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12 Funny Pictures That Will Definitely Improve Your Mood

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of people who post a whole bunch of funny things on the internet. You might not know anyone in real life who is particularly funny, but those funny people are out there, and they use the internet to entertain us. They do a great job, too.

It is probably better that those funny people use the internet to entertain. If they were to make certain jokes in person, things could be taken poorly. On the internet, you are a little freer to be creative. You can make jokes designed to improve people’s mood.
Here are thirteen funny pictures that might just improve your mood.

1. The Cloud and the Rain

Image Source: Imgur

If you are like many of us, you will look for any excuse to avoid exercise. Obviously, exercise is great for you. Numerous studies have confirmed that. That is just common knowledge. If you sit around all day and eat unhealthy food, you will probably die a premature death. The definition of premature varies, of course.

It could be argued that life is short—and people die no matter what they do. As far as I know, no one has actually lived forever. You might prefer actually enjoying your time on Earth.

Still, if you are a person who is committed to exercise, you shouldn’t use such a tiny little cloud to justify your laziness. You should just embrace it. That is a tiny cloud, and you should just admit you don’t feel like jogging.

Strangely enough, I have known people who drank and smoked for pretty much all of their lives. They lived into their 70s. I have also known people who lived healthy lifestyles who died in their 30s. Life is just sort of like that. It can be extremely random.

2. The Question About the Shower

Image Source: Imgur

If you can afford to pay for the water and you have the time, why wouldn’t you spend an hour in the shower while pondering life’s great mysteries?

It is warm in there—it can be anyway—and the whole experience is sort of great. You’re getting clean, and you’re also left alone with your thoughts. Unless you aren’t a fan of your own thoughts, what’s not to like? A thousand years ago, people only bathed once or twice a year, and it certainly wasn’t with clean water. You have to put these things in perspective, I think. Can you imagine how gross people smelled a thousand years ago? It is a small miracle that the human race has thrived in the way that it has. Nobody wants to climb in bed with a person that stinks.

I am not sure that this is the case, but it is my understanding that brides carry flowers at their weddings because women getting married used to smell really bad—even on their wedding day. The flowers, to an extent, hid the smell. It just sort of became a tradition. Weddings back then must have been a strange experience.

Speaking of weddings, brides didn’t wear white gowns centuries ago. Unless they were rich, they pretty much wore whatever garment they had available. A lot of weddings were very informal affairs.

Nowadays, white wedding dresses are supposed to represent virginity and purity. However, the white wedding dress was only popularized in the 19th century by Queen Victoria.

3. The Pig

Image Source: Imgur

This is a cute little joke that probably shouldn’t offend anyone. It is just a cute little pig face.
I like pigs. I would not want one as a pet, though. I have heard stories about farmers being seriously injured by their pigs. To be fair, the animals probably have a good reason to hate humans. We do eat a lot of their kind.

There are also stories out there about cows attacking farmers. Again, you really can’t blame them. We are not particularly kind to them.

Naturally, when you think of pigs, you think of the movie “Babe”. It was all about a pig that wanted to be a sheepdog. It was successful enough that a sequel was made. One of the stars was James Cromwell. He is known for several films, including “The Green Mile” and “The Artist”. He also played a character on the television series “Six Feet Under”.

4. Looking On the Bright Side of Life

Image Source: Imgur

A lot of people would find this one depressing, and it is, but it is also sort of uplifting in a weird sort of way. First of all, everyone who has been born is slowly dying. True, there is the possibility of 3D printing organs, and I did hear about someday being able to upload your brain to the internet; however, for the time being, death is inevitable.

Second of all, there is nothing wrong with not getting married; there’s certainly nothing wrong with not having kids. I know a guy who is 38 and is expecting his first child. He will be sixty when his kid graduates college—assuming he lives that long. I know that heart disease runs in his family.

I don’t think the person who posted this should be too upset. A lot of marriages end in painful, costly divorces; children cost a literal fortune to raise. The poster should just get a puppy or a kitten.

5. The Gaming Setup

Image Source: Reddit

I have seen more impressive gaming rooms; I appreciate the joke, though.

That appears to be a Nintendo 3DS, which is a great gaming system. The handheld console, which was released in 2011, is actually a lot of fun; there are a ton of great games for it. The 3D effect is pretty great considering you don’t need to wear glasses or anything of the sort.

People wondered about it at first, but reviews were extremely positive, and the system continues to be popular despite the fact it is seven years old. It didn’t sell well when it was launched because the price was a little high. Once the price was reduced, it sold very well.

If you have extra money, it is worth investing in one of those systems. There’s a “Mario Kart” game for it, which is always fun. There is also an original “The Legend of Zelda” game for the system, and it is considered one of the better games of all time. One reviewer, at the time of its release, called it the best “Zelda” game in twenty years. That is definitely high praise.

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6. The Terrible Pick-up Line

Image Source: Instagram

To be honest, I have heard of this pick-up line before. It is kind of funny. Years ago, if anyone had asked me that question, I would have been the person dumb enough to admit I was terrible at algebra. It was never my strongest subject.

I don’t think I ever used a pickup line in my life. I never believed they would work. Apparently, however, they do—even the cheesiest ones. The important thing, when trying to date, is to get the other person laughing. People do like those who have a good sense of humor, after all.

7. The Thick Skin and the Friend

Image Source: Me Me

It is hard to have a thick skin all of the time. No matter who you are, you probably value the opinions of others. Even a rude comment from a stranger can ruin your mood.

If someone ends up saying something that genuinely hurts your feelings—even if that person was actually teasing—that can bother you for quite a while.

8. The Dad and the Drawing

Image Source: Instagram

This seems pretty mean; however, he did most likely pay for the phone, so it is his to take away. Also, that’s a pretty clever father. I wonder what the daughter did to tick him off.

It must be so difficult to raise a child in this day and age. When I was a kid, no one had cell phones. These days, every kid expects their own cell phone, tablet, television, and video game console. How do people afford to raise children?

9. The Driver

Image Source: Sizzle

It is always awkward when you meet someone to whom you are attracted, but you know that person is completely and totally out of your league.

Arguably, you could try to charm that person with your sense of humor or looks or something of the sort, but sometimes you just have to admit to yourself that you have no chance. You can’t, unfortunately, get what you want all of the time. In many cases, you can’t get what you want most of the time.

10. The Dog and the Bowl

Image Source: Know Your Meme

There is nothing funnier and more adorable than a dog who sees its own reflection and thinks it is looking at another dog. I have known many young dogs who thought that.

They would bark and bark for minutes on end; eventually, they would figure out that the barking was sort of pointless and cut it out. It is sort of sad, though, when you really think about it; they were just looking for a friend to play with.

11. The Cliffhanger

Image Source: Imgur

Is there anyone who actually enjoys it when an episode ends on a cliffhanger? Years ago, few shows really did that. If you watched an episode of a sitcom, the story of that episode resolved itself by the end of the show.

Times have changed, though. It seems like every episode of every television show out there ends on a cliffhanger. It can get a bit frustrating, really. Not everything needs to be so dramatic. If I like a show, I’ll watch it—I don’t need a cliffhanger to watch the next one.

When I think of cliffhangers, I often think of the show “Angel”, which was a spinoff of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. The frustrating bit about that show was that it literally ended on a cliffhanger. I understand that the writers were trying to make a point, but it was also pretty obnoxious. The main characters were facing certain death and then that was the end of the episode. The finale was great, but it also felt like there should have been one more episode.

The cliffhanger was eventually resolved, though, in the form of several comic books. Still, it would be great to see one more episode of “Angel”.

Even though the television show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” started over 20 years ago, there are still comic books being made about her and her friends. I have read summaries, and they sound a bit ridiculous, but you have to give the brand credit for its longevity.

There was also a movie in 1992. It was kind of funny, but it wasn’t received nearly as well as the show was.

12. The Holiday Party

Image Source: Sizzle

I am not sure why anyone would walk out of a staff holiday party over this.

There are, though, many reasons to walk out of a staff holiday party. I have walked out of, or skipped, several in my life. If you are lucky, you genuinely like one or two of your coworkers. That is not always the case, though. Why would you want to socialize with those people? Who wants to go to a party where all you do is talk about work? That is not a party. That just sounds like, well, being at work.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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