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12 Comics With Unexpected Endings That You Will Definitely Find Hilarious

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If you like clever and sarcastic web comics, you will definitely love Perry Bible Fellowship. These brilliant pieces have one thing in common – they all end more or less in an unpredictable way, and chances are you will be very surprised by the short plots that reveal before your eyes! These comics have been around for about fifteen years and we have to thank Nicholas Gurenwitch for them; the man is a real professional and he describes his work as ‘clarity of obscurity’ and we guess that it really fits the comics.

Enjoy these brilliant works of art!

1. A lesson in parenting

Image Source: PBF

Being a parent is no easy task, and this comic suggests how parents should think outside the box in certain situations. Some kids are having a hard time coping with some situations, and it is the parents’ duty to help them.

2. A scientific look at splitting up

Image Source: PBF

This amazing comic uses a metaphor to show the actual aftermath of a situation we all hate to be in – splitting up with someone. The end result is often a disaster and the feeling can be devastating, depending on the circumstances.

3. This can serve as a back-up plan

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Some parents are willing to try anything in order to make sure their kids stay in the right path in life. Unfortunately some parents with artistic children consider that they should achieve more in their lifetime, and many talents are probably lost forever because of that.

4. We are slaves to social media

It seems that most modern people are trapped in their social media accounts and the only way they could be happy is if they share their every move or special moment on some website or social media platform. This is the sad reality of our society.

5. Another clever metaphor

Image Source: PBF

Too many people fall in such traps these days. Whether it is a course on self-improvement or a new job, you can be easily fooled into believing that it is the right thing for you, while it is actually the opposite. People fall for scams all the time, and they learn their lessons the hard way.

6. Leaving a long relationship for a brief affair is often a bad decision

Image Source: PBF

Many people make a huge mistake by leaving their long-term partner after a brief affair. This ends in disaster in most cases, because the third person usually does not stay around for a long time, after which regret settles in. Nobody would like to be in such a situation.

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7. The true side of mankind

Image Source: PBF

This is a painfully accurate scenario, unfortunately. It seems that mankind has advanced very much, yet we fail at essential things like preserving our planet, which is the only home we have. It is a shame that our intelligence is not used for the greater good, and despite the amazing technology we have in our disposal we still pollute the environment and destroy the ecosystem.

8. Here is a reminder that not all bad things are actually that bad

Image Source: PBF

This is a rather dark comic, but it proves a valuable point about how life goes sometimes. While nobody likes to be left alone after the crowd leaves to a certain direction, it may actually be a good thing to be left behind, because the whole crowd may be wrong without even realizing it. The bottom line is that you must not feel bad when it seems that things are not looking good for you.

9. This may be a bit exaggerated

Image Source: PBF

We think that these eyesight tests are really good and people who are able to spot the different shapes right away are special. In fact, other may not be able to see an object on those sheets at all; therefore they may accept those who see the objects as weird ones.

10. We have all felt that way

Image Source: PBF

This is another dark comic that is strikingly accurate. People in their 20s or 30s feel very alive and they have a lot of energy, but they sometimes feel that the years go by too fast, and someone is keeping a count on each one, waiting to collect each person in the end.

11. There are no shortcuts to success

Image Source: PBF

Many people fall for different scams about a variety of things. When a person wants something, but a certain amount of hard work is required, that person would immediately seek a shortcut to the desired result or achievement. Unfortunately for these people, most things cannot work that way, and the end result would be frustrating.

Written by Nick Martin

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