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12 Pictures That Will Definitely Irritate You If You Are Easily Irritated

Image Source: Reddit

If you are like many of us, you are easily irritated. It does not take much to ruin your day.

In your defense, though, there are a lot of irritations out there. A lot of people don’t clean up after their dogs, for example, and you might end up stepping in its mess. Once in a while, you order food from a restaurant, and that food is just awful. You try to be calm and patient, and you usually succeed.

At times, though, even things you see on the internet can really irritate you. Arguably, you shouldn’t get too upset about it all. They are just words or images on your computer screen, but you just can’t help yourself.

If you are looking to get irritated—for whatever reason—here are thirteen images that might just do the trick.

1. The Toothpicks In the Appliance

Image Source: Reddit

This appears to be a whole bunch of toothpicks in a toaster. I have no idea why they are there. In general, you shouldn’t store toothpicks in an appliance. Toasters seem like a particularly bad place, really. That is just a dangerous, inconvenient place to store them. Someone was not thinking too clearly, obviously.

I am guessing a small child was involved, somehow. They like to accidentally do things that might inadvertently lead to horrible fires that consume homes and claim lives.

You would think they would be a little more careful considering it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise them to adulthood, but they are not.

I am just glad that an adult noticed this unfortunate situation before there was a true disaster. Things could have quickly gotten very ugly.

In case you are curious, there are recent statistics involving the causes of house fires. In the United States, most are caused by appliances. Open flames, such as candles, are also a major issue. However, children playing with matches cause roughly 1 in 10 fires. The children actually cause more fires than gas leaks, in fact, at least according to the recent statistics.

2. The Utensils and the Pizza

Image Source: Reddit

This person is eating pizza with a fork and a knife, which seems to irritate a lot of people. I have known several people who, for whatever reason, seem to get personally offended when people eat pizza with utensils.

I am not sure why people are so irritated, honestly, as it is a pretty good way to eat pizza. You don’t get your hands dirty, for one. Some pizza can be a little greasy. Also, if the pizza is a bit hot, you won’t burn your hands.

That looks like a delicious pizza. If you are a fan of mushrooms, which many of us are, they go great on pizza.

They are considered the meat of the vegetable world, but they are neither meat, nor vegetable.

While China grows a lot of edible mushrooms, one of the larger exporters of mushrooms is actually Poland.

Tending to mushrooms must be a stressful job, really, as there are many poisonous mushrooms; they can and do resemble the edible kind of mushroom.

Kennett Square, a borough found in Chester County, Pennsylvania, is actually considered by many in the United States to be the “Mushroom Capital of the World”. Hundreds of millions of pounds of mushrooms are produced every year by farms in the area. Almost half of all mushrooms produced in the United States come from those farms. The industry in that area employs roughly 10,000 workers.

3. The Foot and the Plane

Image Source: Reddit

There are people out there that like looking at feet, but I will never understand why. This particular foot is a perfect example of why a lot of us think feet are ugly.

Can you imagine being on a plane and seeing this thing at your side? That must be a horrifying experience.

There are a lot of reasons people are terrified to fly, and not all of them are related to the fact you are 30,000 feet in the air and you have no real control whether you live or die. After all, statistically, driving a car is a lot more dangerous than taking a commercial flight. Being trapped with hundreds of inconsiderate people who think nothing of taking off their footwear is pretty terrible. It is nowhere near as bad as a fiery crash, but the thought may make you reconsider a trip that involves a flight.

Really, all things considered, air travel is pretty awful. People apparently just stick their feet wherever they want, the seats are tiny, and airport food is extremely expensive. The food most airlines serve is positively awful. If you have ever been trapped on a plane with a crying baby, you know how horrifying that experience can be.

If I had to fly routinely, I would constantly be extremely irritated.

4. The Tiles

Image Source: Reddit

I don’t know why these tiles are where they are. There are other tiles around, and they seem to do the job just fine. Is this some sort of weird design choice? I’m no expert in regard to interior design, but the whole thing just seems strange. Somebody made a decision, and it seems like a very weird one.

If I had to routinely walk on this floor, I would eventually become very irritated by having to look at this. The floor, or at least this portion of it, definitely needs to be replaced.

5. The Juice Drink

Image Source: Reddit

Capri-Sun is actually pretty delicious, but the pouches can be the worst. You have to be irritated by how this one is telling you to insert the straw in the wrong place. Those foil pouches are challenging enough. I understand why the drink is sold in the pouches, but they are still very irritating.

The drink was first introduced in 1969, and it is available in roughly 100 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Peru, Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, and India.

There is a good chance you have not had a Capri-Sun in a long time; in my experience, it is mostly children that drink them. You might be interested to know that there are now a number of flavors, including orange, strawberry, grape, wild cherry, lemonade, fruit punch, and mountain cooler.

The brand is actually distributed by several different companies. For example, in the United States Capri-Sun is distributed by Kraft Foods; however, in Ireland and France, Capri-Sun drinks are distributed by Coca-Cola Enterprises.

test ad

According to my research, the brand itself is owned by Rudolf Wild & Co., which I had never heard of. The company’s headquarters are in Eppelheim, Germany, which is a town I had never heard of. It looks like a nice place, though; about 15,000 people live there.

6. The Terrible Shirt

Image Source: Reddit

There are a few things wrong with this shirt, and they are all irritating. For one, horizontal stripes don’t flatter many people. You have to have a certain body type to be able to pull this sort of shirt off, and this person really doesn’t have it.

I know I sound cruel, but it is true. The person in this image should not be wearing this shirt.

More importantly, however, the stripes do not line up, and I don’t understand why that is the case. Was there some sort of manufacturing error? If that is the case—and the shirt was sold at a heavy discount—I’m okay with it. I will, on occasion, buy items with obvious flaws if they are extremely cheap.

If it was a design choice, though, I just do not get it. What fashion statement is being made here?
I am no expert on fashion, true, but I do think this shirt should be tossed in the trash. No one needs to be wearing this.

7. The Box and the Door

Image Source: Reddit

I genuinely admire people who deliver stuff for a living. The work can’t be a ton of fun, but it definitely needs to be done. Also, boxes can be heavy, and constant lifting isn’t good for your back.

However, someone here did a poor job. What were they thinking? It is going to be impossible to collect the package or leave the building, it seems, which makes this something of a fire hazard. Also, why does the door open out? That seems sort of strange.

8. The Hair on the Food

Image Source: Reddit

There is definitely hair on this food. As a pretty famous comedian pointed out, we all sort of overreact to hair in our food, and he definitely had a point. If hair belongs to the right person, we love it. If our romantic partner has great hair, we praise it. We run our fingers through it.

However, if it is the hair of a stranger, it is the most disgusting thing that has ever existed.

Weirdly enough, we also judge bald people because they don’t have any hair.

All of that having been said, I totally support anyone who complains when they find hair in their food.

9. The Feet In Public

Image Source: Reddit

I have already complained about feet, but I am going to do so again. No one wants to see your feet, people. They are one of the grosser parts of the human body, and they often smell. Keep them covered up, please. If you want to wear sandals, that’s fine, but do not take those sandals off. Do not put your feet near a window. Keep your feet to yourselves, okay?

I understand that there are people who are attracted to feet, and I respect that choice, but most of us are not and do not want to see your feet. Don’t irritate us.

10. The Can of Soup

Image Source: Reddit

I love soup that comes from a can. Honestly, I love most food that comes from a can. It is just so convenient, you know? It doesn’t go bad, and it is easy to store. You buy it and put it on a shelf; then, when you are hungry, you remember it and open it up.

Once in a while, though, disasters like this happen. The soup can be saved, true, but this is an irritating start to what could have been a very pleasant meal.

11. The Receipt

Image Source: Reddit

When you consider how concerned we all are about the environment—for good reason—it is sort of weird how long receipts can be.

That is just a lot of paper that is being wasted. It is kind of depressing when you think about it. How many trees need to be cut down for just this one receipt? It is great that CVS is offering discounts, of course, but this all seems like a bit much.

12. The Clock

Image Source: Reddit

What we have here is a clock that doesn’t tell the time, which is truly bizarre. I am guessing it wasn’t installed this way, but I can’t be sure. It might be this way intentionally.

It could be a design choice, or something. Artistic types do weird things that can’t really be explained. This clock, for lack of a better word, has no purpose, but it looks nice.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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