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12 Images That Will Definitely Raise More Than A Few Questions

Image Source: Twitter

One thing that we can say for certain is that some of the most interesting images you see online can definitely make you raise an eyebrow! They often show things, people or events that are more than peculiar! Seeing weird and funny things never gets old, which is why lists like the one below will continue to appear. Enjoy this one and have fun!

1. Here is one really weird way to eat a slice of pizza

Image Source: The Chive

We guess that eating pizza is not as easy as it looks. The best way to do it is to make a huge mess, of course! However, you cannot do that when you are at a restaurant or if you have guests at your home. Cutting each slice into pieces and eating pizza with a fork is what most people would consider to be the most appropriate way to do it. We think that it takes away the fun, not to mention that the pizza gets cold faster. The way to consume pizza suggested by this person is more than strange, but we guess that it could work. We were unable to understand why the slice was turned backwards, but we guess that it is part of the plan and we will give it a try.

2. This brings back memories

Image Source: Dump a Day

We love how people are able to bring back memories in all kinds of ways! If you feel nostalgic about a certain part of your life, all you need to do is look around! Chances are that you will find something that will bring those memories back! As you can see, someone probably loved this particular video game. The nostalgic feeling caused the idea for this floor. The tiles are arranged beautifully and perfectly replicate the graphics of the space invaders game.

3. Sandwiches can also bring an adrenaline rush

Image Source: Reddit

It sounds absurd, but one look at the photo is enough to show you what we mean! We have been to all kinds of burger joints and sandwich shops, but we have never seen something like this! There is no way that someone could predict seeing this kind of customer service at a sandwich shop! This employee appears to be really focused and we totally understand why! We bet that it is definitely hard and extremely dangerous to handle that thing! It looks more like a weapon rather than something you can cook with. We are not sure why this happened but it was probably part of an attraction.

4. Here is a photo that can be explain in numerous ways

Image Source: The Chive

We cannot believe that a single photo can raise so many questions! As you can see, a man appears to be confused while standing in front of a couch. The first thing you notice is that the couch is flipped upside down. This immediately brings us to the first two plausible versions. The photo was probably taken after a failed attempt to get the couch inside. Of course, there is always the possibility that they tried to get it out and dropped it from the balcony. However, there is one more possible option. Take a look at the way this man is looking up. Maybe his partner decided to break up with him and threw out his favorite item first. It must have been the couch, if this is a plausible scenario at all. We hope that someone eventually came to help the man and the couch was saved.

5. Sometimes interior design ideas are not good at all

Image Source: Dump a Day

We hope that whoever came up with solution never works on an interior again! The way that this toilet paper stand is mounted makes it almost impossible to use! Going to the bathroom needs to be a stress-free experience to begin with. The atmosphere and the setup need to be perfect in order for you to enjoy your stay there. However, solutions like this one are not actually solving the problem. This cabinet is almost unapproachable because of its gate. We guess that the least someone could do is remove the hinges and mount them on the opposite side. This would give some clearance and a better access to the toilet paper would be created. But even if they relocate the door, we still believe that there must be a better place to mount that stand.

6. Here is a photo that says a thousand words

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes a single image may not seem to be that interesting, but not this one! If you take just a quick look at it, you would probably notice only a suspicious looking person on the subway. Of course, the little details matter and you need to focus your attention on her coat. She is carrying a tiny kitten! It looks like she is literally smuggling the feline and he facial expression proves is! We guess that this is what secret agents look like when they are on a mission! We love how she looks extremely proud of herself! The cat appears to be comfortable, too.

7. This photo is a bit disturbing

Image Source: The Chive

Some photos feature things can be equally funny and disturbing. The one you see above is the perfect example! We have no idea that exactly is going on in the photo, but it is definitely a strange thing to see. A relatively big deer was caught at the exact moment it leaped into the air to jump over a fence. It seems that the deer wants to go to the woman with the bicycle. We are not sure if she delivers the post or lives there, but we hope this photo was not taken at the exact moment before she got hurt! We have seen dogs do similar stunts when they want to meet their owner as soon as possible, but this is not a dog!

8. Here is one unusual flight

Image Source: Reddit

We have been on regular flights multiple times. One of the things we can say for sure is that you can meet a lot of strange people on board. However, everything weird that we have seen before during a flight cannot be compared to this! The image of a plane full of people in Spiderman costumes is definitely not something you see every day! They were probably going to a comic convention or something similar. There is no other way we could explain this photo.

9. This photo surely has a story behind it

Image Source: The Chive

This is another example of the photos which do not show that much but definitely make you wonder! First of all, it is strange enough to see a girl lying on the sidewalk and covered with a pizza box. There are even pieces of the pizza scattered around. Of course, there was probably no accident involved with this photo. It is more likely that someone lost a bet or simply tried to recreate something. It surely does not look that dramatic, not to mention that it is not realistic at all. It is still weird, though.

10. Here is a one-man orchestra like you have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

We have it before and we will say it again – people can do all kinds of crazy things out of boredom of just to have some fun in a new and weird way. This photo shows an individual who did exactly that! As you can see, this person is literally wearing half a dozen musical instruments! This is definitely the weirdest thing we have seen in a while. None of these instruments could actually be played because the setup does not allow that. We guess that playing them was not the intention of this stunt at all. Maybe this person simply wanted to find out how far could this go. We think that six instruments are more than enough.

11. This must be some kind of a safety feature

Image Source: The Chive

Cyclists are always advised to wear all kinds of protection against accidents. This means that they must wear all kinds of knee and elbow pads, as well as a helmet, of course. However, some people obviously choose different ways to protect themselves! We guess that this huge panda head would be more effective than a regular helmet, but there is another huge issue here. We are certain that the visibility of this cyclist is restricted, which can lead to a disaster. Of course, it is also very funny to see someone riding a bicycle and wearing a giant panda head.

12. Here is one Halloween setup like you have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

People spend a lot of time preparing for Halloween. Choosing or making the right costume is essential, as well as decorating your home. However, someone came up with the clever idea to decorate their Jeep! We are not sure if all those skeletons are legal, because they do not appear to be fastened well. Let’s assume that everything is okay with the law. We are certain that whoever saw this rig was absolutely shocked and impressed in the same time.

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