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12 Awesome Details In ‘The Incredibles’ That You Definitely Haven’t Noticed

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‘The Incredibles’ was released a long time ago, abut since the day we saw it for the first time it was more than clear that it was going to become a classic, and that’s what it still is today. It is likely that most people who saw it once just had to watch it at least a few times more, and that is what makes the following list even more intriguing! No matter how many times you saw the movie, you probably missed these details, and they only show how brilliant the whole production is.

1. Elastigirl realizes that the plain debris are falling down because she saw the reflection in the water

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This brilliant little touch is the perfect example to show how good the movie really is. It may be a small detail, but it was probably carefully planned, and we can only express our deep respect to the creators of the story. These little details make any movie stand out.

2. Remember the holdup scene? It’s inspired by ‘Die Hard With A Vengeance’

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The ‘Die Hard With A Vengeance’ movie also features Samuel L. Jackson, and the whole holdup scene is basically the same, except for the superpowers that ‘The Incredibles’ character has, of course. We think that such a nod to another movie related to one of the actors starring in both productions is a very clever touch.

3. The missing Simon J. Paladino that was mentioned in the paper which Bob was reading is actually Gazerbeam – the character Bob found in the cave dead

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This was probably noticed only those who paid really close attention to the storyline or those who saw the movie ten times or more. We love how flawless the story is, and little details like this one just keep popping out.

4. Frozone decided to drink some water in order to be able to regain his powers, and his lips were actually dry

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This is probably the smallest hidden detail in the entire movie, and we absolutely love it. We guess that the people who created the scenario and the storyboard probably spent a lot of time designing everything to be perfect, and the end result is exactly that.

5. The number on the business card that Bob received is not a random one

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This neat little detail is almost impossible to spot, no matter how many times you see the movie. The number on the business card given to Bob actually spells ‘SUPRHRO’ when you dial it on a keyboard, which would probably blow most of the movie’s fans’ minds.

6. The writing on the pen sharpened by Bob’s boss is also not a random one

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Mr. Huph, the boss of the insurance company where Bob works, sharpens a pencil in one of the scenes, and the close-up reveals that the writing on the pencil says ‘Your Life is in Our Hands’, which totally makes sense considering that the company is in the insurance business. This movie never seizes to amaze us.

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7. The first encounter between Mr. Incredible and Incrediboy has a little twist, too

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When these two meet for the first time in the movie, Mr. Incredible calls Incrediboy ‘Brodie’, which is not just a simple mistake. It is actually a reference to the character Jason Lee plays in Mallrats, and as we all know, the actor is the voice behind Buddy or Syndrome, as he demanded to be called.

8. Finding Nemo and The Incredibles are related in a cute way

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Remember Finding Nemo? That movie also became a classic, and it had a bunch of neat details as well. One of the best is related to The Incredibles – the scared boy in the waiting room of the dentist’s cabinet was reading a Mr. Incredible comic book, and he can easily be seen on the cover of the book.

9. The wedding scene features something hard to spot, too

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One scene from the part when Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl get married features an interesting detail. All of the characters that are seated in the second row are the ones who die in the movie. Thunderhead, Dynaguy, Stratogale and Meta Man can all be seen sitting on the second row, and that is not a coincidence.

10. If you ever wondered what year the movie plot took place, here is the answer

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The entire movie shows almost no evidence of the actual year of all the action, but there is one tiny detail that reveals the truth. One of the scenes where Bob reads a newspaper shows the front page, and there is a very small date – May 16, 1962.

11. The purse stolen by the robber had a very interesting item inside

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The scene where the robber stole a purse and then dumped its contents out has a neat little detail as well. If you look closely, you will notice that there was a Pez dispenser shaped like Mr. Incredible, and it looks awesome. Apparently someone working at the studio loves Pez, and they should have issued this item for real.

12. The two senior guys in the end were no strangers

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The two older gentlemen in the end of the movie were not just some random characters. They are Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson and both of them are Disney legends. They were the voices behind the two characters and were probably very pleased about the homage created by their younger colleagues.

Written by Nick Martin

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