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12 Comments To A Rude Chinese Who Didn’t Know That The Cashier Understood Mandarin

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Here is a story that can be accepted as a reminder to never judge something or someone based on appearance. This is a mistake in most cases and this story is no exception. You must never talk trash about someone in their presence because you might not get away with it, not to mention that it is rude and inappropriate to do such a thing.

1. The story began in a really trivial way

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This story was shared by one of the people who were involved in it. You might say that she was the victim but we cannot call her that. She identified herself as a ‘white Caucasian female’ and her story was about a rather unpleasant experience about teaching someone a lesson. She is a cashier and a customer decided that it was okay to talk trash. A Chinese couple was rather impatient and they waited in line when the woman began making inappropriate remarks in Mandarin. She probably thought that the white girl in front of her was not going to understand her but she was wrong. What happened next is really curious and it sparked a lot of comments on social media.

2. The cashier knew that nobody would suspect she was fluent in Mandarin

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As the story unfolded, the girl mentioned that it was not the first time people were petrified when they eventually realized she could speak Chinese. There were probably similar situations before and even her coworkers enjoyed these situations because they surely end in a hilarious way each time.

3. It keeps getting more and more interesting

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As the Chinese couple approached her, the woman began commenting in Mandarin but the cashier acted as if she did not understand a word and just kept smiling. The rude woman continued and used words such as ‘stupid’ which is totally unacceptable. The cashier spoke to them in English and was polite so she did not provoke them in any way.

4. The rude woman simply carried on with her rant

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Such a behavior was probably encouraged by the fact that the woman was convinced that the cashier does not understand a word she was saying. She obviously enjoyed talking trash and even commented on the girl’s short hair.

5. It was clear that the cashier was about to put an end to this

Image Source: Imgur
Image Source: Imgur

When she made one final remark and asked her husband to tell the cashier to make sure she does not forget the water, the cashier decided to end everything once and for all. The rude customer made the comment in Chinese, of course, but the cashier responded in English. You can imagine the woman’s facial expression in that precious moment! The cashier really enjoyed it and she had every reason to!

6. The cashier left the rude customer speechless

Image Source: Imgur
Image Source: Imgur

The woman just stood there with a blank expression on her face and an open mouth. The husband intervened and told her in Chinese that she should stop trash talking about employees. The cashier added in English that she was right and this made the woman feel even more embarrassed than before. After that the husband was humble enough to apologize and the couple left. As the cashier pointed out herself, moments like these brighten the day and improve the work mood! She and her colleagues laughed after that and we had an equal amount of fun reading about it, too!

7. People began relating to this story

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It seems that this happens a lot because this story sparked numerous comments and people began relating to the situation. The language barriers are a problem but they can also be the reason for unpleasant episodes like this one. We cannot help but wonder why do these people talk trash like that? They probably feel superior because they speak an exotic language but such an attitude is totally unacceptable! This person commented that he was also white and nobody suspected that he was fluent in Spanish.

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8. This suggestion really turned on our imagination

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Someone posted this comment and we really thought that it would be a hilarious experiment to pull off! We all know that beauty studios are filled with people who love to demand different things and their attitude stinks sometimes. Having a person that nobody would suspect to be fluent in a certain language would be a really cool social experiment. It would be the best scenario for a prank with hidden cameras and we hope someone actually decides to do it.

9. Here is a person who obviously has a great sense of humor

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This comment is among our favorite ones! It shows how a brilliant and sarcastic sense of humor works! The funny part about it is also extremely relatable and the person actually made a point. Unnecessary grunts and sighs are the signs we can all recognize and people mostly use them to overreact and to pretend they are annoyed by something. Nobody deserves bad attitude thrown at them which is why we respect humble people who are kind and always show how patient they are.

10. This person definitely has a point

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Someone obviously took their time to think about the situation from a different perspective. We did not think about this but it is true. Someone who is fluent in English and Mandarin should be able to work at a far better position that would be well-paid for sure! We guess that this girl should consider changing her job and starting an actual career. Sure enough, encounters like these will probably become a thing of the past and that is definitely a good thing!

11. This person shared a similar experience

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The person who posted this comment also related to the story but their experience was a bit different. It was also related to people making assumptions based on appearance, but the end result was the other way around! The user shared that people mistook him for a Spanish-speaking person and approached him in Spanish all the time. You can imagine their look each time someone spoke to them! It probably felt awkward the first couple of times and they eventually got used to it. We bet that it would be amusing to witness such a situation.

12. Some comments concerned the husband and his reaction

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This is a post we can relate to because we felt the same way. Imagine the poor husband of that rude woman. He is probably forced to listen to her meaningless rant every time they walk inside a store or some kind of an institution. We like how he was humble enough to apologize to the cashier for his wife’s behavior and he even made a remark about it! This is a sure sign that he is definitely a much better person than his wife and we hope his influence would be enough to change her attitude.

13. This person obviously wants to feel like what it is like to win such a situation

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We believe that rude people often fail to realize that they actually insult other people. We are not sure why they act in a rude or even offensive manner but we are sure that if someone can do something about it, they should! This person commented that he would definitely learn a foreign language just to be able to give such people a taste of their own medicine. We guess that knowing another language can count as a superpower and we suggest that if you want to learn, you should make the first step right now. It is never too late to learn new things and another language is among the most valuable assets you will ever have.

14. It seems that this is a common problem

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We guess that such things happen all around the world and many people experienced this kind of rude behavior. The person who posted this comment shared that he was also white and nobody suspected that he was fluent in Japanese. He lives in Japan and the locals apparently use their native language to make inappropriate comments about him because they thought he would never understand them. We would never act in such a rude way with someone no matter if we are convinced they speak our language or not.

15. One Dutch woman also related to this kind of problems

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We definitely hope that similar situations to this story will become a thing of the past someday. Sadly, it could only end if people stop judging people based on their looks or their native language. One Dutch woman explained that her origin and her white skin were an unexpected camouflage of her knowledge of Indonesian language. You can imagine that she had a lot of similar experience and that is definitely not a good thing.

16. Some people definitely enjoy such situations

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This user showed her support by sharing that she had a lot of similar encounters. Her white skin was the reason nobody suspected that she was fluent in Japanese. She used this as an advantage and taught a lot of people a lesson. We believe that this is the right attitude in such situations.

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