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12 People Who Obviously Had Enough And Did What They Had To Do

Image Source: Twitter / SwaleTheGreat1

Every now and then we end up in situations where we simply give up on something because we are fed up with it or we are unable to cope with it. These situations may vary a lot, but the important thing is that when we decide to quit or stop putting as much effort as we did, it is our final word on the topic. We have all been there, but the following photos reveal examples that are even more extreme than most people’s experience of giving up on something.

Enjoy the list and choose the best one!

1. This woman figured out how to always be dressed up to the required dress code

Image Source: Reddit

Well, she actually hacked the system and did something very clever – she made a dress that literally represented the words ‘dress code’, and that automatically made her eligible to attend any party she wanted, because you cannot say that the dress is not suitable with the dress code.

2. This is the worst repair we have seen in ages

Image Source: Reddit

Nothing speaks of someone’s lack of desire to do a certain job than the result of that job, and this attempt to repair a swing is the perfect example! We can almost see the unwillingness of the person who had to do this, and the result speaks for itself.

3. Here is something to think about

Image Source: Reddit

There are apparently a lot of ways to describe an egg, and this has to be the worst one for sure! It seems that someone really did their best to come up with an awful, but still accurate description of an egg, and we guess that the person responsible found this job really dull and this was something like a revenge.

4. Everyone wants to escape the extreme summer heat

Image Source: Reddit

Some areas on our planet get extremely hot during the summer and people seek refuge from the heat wherever they could find. This man was probably so fed up with standing in the scorching weather that he decided to take drastic measures about it and cleared out a significant part of the beverage freezer.

5. We can definitely relate to this

Image Source: Twitter

Parking in the big city is close to an impossible mission, and the one thing that is worse than not finding a spot is finding one which someone else takes by cutting you off. This guy probably had too much of these situations, so he plotted his revenge and did something that every dad would want to experience with his son.

6. Coping with a required word count is a big pain

Image Source: Twitter

This is definitely one of the most annoying perks of being a student. The crazy requirements for word counts on essays and other assignments meant that students needed to go great lengths to meet the requirements, and it was quite hard.


7. These cats had enough of each other

Image Source; Twitter

Felines typically love their siblings, but fights are also a common sight. When we saw the picture, it seemed that these cats’ owners were probably fed up with constantly forcing them to make things right after another fight. Just look at the two people’s faces, they say it all.

8. This woman’s son probably knew what he had to do

Image Source: Twitter

The thing is that he obviously had no intention to do the simple chore his mom instructed him to. Nobody is that stupid for sure, but we know of similar stories about laziness and getting out of situations that you don’t want to be in.

9. This might be another story about revenge

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that there is a long story behind this one, and we don’t know it, but our guess is that the neighbor was annoying for some reason and he was doing it constantly. The guy who made these shoes probably had just about enough and plotted this sweet revenge.

10. He might be smiling, but he was surely pissed at Tarikya

Image Source: Twitter

Driving for Uber has a lot of good sides, but the downsides might be just as many, and the photo above is just one small example. The guy seems amused by the whole situation, but you can bet that he was absolutely fired up inside, because he was only a driver for Uber, not a babysitter. And nobody would like someone else’s child to call you daddy within twenty minutes of your first encounter.

11. This is what happens if you are forced to prepare meals for every day

Image Source: Imgur

We need to admit that we all have these periods, and instead of sandwiches and salads we fill in the lunch box with whatever we could find in the kitchen cabinets and the fridge. Most people would probably relate to this one, and we understand it, because it is an annoying and time-consuming daily chore, but we still need to eat.

12. Some people really like to go with a bang

Image Source: Imgur

Most of us have been forced to leave a job or have been fired without a particular reason. These situations are really unpleasant experiences for both sides, but the workers feel worse, of course. This was probably the reason why one freshly fired IT guy took the opportunity to have his revenge and destroyed the equipment in the server room.


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