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12 Interesting Pics That Will Make You Wonder How Specific Situations Happened

Image Source: Twitter

There are situations out there that genuinely make you wonder. How could they have actually happened? Strange things definitely happen every day, but some situations are particularly strange and unusual. They just boggle one’s mind, and people will be wondering about them for a really long time.

Here are thirteen interesting examples of images that will definitely make you wonder how the specific situations actually occurred. You will probably be thinking about them for quite a while, and you will not be able to get them out of your head.

1. The Hannah Montana Birthday Cake

Image Source: eBaum’s World

You really have to wonder how this cake came to be. Are there bakeries out there that make television-themed cakes for birthday parties? I suppose that should not come as much of a surprise; it has been a while since I have ordered a birthday cake, and “Hannah Montana” was pretty popular for years there.

In its final season, “Hannah Montana” was known as “Hannah Montana Forever”. The show, which starred Miley Cyrus, aired from 2006 to 2011. There were four seasons and almost 100 episodes. It originally aired on the Disney Channel. It was pretty well received by fans as well as critics, and it is largely responsible for the career of Miley Cyrus.

The show also starred Billy Ray Cyrus, who is Miley’s real-life father. There was also a movie about the series.

Even though the cake could look better, I bet Lara had a really nice 9th birthday. If Lara was a Hannah Montana fan, which I am assuming she was, she probably did not care that the cake looked a little off.

2. The Person Who Did Not Recognize a Fox

Image Source: eBaum’s World

I love this person’s description. An “orange and white cat” that just happens to have a dog-like snout? How could that person not recognize he or she was looking at a fox? How did that happen? It is sort of unbelievable. Foxes are not particularly difficult creatures to recognize, really. They are pretty common animals. Hasn’t everyone seen a fox—or at least a picture of one?

Foxes are pretty cool animals. They are mammals, and they can be found on almost every continent—with the exception of Antarctica. They are omnivores that tend to live between one and three years; however, many have been known to live ten years or longer.

While foxes are considered pests because they attack small livestock and poultry, they do not typically attack humans. In fact, many foxes tend to adapt pretty well to urban environments, and they can even be tamed and kept as pets. When foxes are tame, they let themselves be petted and even lick those who take care of them—much like dogs.

One type of fox—the fennec fox—is frequently kept as an exotic pet. If you decide to get one, understand that you are making a long-term commitment. In captivity, fennec foxes can live well over a decade, and they can be destructive creatures. You should also check with law enforcement in the area in which you live; they are illegal to own in certain places, as is the case with many exotic pets.

3. The Really Long Grape

Image Source: eBaum’s World

When you picture grapes in your mind, you generally do not picture something like you see in this image. This is a long, strange-looking grape, and you might wonder how it ended up like it did.

Of course, the fact of the matter is that there are thousands of varieties of grapes, and some of them look really strange. You are probably familiar with the more popular varieties, such as the Crimson Seedless and the Concord; however, there are lesser known varieties, such as Moon Drops and Witch Fingers, which definitely have unusual shapes.

Grapes, of course, are a truly useful fruit. They are delicious on their own, but they are also used to make wine, juice, vinegar, raisins, jams, jelly, and other products. Over 70 percent of grapes grown are used for the purpose of making wine.

Because they are made into wine, grapes have been and still are important to many religions, including Judaism and Christianity. Grapes were also significant to the religions of ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

4. The Pet Penguin

Image Source: eBaum’s World

I was under the impression that penguins could not be trained as pets; however, La La the penguin has apparently proved me wrong. He is a useful pet too, it seems. Can you imagine walking down the streets of Japan and seeing a penguin with a backpack collecting fish? That has to be a sight.

How did the penguin get trained? Who took it upon himself or herself to train the penguin? I was aware that penguins are not particularly afraid of humans and will approach them, but teaching one to perform tasks is extremely impressive.

It is believed that the reason many penguins will approach humans is that they do not have any land predators in Antarctica. Penguins are, however, in danger from sea predators, such as the leopard seal and sharks.

5. The Spiderman Cake

Image Source: eBaum’s World

In many cases, practice makes perfect; even if perfection is not achieved, mediocrity can be achieved after enough practice.

In this case, the person who decorated the cake did not even come close to mediocre. That is just a terrible job.

You would like to give the decorator credit for his or her efforts, but you really can’t. Is that really supposed to be Spider-Man? It looks nothing like Spider-Man.

Spider-Man, of course, is one of the most popular and recognizable characters in the world, which makes this awful cake even worse. The superhero has been protecting New York City and working with “The Avengers” since August of 1962. He is Marvel’s mascot. He has been portrayed by several actors over the years, including Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland. There was even a Broadway musical released in 2011, and it ran until 2014.

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I really don’t know how someone could do such a poor job on a cake. I imagine a little kid had a very disappointing birthday. Let’s hope the presents were a lot better than the cake.

6. The Busted Beaters

Image Source: DumpaDay

I’m not much of a cook or a baker, so I really can’t figure out how this happened. Talk about a mess, though. The person who did this might be worse in a kitchen than I am, actually. I can’t recall ever destroying a piece of kitchen equipment. It may have happened, but I would like to think I would be a little more careful.

Someone is going to be making a trip out to the local kitchen supply store right away if he or she wants to finish food preparation. It is a shame, too, because kitchen equipment generally is not very cheap.

7. The Drunk Sibling

Image Source: Twitter

If you can count on family to take care of you when you have had one too many, you are a lucky person. However, you are pushing the bonds of family when you ask for a ride and then make literally no sense. Sometimes you really have to wonder how people get as drunk as they do. How is it people don’t just fall asleep?

I can understand having one or two too many—but sometimes it seems like people have ten or twenty too many, and that’s when problems arise and things get really ugly.

In this case, a young woman wanted her brother to pick her up. I am assuming she was at a pub or a party. The brother seemed willing to do so, which is really nice of him. That’s what brothers are for, right?

When asked where she was, though, the sister apparently forget she was asking for a ride. Instead, she made a random comment about a song. She definitely needs a ride home and she definitely needs to sleep it off. It might take a few days.

8. The Puppy In the Tree

Image Source: eBaum’s World

I understand kittens getting stuck in trees. You hear about that all of the time. When fire departments have nothing better to do, they might help you get your kitten out of the tree.

You don’t hear about dogs getting stuck in trees very often, though, do you? Puppies are not the best tree climbers.

The good news is that the puppy does not seem to be in any distress. In fact, it looks like the puppy is enjoying the view. Also, that is an adorable puppy.

9. The Damaged Airplane Tires

Image Source: Imgur

If you have ever flown a plane, you know there is a lot to remember. It is a lot more difficult than driving a car. While it is technically safer, it is a lot harder.

This pilot forgot to do something really important, and will be paying the price. Airplane parts are definitely not cheap. Brakes were not disengaged, and those tires are ruined forever.

I guess the pilot did learn a lesson—a very expensive lesson. That is a lesson he or she will not forget any time

10. The Tree With No Leaves But Plenty of Apples

Image Source: eBaum’s World

This is one of nature’s little mysteries. As far as I know, if a tree is bearing fruit, it should also have leaves on it. If it does not have leaves, I would not eat that fruit.

That seems like the sort of fruit that might make you sort of sick. Really, it is sort of a creepy looking tree—like it might be haunted, or something. Personally, I would not go anywhere near it.

The other trees nearby do not look much better. I don’t think I would want to hang out in this orchard.

11. The Anchor That is a Swan Lady

Image Source: The Chive

How does one develop a reputation for being a “crazy swan lady”? Does this news anchor just really like birds? Is it as simple as that?

Even if you develop such a reputation, why would your co-workers advertise that fact on television? That’s just mean.

Did she do something to tick off her co-workers? Did she forget to contribute to some sort of going away party, or what? Did she accidentally run her boss over with her car? That would probably do it.

12. The Strange-Looking Blue Jeans

Image Source: Daily LOL Pics

Why are the jeans shaped like that? I guess it could be intentional on the part of the store or the manufacturer.

Is there some sort of untapped, strangely-shaped blue jean market of which I am unfamiliar?

They look like nice enough jeans, and the weird shape could just be because of the way they were put out by the store staff. I can’t tell what brand of jeans they are, but they don’t look particularly cheap.

We will probably never know how the jeans got to be the way they are. Some mysteries will just never be solved.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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