11 Times People On Twitter Perfectly Revealed What Being In Your 20s Feels Like

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It seems that people have an endless source of relatable things to look at, and it’s called the Internet – we all know that. However, it is almost impossible for one to find a thing that is relatable to every single person, but the list below is probably one of these rare gems. When you talk about your 20s, chances are that everyone around you would immediately confirm that they have done the same. Sharing your experience and receiving approval for it always feels nice, as it brings people closer together and makes them feel like they did exactly what they were supposed to in the first place. In fact, we believe that the 20s are the one period in people’s lives when almost everyone did the same things. Boy, was that a fun period! The suggestions below are definitely going to make many people feel like they are 20 again.

1. The stress

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Well, this is not exactly something funny to mention, but it is relatable. When people come out of puberty, they think that there will never be a period like that to experience again. They are wrong! You see, the 20s are really like a second teenage period because they are all about a different kind of maturity! The responsibilities start to pile up and that causes some stress.

2. The potential

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Here is another thing that is too relatable to all of us. The 20s make people feel insecure because they slowly start realizing their potential. However, those who have some doubts about whether they are capable of this or that is the majority. Many talented individuals find it hard to do their best during their twenties only because they are scared to step up.

3. The lessons

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Sure enough, the 20s are the one period in life when people learn the most lessons, and they are not easy to understand, especially those related to the others. Most individuals are still gullible and consider everyone to be nice, but once someone double-crosses them and makes them feel bad, they realize that some folks are not to be trusted.

4. The unhappy parents

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Here is something that nobody could prevent from happening. The reason for that is simple: it is beyond anyone’s control. Of course, we are talking about all those parents who are constantly not happy with their children, even if there is hardly a reason for them to be unsatisfied, just as this tweet suggests.

5. The reality

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It appears that when it comes down to what the 20s are about, this tweet is the best way to sum everything up. This person was not shy to describe things as they are. Finding a real job may be a tough task to cover, but it eventually happens. Until then, everything goes just the way this tweet suggests.

6. The caffeine

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Oh, this one is probably relatable to 99 out of a hundred people! We are absolutely certain that you are addicted to caffeine, too! There is nothing wrong with that, and you might even say that it is a necessity! Caffeine helps us cope with much of the hard things related to being in your 20s!

7. The dating world

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They say that dating in your 30s is horrible, but we beg to differ. It is not that much easier to go on a date while in your 20s, too. The problem with it is perfectly described in this tweet. It might sound like an exaggeration, but most girls would definitely confirm it. It seems that most ladies have been disappointed by men during their 20s.

8. The funny list

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Well, most people would find this list to be super funny, but we definitely think that it is all too relatable to miss! We really laughed at this one, because it states nothing but the truth, especially the part about the back pain.

9. The truth

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Here is the universal truth that is probably valid for the rest of most people’s lives. The interesting part is that this realization is typical for the 20s. Most people never really know how it works until they realize that it is part of our reality.

10. The weird feeling

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This tweet suggests another super accurate thing about the 20s that we have all experienced. Yes, it really feels like that: sometimes you are too childish and just an hour later you might actually behave like a senior citizen. It is weird.

11. The stories

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Most people would probably choose not to admit this, but we suspect that only certain individuals among us don’t have such a story to tell. There is nothing wrong if you have one because we know how it feels and we could relate.

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