12 Historical Facts That Titanic Presented Wrong

9. Considering the clothes she was wearing, Rose would have never survived in the cold water.

Image Source: Factinate

If Rose was really with the clothing presented (a thin dress and a coat) by the time she went into the cold water just like it was in the movie, she was supposed to freeze to death.

10. Fishing on an empty lake

Image Source: MoviePilot

Lake Wissota, Wisconsin was empty pit when Titanic sunk, so there’s another mismatching with Jack’s words who said he was fishing there. Actually, the pit was filled with water 6 years after the liner sunk.

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11. Sigmund Freud’s theories

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The quotes for males obsession, Rose was using, were published by Sigmund Freud in 1920, but the ship sank in 1912. It’s expected to pay attention to details like this.

12. The ocean water isn’t clear and blue

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It’s impossible to find a key in the ocean water, because it’s dark and murky. It seems that Jack and Rose wouldn’t have been able to escape the flooded lower decks as they did in the movie.

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