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12 People Who Will Definitely Regret All Of This

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone has regrets; it’s just how life goes. Sometimes they taste bitter, and other you just recall and act as if it didn’t happen, because you ended up ashamed or humiliated.

Sure, you may ask some people and they would state that there is not a single regret in their life, but we assure you that such people do not exist. The important thing is that you have regrets only for fairly insignificant things, because these come and go and you are about to see some examples of such situations.

1. This is a popular reason for regrets

Image Source: Reddit

Getting a tattoo is a big move, and you need to be absolutely sure about what you are doing, or else you might find yourself in a situation where you will regret you decision or choice of pattern. The person from the photo already tasted the feeling of regret as shown in the short conversation on the right.

2. It must have been awkward

Image Source: Twitter

For some reason people can be divided into two separate groups – the first one consists of those who respond immediately to a text message, and the other group is the people who would likely not respond at all. This person clearly represents the first group, which may often lead to similar situations.

3. Nana gave them what they asked for

Image Source: Twitter

We understand that these men were simply doing their job, but clearly the person who prepared the paperwork failed to do theirs. It sounds like the scenario for a movie scene, but apparently it happened for real. Things like that do not happen too often and thank God for that.

4. Online shopping done wrong

Image Source: Reddit

This person learned a valuable lesson the hard way. You see, the first thing everyone must do before ordering something online is to check the measurements of the item! The reason can be seen on the photo here; some resellers are absolute fraudsters. And on top of all, the cat also looks disappointed with the tiny scratch post.

5. We hope there weren’t any animals’ rights activists around

Image Source: Twitter

Admitting that this must have been kind of funny to watch from a distance is hard, because it seems very inappropriate. However, the person must have felt terrible after realizing that it was not actually a football. Sometimes our instincts and reflexes kick in before we can realize what’s going on.

6. Someone is terribly late

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that Diego is in a whole lot of trouble and he just realized it. There are probably a lot of people who could relate to this; most of us have been late for various important occasions, but missing your final exam for the simple reason that you were not aware of the date is terrible. Let’s hope that everything turned out to be okay.

7. You need to have a serious approach to everything

Image Source: Tumblr

We find it weird to take your time and register for a game and not use your actual details. This is exactly what this person did, apparently. The problem is that his entry to the competition was the chosen one and he won the game console, but the entry was not under a real name. What a shame!

8. Moving out is simple, right?

Image Source: Reddit

Well, not that simple, as it turns out! While it is a painstaking process and it involves a lot of work, there are unexpected difficulties lurking from every direction. As you can see, some poor judgment can result into nasty consequences.


9. This is one of the most gruesome things we’ve heard in a long time

Image Source: CollegeHumor

We appreciate the advice, but it literally gave us the chills. How could anyone think that roasting your hamster in the oven is the correct approach for cremation of the critter? This person probably had an emotional trauma after the horrible experience.

10. The font seems nice, but the spelling is crazy

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

Here is the recipe for disaster – a mediocre idea and a tattoo artist with poor grammar is a combination that would probably lead to no good each time. The woman who got the tattoo probably felt immediate regret after seeing the end result.

11. We find it hard to determine who is to blame here


Getting ready for a party is always fun and games, until something like this happens. The singer-wannabe got a bit too excited about her improvised career and she grabbed the microphone without realizing that it was a hot curling iron. You can get a glimpse of the first second of the immediate regret.

12. Art is all kinds of weird sometimes, but not this weird

Image Source: Instagram

Some people really take pride in their first time, but this is ridiculous! We guess that the person who created this would regret their decision after some family members or friends see it and demand an explanation.


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