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12 Pics That Will Definitely Make You Smile Or Even Chuckle

Image Source: Reddit

The moment you feast your eyes on a compilation of positive and uplifting photos, you instantly feel better about being here and now. It seems that most people often feel like this world is not the place it should be. We guess that the world is a wonderful place worth exploring! The positive vibes are constantly around us but you need to have an open mindset and accept them as a part of your daily routine. You can see a lot of positive things online which will definitely make you smile or laugh! All these positive vibes are worth sharing. Enjoy the list below!

1. Random kindness is always nice to see

Image Source: The Chive

Have you ever experienced the kindness of a random stranger? We know what that feels like and we hope everyone gets the chance to feel it! You find it surreal to receive help when you did not request it at all and especially when it comes from someone who didn’t know you before they stepped in! as you can see, someone was kind enough to fill the parking meter with change! It was enough to save the owner of the parked car a ticket. This is something that only a special kind of person would do and we believe that the individual who loaded the meter with change is more than special! The note is also very kind and the person who found it probably kept it as a reminder that there is still good in the world!

2. Here is a photo that can bring the largest smile on anyone’s face

Image Source: Reddit

As much as we love cosplay costumes, we need to admit that they are not crafted well in most of the cases. Sometimes you even find it hard to tell which character stands in front of you. People need to be sure that they have the perfect appearance in order to stand tall and show off their cosplay setup. This photo shows a person who perfectly replicated the image of Thanos, but there is one small detail that really changes the whole scene. Just look at the pillow he is hugging tight! It seems that Thanos has a soft side! Maybe one day we will see such a twist on the movie screen as well, who knows?

3. Now this is one kind landlord

Image Source: Dump A Day

We are sure that most of you would not be able to say a lot of nice things about your landlords. We all know the reasons why! However, we must add that there are exceptions. Of course, the relationship between a landlord and a tenant are mostly related to business, but we are all human above all. This was probably the reason why one landlord showed how much he cared about the others living in his building. This is one nice surprise that everyone probably enjoyed! And the best part is that he did not just offer something bought directly from the store, but a cooked warm meal instead! It takes a good person to do it and this landlord surely is a really nice person!

4. There is nothing like a long drive in a convertible

Image Source: The Chive

People say that one of the best ways to let off some steam is to go out for a nice long drive. Of course, the best way to enjoy it is in a convertible. If you have one of those, you probably know what it’s like to be surprised by a sudden rainfall. Most people would probably just lift the top up and drive home. But not this person! The photo clearly shows that the weather was not an important factor! We love such an attitude and we admire that he did. It seems like this person even picked up some things along the way, which is another proof that bad weather does not bother him at all.

5. Here is a place that not everyone would stay at

Image Source: Barnorama

Hotels around the world are very different. They can be either ridiculously lavish and expensive or really cheap and filthy! Of course, some of them stand out with their bold design and clever decoration ideas. As you can see, someone decided to create one of the most unusual places we have seen! This hotel room is entirely transparent. This is not particularly convenient because there is no privacy at all. Those who seek a romantic night will not stay here for sure. The reasons why are more than obvious! Nobody would like the others to witness the most intimate moments they share with their partner.

6. This photo says a lot

Image Source: The Chive

There are images that speak for themselves and a caption is not needed at all. This is one of those images! These kids seem to be more than excited about having their hands full of Chuck E. Cheese tickets. The sheer excitement can be seen on their faces and it shows that these tickets mean the world to them! We guess that gold diggers react in a similar way when they find a huge chunk of the precious metal. People have different priorities and seemingly meaningless things might be really important to kids, which all parents are well aware of.

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7. This is a true relationship

Image Source: Barnorama

Relationships are a complicated matter. They are a big responsibility and both partners need to be dedicated to it. Sometimes the close bond between people means that they are inseparable! This photo shows a couple that probably has the same type of relationship. The man was not going to leave his partner’s side even though he had to use the laptop. The image shows that you can always find a solution to something without compromising anything at all. We guess that this photo can be added to the ‘relationship goals’ folder. We wish everyone a happy and healthy relationship!

8. If this doesn’t make you smile, nothing will

Image Source: Barnorama

Working at a drive-through restaurant is actually interesting. You get to meet a lot of different people and sometimes you even form a bond with them, despite talking to them for only a couple of minutes. As you can see, this drive-through worker received an unexpected order! The cute dog seems to be enjoying the cuddling provided by the worker and she probably enjoyed it just as much! Dogs can brighten anyone’s day in an instant with their wagging tails and smiling faces. This is one of the reasons they are man’s best friend – they can bring you happiness when you need it the most!

9. Since we mentioned dogs, you need to see this one

Image Source: Acid Cow

The pure joy of sharing your life with a dog is something a lot of people are familiar with. The image you see here shows only one of the numerous ways canines can entertain us and make us laugh! If haven’t tried this yet, simply do it and you will have a blast! Dogs enjoy drinking from a hose and it is always funny to witness it! This little girl is having a really good time and we wish we were there, too! The summer days are over now but next summer will eventually come and we will all have fun!

10. This store has an interesting policy

Image Source: The Chive

When you go shopping, you probably know exactly what you are looking for and you go to the stores that are more likely to offer what you need. Most clothing stores have similar policies when it comes to displaying the merchandise. In most cases they use mannequins that are fully equipped. These mannequins replicate the human body perfectly, although some stores only use the torso sometimes. We guess that this would always be the better option compared to the possibility of adding an eagle head on it! The idea behind this is a mystery to us.

11. Now this I one costume that we definitely approve

Image Source: Reddit

Costumes are a great way to have fun, but they can vary. The differences are related to the occasion and to the skills put in creating the costume. Sometimes craftsmen are able to come up with amazing costumes that look out of this world. In other cases the great fabrication quality doesn’t matter, because the idea for the costume takes all the credit anyway! This person chose to wear a bacon strip costume and this is more than enough for us to adore it!

12. We wonder what is happening here

Image Source: Dump a Day

This photo will make you laugh the minute you see it, but what it actually shows remains unclear. It shows a cat and interacting in the most curious way! The dog seems to show the tricks it knows while the cat does not seem to be impressed at all! It looks as if the dog is performing just to get the cat’s approval but as we all know, cats are tough to impress! We would love to see the canine’s tricks in person and award all the effort with treats!

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