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12 Examples of People Courageously Doing Whatever They Want

Image Source: Reddit

You naturally know the sort of person who just does whatever he or she wants. There are people out there who just don’t care what others think of them, and they are a rare breed.

They can be sort of obnoxious people, true, but you sort of have to respect them. It takes a special person to ignore consequences and the opinions of others, and there are not many people out there like that.

Most people spend way too much time worrying about the opinions of others, honestly, and that is not a healthy thing. If you spend too much time worrying about what others think of you, then you will never actually be yourself.

Here are thirteen examples of people who just did whatever they wanted and didn’t care what others thought.

1. The Person and the Pizza

Image Source: The Chive

This person appears to be eating pizza with a fork, which is admittedly kind of strange. Most people do not eat it like that, but there is nothing technically wrong with using a fork to eat pizza. I am sure a lot of people do. It definitely keeps things cleaner, after all.

People eat food in all sorts of strange ways, honestly. I know people who eat chicken wings with a fork and knife, and I also know people who do not even use a spoon when consuming soup. They just drink it—as if it were a beverage.

As far as I am concerned, if you pay for the food, you should be able to consume it in any fashion you wish.

The pizza looks good. The person in this image is clearly enjoying it. There is nothing wrong with what this person is doing.

2. The Person on Valentine’s Day

Image Source: Instagram

The young woman in this image appears to be drinking an alcoholic beverage while people make out in front of her.

Also, this picture was allegedly taken on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a hard day to be single, so her decision to drink is totally understandable. Even people who are completely and totally happy being single in general want a partner on Valentine’s Day. The day just brings up certain feelings, and they are hard to deny.

The young woman in this image is to be commended. She clearly just does not care. She is doing what she wants, and she will not apologize.

Also, few people really want to watch others engage in public displays of affection. People that make out in public are the worst. Get a room, people.

Also, the young woman in this image is really very pretty. She was single when this picture was taken, I suppose, but I doubt she stayed single for very long.

I hope she had a nice Valentine’s Day. The holiday, which is celebrated on the 14th of February, has been celebrated for centuries now. It became particularly popular in the 14th century. While it is celebrated throughout the world, it is not technically a public holiday in any particular country.

3. The Person Reading the Adult Magazine

Image Source: Imgur

One of the only great things about getting old is that you tend to start to stop caring about what other people think.

The wrinkles that come with age are awful, and your body tends to look like crap after a certain point, but you really do stop worrying about what others think of you. If people think poorly of you, that’s fine; you are comforted by the fact you will be dead sooner rather than later, and that’s a strangely comforting feeling.

It is kind of a dark and vaguely disturbing feeling, true, but it is also weirdly comforting.

In this case, an older gentleman is enjoying an adult magazine. He doesn’t even need to pretend he bought it for the articles, either. He likes pictures of pretty girls, and he is proud of that. Why should he need to pretend otherwise, after all?

4. Meg and the Date

Image Source: Twitter

I do not know the whole story here, but I very much want to. Apparently, a person named Meg went on a date with a person she met on the internet. That in and of itself is an interesting enough story, honestly. I actually know a couple of people who met their spouses online, and the marriages are happy enough by all accounts, but most relationships that start online tend to be disasters.

Anyway, Meg went on a date, and her good friends were there for some reason. They were also wearing wigs, which is a curious choice. I don’t have any friends who routinely wear wigs. I kind of wish I did, though.

Meg’s friends are probably a little too invested in her personal life, but they are also the sort of friends everyone wants to have. It is nice to have friends who actually care.

At this point in my life, I doubt I have any friends who would bother to show up for my funeral. The dog might get sort of bummed out once he finally realizes I am gone, but that’s about it.

Meg’s friends do what they want.

It is kind of sad that Meg did not get a second date, really, when you give the whole matter a bit of thought. If Meg has such amusing friends, you can bet she is pretty good company, right?

5. The Guy That Hates the Rubber Boots

Image Source: Imgur

This guy is wearing rubber boots, but he is also wearing a shirt that firmly states he hates rubber boots. I don’t understand what message he is trying to convey, but I am nonetheless amused.

What I like best about this image is that the guy is just so intense. I can’t say that I like the look, per se, but the guy is definitely owning it in his own fashion.

You really have to wonder about that t-shirt, though, don’t you? Where did he get that? I can’t imagine there is an enormous market for t-shirts about hating a specific type of footwear. I could be wrong, though; there may be more people out there than I thought who really hate rubber boots. It seems like a strange thing to hate, but who am I to judge?

6. The Person and the Mustard

Image Source: Imgur

The person in this image is drinking mustard, and I have no idea why.

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Don’t get me wrong—I love condiments. If there are green olives or pickles sitting in a refrigerator, I will eat them. A jar of peppers? I will go to town on that jar of peppers. Mustard makes soft pretzels delicious.

Simply drinking mustard, though, is kind of weird. Couldn’t she have found a sandwich to put it on?

Also, it is my understanding that the woman in this image is a teacher, which kind of makes me worried about the future of children and stuff. Is teaching really that bad? If you need to drink mustard to get through the day, you probably need a different job.

7. The Woman With the Wine In the Shop

Image Source: Twitter

You have to be pretty cheeky to drink wine in the daytime while in a shop. However, this woman has the courage to do so, and it seems as if she is having a great time.

If you live outside of the United States and Canada, you might not be terribly familiar with Marshalls; however, there are over 1,000 stores, and it has been around for over 60 years. Currently, it is headquartered in the state of Massachusetts. The brand is currently owned by The TJX Companies, which also owns the retail chain TJ Maxx.

8. The Kid At the Top

Image Source: Reddit

Somehow, this kid ended up at the very top. I am legitimately worried for his safety, true, but I am also pretty impressed.

Why is that kid there, though? Is he the child of one of the store’s employees? Regardless of the case, he was definitely doing what he wanted.

He also doesn’t look remotely scared, which is pretty impressive. Personally, I am very afraid of heights. I would not want to be that high up.

An irrational fear of heights is pretty common; the proper name for it is acrophobia, and it impacts between two and five percent of the population. The condition can actually cause people to have panic attacks. While most people are afraid of heights to a certain degree—which makes a lot of sense, as people can and do fall to their deaths—those with acrophobia are afraid when not particularly high up.

9. The Kid and the Football Game

Image Source: Twitter

Cardale Jones apparently visited a kid in the hospital and played video games, which is sweet. He was also a lot better than the kid at that particular video game, which is hilarious.

On the one hand, it is definitely a shame that the kid was in the hospital. On the other hand, that kid learned a valuable life lesson. People are not going to take it easy on you just because you happen to be sick.

For those who are not familiar with the name, Cardale Jones is a pretty well-known player of American football. The 25-year-old man is currently playing for the Los Angeles Chargers. He played college football while studying at Ohio State.

Prior to playing for the Chargers, he played for the Buffalo Bills.

Even if the kid did lose, you can bet that the kid will remember the experience forever.

10. The Kid Who Dressed Like a Clown

Image Source: Reddit

Myrna apparently has friends that are far more entertaining than mine. If you have a friend that likes to dress up like a clown for family pictures, you should keep that friend. Most people really are not that interesting, honestly. It is sad, but it is true. There is a good chance, honestly, that most of your friends are sort of boring.

That clown-loving friend does whatever and doesn’t think about how others might view the decision—that is for sure. You have to respect that.

Was the kid trying to scare one or more of his relatives by dressing up like a clown for the pictures? Fear of clowns is not terribly uncommon, after all. The condition is known as coulrophobia.

11. The Mom That Says Savage

Image Source: Reddit

I do not understand what the big deal here is.

Why would you care if your mom uses the worst “savage”?

That said, I have known several people who were uncomfortable hearing several pretty common words. For example, I knew a young woman who couldn’t stand the word “moist”. She would literally throw up if you said the word around her.

As you can imagine, she was a lot of fun at parties.

12. Ciara and the Man

Image Source: Twitter

I do not understand what Ciara’s problem is. She asked for a paperclip, and the guy knew where there was a paperclip, so she got a paperclip.

Why would you complain about that or accuse men of being “something else”? That doesn’t seem right. It isn’t like paperclips are perishable food items, after all. If they needed to be refrigerated, I could see the problem, but they don’t.

Ciara needs to calm down and get over herself.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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