is adorable. You could feel the tenderness that overflows from the picture and we are sure that the kid could always rely on that huge domestic bear for support from now on.

4. These two will be friends for life

Image Source: Imgur

True siblings always look after each other, and these two precious souls are no exception. It seems that they have grown up being as close as possible, and the feeling of having someone like that is priceless.

5. Pugs will always be babies’ best buddies

Image Source: Reddit

You probably melted right off upon seeing this photo, and nobody would blame you. This is an absolute cuteness overload! Both of them look extremely comfortable, and they deserve all the hugs they could possibly get. What’s better than having an actual human baby and a furry four-legged one? Nothing beats that combination, and this photo proves it.

6. Dogs could be friends and bodyguards at the same time

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Image Source: Reddit

This beautiful dog looks stunning! The grace and intelligence that radiate from him are obvious. The girl’s family probably feels that she is safe when he’s around, because nobody would approach her while this dog is around.

7. Capturing the ultimate moment of joy

Image Source: Reddit

The fun and games seem to never end when your dog is by your side all the time! Having a trampoline in the back yard makes things even better! Someone was able to capture this moment and it’s absolutely priceless to see the joy written on their faces. The girl should keep the photo and cherish this moment when she is all grown up one day.

8. Sharing every moment together is a blessing

Image Source: Reddit

Perhaps most of you could recall the times when you waited by the door or the window for your parents to come home from work or from a long trip. Well, those of you who had pets probably shared those moments with them, and they would always remain as a beautiful memory.

9. Having fun means causing trouble sometimes

Image Source: Reddit

When these two rascals made the mess you see, they probably had a very good time, and even when they were busted they probably did not regret it at all. Nobody could be angry with these two cute faces for more than a couple of minutes, and there is always someone who can clean after them.

10. Expressing your emotions is easy when you feel good

Image Source: Imgur

Dogs are very good at expressing feelings and emotions, and no words are needed when the canine is feeling happy.

This photo is the perfect example, and the pooch’s eyes and smile say it all.

11. Hugs are the fastest way to make someone feel good

Image Source: Reddit

What better way to express your love and attachment to someone than simply giving them a hug? The expression on this dog’s face does need any description, because it says more than a thousand words.

Written by Nick Martin

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