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12 People Who Didn’t Really Get The Definition Of ‘Natural Look’

Image Source: Instagram / eddymua

We all have a friend or two that lives for putting on make-up or various accessories or trendy clothes. That friend might even be you! The point is that such people usually like to maintain an appearance that could not be further from their real self. When you consider the possibilities of hairstyling, the eyelashes, the make-up and the various implants and all sorts of cosmetic procedures, it is kind of easy to completely transform any person into a completely unrecognizable character, and that’s the way some folks like to roll.

If you want to see how all this looks like, just scroll down and check out these twelve photos. Maybe you’ll be inspired by some of them, who knows?

1. Eyelashes are any style-maniac’s favorite thing to alter

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, these eyelashes are very beautiful, but there is one rather significant flaw here – they are much, much longer than people’s natural eyelashes could possibly grow. The best part is that often the ladies deny that their lashes have been altered, although it is visible from a far distance.

2. Some people literally wear a make-up mask

Image Source: Instagram

There is a special kind of people who simply cannot leave the house without putting the usual type of heavy make-up. In most cases it is so heavy that there is no trace of the face’s natural color or even some of its lines. If you barely know such a person, seeing them without the make-up could be a real shock.

3. Subtle highlighting is not acceptable

Image Source: Instagram

Those who love using a highlighter would probably relate to this one, because it may be a bit exaggerated, but everyone surely got the idea behind it. Buying a new highlighter often means putting too much, and the end result is probably a bit too much.

4. Clapbacks like this are always welcome

Image Source: Instagram

There are guys who like to say out loud that they only date naturally beautiful girls, but we all know that this is not true, because beauty can be underlined by make-up when it is applied in a correct way. This girl found the best way to mock one of those guys, and we like it a lot.

5. Everyone needs to know where to draw the line

Image Source: Instagram

The sad thing about girls who put on excessive amounts of bronzer of highlighter cannot be convinced just how wrong they are, and they would probably think that you’re just jealous or something else. And another thing – putting fake freckles on is even more than crossing the line.

6. Forget about drawing a line

Image Source: Instagram

Telling a female that no heavy make-up would be needed for a night out is like saying the exact opposite. Some girls literally have an addiction and they would not be satisfied until every square millimeter of their face and neck are fully covered in heavy make-up.


7. Nails are sometimes getting out of control

Image Source: Instagram

Getting your nails done is on the top of the beauty to-do list of every woman. The trouble is that all the various trends that keep popping out constantly are getting out of control, and the girls feel obliged to follow them, which often result in ridiculous nails that have zero practicality.

8. ‘Over the top’ is an understatement sometimes

Image Source: Instagram

Unfortunately the abovementioned trends are the reason why girls sometimes look more or less absurd. Most girls want to apply everything new they see, and this can result in complete mash-ups in certain cases. We admit that too much is unattractive, no matter the style or the quality.

9. Some events really require casual appearance

Image Source: Instagram

However, the heavy make-up addicts seem to understand ‘casual’ in a completely different way. Maybe it all comes from an inner feeling of insecurity, or these people just like themselves more when wearing all that stuff on.

10. The definition of ‘excessive’

Image Source: Instagram

We get that some situations require more make-up than the usual quick touch-up that most girls do when going somewhere around the neighborhood. However, we think that there is hardly an appropriate occasion to wear this kind of excessive make-up.

11. The nails from your nightmares

Image Source: Instagram

There is no beauty trend in the world that could justify this! It looks hideous and even kind of creepy, not to mention that you would struggle with simple everyday tasks. People simply go too far sometimes, and this is one the best examples on the list.

12. The subtle look is not for everyone

Image Source: Instagram

Well, we guess that people have different tastes when it comes to styling, but this is just ridiculous! It seems that what we used to call ‘beautiful’ is not considered to be obsolete or even boring, but we would still prefer the old type in a million years.


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