12 People Whose Karma Came Back Right In Their Face

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Sometimes having a great idea is not enough; you need to analyze it and see if it really is that good, otherwise you may end up in an unexpected situation. But even with careful planning things could still end up in funny or at least the result could be hilarious.

1. This ad certainly has a double meaning

Image Source: Twitter

This jewelry company approved a rather controversial slogan for their ad. Chances are they paid to a professional agency to create it, and it’s amazing how many people didn’t catch the obvious and double meaning behind it.

2. These cookies are suitable for a Playboy party, not a 1-year-old kid’s birthday

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The guy who posted this seems to be a bit worried, and he has a point; these cookies apparently took the shape of something quite different for a party with toddlers.

3. That’s the strangest fishing trophy in the planet

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The brains behind this trophy’s design must have a lot of interesting ideas flowing constantly, and at least a few of them where used in the making of this sculpture.

4. Giving this to your new boyfriend could have a completely different effect if you don’t read the words on the bottom first

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Some guy must have experienced this at least once by now, but we would never know for sure. Imagine this happening to you – while enjoying your last sip of coffee you suddenly learn that the girl you met a couple of months ago was pregnant.

5. This is what obviously happens when you’re passionate

Image Source: Instagram

It doesn’t take much to realize what actually happened between two of the people in these photos. It must have been a wild night.

6. This nice floral pattern seems to be in the wrong part of the dress

Image Source: Reddit

The design of this piece of clothing is obviously creating an illusion that will make you stare at it.

test ad

7. Here is what a choice of font can do to your product

Image Source: Twitter

While the idea behind this was not so bad, it seems that nobody noticed that the ‘glitter’ part is written in such a way that it resembles something totally different. You’ll see it.

8. That’s a good boy

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably seen how some ladies like to put their tiny pups in handbags and carry them around like a fashion accessory; well, the owner of this dog was probably pretty mad by what happened here, but it could have been worse, if the pooch did what it did inside a new $500-bag.

9. Pants design

Image Source: Reddit

Someone actually managed to include the leaning tower of Pisa in these pants’ design in such a way that it resembles something different, and your imagination will tell you exactly what.

10. It does say ‘water-reducible’ after all

Image Source: Instagram

While this woman was probably not happy at all after not being able to completely rinse off the temporary body paint from her face, the label is pretty specific about it.

11. Who approved this ad anyway?

Image Source: Imgur

Judging from the surprised and a bit confused facial expression of this woman, she clearly found out that ‘the last place you’d expect’ may not be interpreted as the marketers who created the ad had in mind.

12. This father got a lot more than expected

Image Source: Reddit

This man’s reaction upon seeing his three children speaks a thousand words;

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