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12 People Proving That Marrying Your Best Friend Is The Best Decision Ever

Image Source: Reddit / Lilaflockenstock

It seems that having a long and strong relationship in our modern world is very hard, but it is not impossible. People need to understand that you need a person that you have a bond with; being with someone just for the looks or the social status will lead to a dead end for sure.

One the strongest types of bond you can have in your life is with your best friend. BFFs are hard to find as well, but there are some rare cases when you not only have a best friend, but you fall in love with that person and this is the best case scenario! Not everyone can have a romantic relationship like that, but if you happen to be one of these lucky people, then good for you!

For the rest of you who wonder what that feels like – just scroll down and you will see for yourself that it is the ultimate dream relationship!

1. Matching tattoo goals

Image Source: Reddit

One of the things that really keep a relationship going is having fun together and using a lot of sense of humor. If you and your significant other are together for a long time, then you can take things to another level and do something that can really express your feelings for each other in a funny way. These cool tats are a nice example for that.

2. This is every man’s dream

Image Source: Twitter

Most girlfriends and wives would not tolerate their man’s game addiction, but the best thing to do is always rely on the old saying: ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’. Sharing the same interests is one of the pillars of any solid relationship, and having fun together is equally important.

3. People who were meant to be together have a specific appearance

Image Source: Reddit

This elderly couple looks adorable, and we would to wish to anyone to have such a strong relationship after so many years. Of course, it does not mean that you and your partner need to wear matching outfits, but it would certainly help. Nothing speaks more of the close bond between two people than things like this.

4. True love smells like pepperoni pizza

Image Source; Twitter

Imagine waking up to the delicious smell of a freshly made pizza! Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than such an act of kindness. Forget the romantic stuff, because whatever you do, it cannot simply be better than what you see on the photo here. Romance is for the kids, pizza is for the real partnerships.

5. Here is the ultimate relationship

Image Source: Twitter

Looking at this picture can easily make your eyes teary! We cannot believe that a single photo can actually show everything you could possibly dream of! The cute doggo, the romantic lights, the perfect movie, the pizza and even the perfect socks this couple has makes you want all of this, and to be fair, we are very jealous of these people!

6. Age is apparently just a number

Image Source: Twitter

Many people fear aging, and most of them probably think that their feelings for their significant other would fade away over time. We beg to differ! As you can see, things can grow even stronger over time, if you are with the right person and if you cherish each other. This elderly couple obviously managed to keep their bond pretty strong.


7. This one is a keeper

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes you don’t need a sign or a lot of time to know that your partner is worth keeping. As you can see, all it takes is for your girl to know exactly what you want before you even said a word! This means that you are into each other on a deep level and if you feel alright, then you have nothing to think about more, just marry the girl!

8. Marrying your school crush is a dream come true

Image Source: Instagram

Many people think that school romances can never last, but this cute couple is here to prove the opposite. Just look at their glowing faces and you’ll realize that true love can be found at an early age, and what’s more important, it can last for a long time.

9. You need to find someone as weird as yourself

Image Source: Twitter

If you are able to find a person with the same amount of weird perks as yourself, then you will literally win the lottery of life, because there is nothing better than to be yourself and be accepted for who you, not despite your personality. This kind of bond would stand to any kind of test for sure.

10. This is so sweet that it hurts

Image Source: Instagram

Seeing that an adult person has preserved their inner child can always bring a smile to anyone’s face! There is a difference between acting with a childish behavior and being as sweet as a child in certain moments. This woman made some kind of a pillow fort on the couch and it seems that it did a pretty good job.

11. Engagement photos cannot get any cooler than this

Image Source: Reddit

When this woman asked her man to retouch their engagement photos, this was probably not what she had in mind, because the dude took the assignment really seriously and created a masterpiece! We have never seen anything like it, and we think that there should more wedding and engagement photos in similar fashion, because we are tired of boring photo shoots.

12. We want to be adopted by these people

Image Source: Reddit

We have never thought about something like that, but the moment we saw it we knew that it should be added to the ‘couple goals’ list! We like the fact that someone makes this kind of effort to demonstrate their love for felines!

13. This can either be the best or the worst surprise ever

Image Source: Reddit

We hope that this man’s wife had enough sense of humor to take this joke; otherwise he was probably in really big trouble. Just imagine if she was waiting for him to propose for real and he came up with this! We would never want to be in a situation like that.


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