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12 Problems Women Experience In The Summer And Ways to Solve Them

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Summer is a wonderful time of the year for many. There are a lot of us out there that simply do not like the cold.

You might have a coat you really like, and you can’t exactly wear those in the winter, so that is one reason to like the cold weather.

However, it is hard not to love the long days of summer. You also do not need to worry about snow or dead car batteries.

It comes with its own fair share of problems, though, and women tend to have it rougher than men.

Here are thirteen problems that women tend to experience in the summer—and ways that they might be solved.

1. The Mask

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Summer is not always great for the skin. For one thing, you sweat a lot, and that is generally not always the best thing in the world for one’s complexion. Furthermore, you tend to get a lot of sun, and that’s not good for the skin either.

One thing you might want to try is putting a face mask in the refrigerator for a while before applying. It will be nice and cool, and you will probably feel great.

Sweat is obnoxious at times, and it can also be sort of gross. However, we must acknowledge that it is very necessary for thermoregulation. When sweat evaporates, it cools us off, and we sort of need that during the hot summer days. If you didn’t sweat, things could get very bad.

It is also just water, mostly, so it is not that gross. There are minerals dissolved in the water, though, including sodium and calcium.

2. The Sweat Stains

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White is a great color on some. Unfortunately, if you are clumsy when you eat—as so many of us are—your white garments tend to get stained a lot. Not all stains can be removed, and then you are out a perfectly good t-shirt or blouse.

Armpit stains are worse than food stains, though. They are just inherently grosser for some reason. I am not sure why, but I think most would agree. As pointed out earlier in the article, everyone sweats. You have to regulate the temperature of your body somehow.

It has been recommended, although I have never actually tried this myself, that one can prevent and treat pit stains by spraying your garments with lemon water. I can’t figure out why this works, but a lot of people claim that it does. I am guessing it has something to do with the citric acid.

You should probably have lemons around in the summertime anyway; if you don’t have at least one cold glass of lemonade during the summer, you have missed out on a great experience.

3. The Cooling Spray

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Personally, I can’t recommend this particular recipe. I have never actually used a cooling spray in my life, and I doubt that I ever will.

I have sweat glands—millions of them—so I rely on them to keep me cool when the temperature is high. I also rely on air conditioning and fans.

The peppermint sounds nice, though. I’m sure the spray smells great. There are probably a ton of other ingredients that could be used, and I am sure recipes can be found online. I prefer spearmint to peppermint, but that is just my own personal taste.

4. The Fan and the Bucket of Ice

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A lot of people are not lucky enough to have air conditioning, which is unfortunate. It definitely makes dealing with the summer heat easier.

This is a fun trick, though. All you need is a fan, which is a lot cheaper than an air conditioning unit, and a
bucket of ice, which is also a lot cheaper than an air conditioning unit.

If you do this, you will cool off quite quickly.

In the United States, air conditioning is relatively common. In regard to newly constructed houses, well over 80 percent have air conditioning. In Canada, over 50 percent of homes have air conditioning. In Europe, air conditioning units are generally less common.

If you don’t have an AC unit in your home, this is a great trick, and it really works.

5. The Boob Deodorant

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Frankly, and I should perhaps be embarrassed to admit this, I had no idea such a product existed. This one apparently smells like coconut, which is a smell that most of us like, so that’s good.

Body odor is caused by the breakdown of perspiration, so it can happen pretty much anywhere a person sweats.

Believe it or not, the first commercial deodorant did not get developed until the late 19th century. Until then, people probably smelled pretty terrible. Our sense of smell is probably a lot more sensitive these days. After all, a few hundred years back, people often did their business in a pot in their bedrooms. That probably didn’t smell very good.

People tend to glamorize medieval times, which is why there are so many Renaissance Fairs, but you should consider yourself lucky that you live in the 21st century. The idea of knights and princesses is great, but most of us would have just picked crops all day and every day until we dropped dead at the ripe old age of 29—if we survived childhood.

Also, it should be worth noting there was no internet back then. What would we have done for entertainment? How would you look at videos of puppies playing with kittens? Those were dark times.

6. The Sneakers and the Smell

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Feet smell, and that is just a fact. You can’t really help it. A lot of people stand on them all day; what would you expect?

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Also, a lot of people seem to be under the impression you don’t need to wash your feet like you do the rest of your body. I know people like that. You absolutely need to do that, though. You can’t just let water from your shower trickle down and expect that to solve the problem of foot odor.

If your sneakers smell, you smell. People will, unless they have no sense of smell, notice. Often, sneakers smell because people don’t wear socks with them, which is a bad idea. Socks were invented for a reason, after all.

This is good advice for both women and men. Just put a bit of baking soda in your sneakers. It will improve the situation. It will absorb the sweat.

7. The Makeup Setting Spray

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Apparently, if you have all of these products available and don’t want to buy your own makeup setting spray, you can make your own.

It all seems like a lot of effort, frankly. I understand the need for the sprays, but they are available to purchase at various retailers online and they really don’t cost very much. There is one available at Walmart, and it only costs a few dollars. There’s one available from Kohl’s, and it only costs about seven dollars.

Kohl’s is a neat brand. The company is headquartered in the state of Wisconsin, and there are over 1,000 stores.

The company employs over 130,000 people. It is one of the largest department stores in the United States in terms of sales.

You can buy almost anything at a Kohl’s store. They sell clothing, beauty products, electronics, bedding, housewares, and even furniture. Most of their stuff is reasonably priced, too.

8. The Hand-Held Fan

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This is probably good advice for everyone. If you can find a decent hand-held fan and it is extremely hot outside, you should probably carry it around with you.

It will keep you from sweating, probably. As I have already noted, sweating leads to both body odor and skin problems, which are two things that no one really wants.

There may be people out there who intentionally want to stink, but I have never met such a person, and I am pretty sure that I do not want to. Very few people want to have pimples, either. There is a reason so much money is spent every year trying to prevent them.

9. The Sheets

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I don’t know if I agree with the advice, but I will offer it anyway. Some people, for reasons that I don’t particularly understand, recommend sticking your sheets in the freezer before you go to bed. This is to combat bed
sweat, which is definitely a thing, but I think I would rather sweat than freeze.

It also isn’t the most practical advice. Putting sheets on your bed isn’t exactly the easiest process, and you would have to do so every night before going to sleep. I know there are people out there than change their sheets every single day, but that’s a bit excessive. Not that many people do that. According to one recent survey, many single men only change their sheets a few times a year. Many single women only change their sheets once a month.

10. The Hot Water Bottle

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Hot water bottles, apparently, have more than one purpose. You can simply fill it up and then stick it in the refrigerator or the freezer.

When you go to bed, you’ll have a nice ice pack to sleep with.

Personally, I have never used a hot water bottle when trying to go to sleep, but they are apparently pretty popular products. Actually, similar things have been used since around the 16th century.

Prices vary, and I am sure quality also varies, but you can get one from Walmart for about 12 dollars. That is not a bad price.

11. The Baby Wipes

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It is probably a good idea to carry around a pack of baby wipes, even if you don’t have a baby. It goes without saying, I think, that if you have a baby you should definitely carry around baby wipes.

They can be pretty useful. They’re gentle on the skin for obvious reasons—they were designed for babies, after all.

They are also a way to clean yourself up a bit after you’ve gotten all sweaty.

The brand in the picture is apparently 100 percent biodegradable, which is great, and they are also suitable for newborns. That is important when you need to use one to wipe sweat from under your armpit.

12. The Pantyliner and the Bra

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When you think about it, sticking a panty liner or two in your bra makes a lot of sense. They are, after all, designed to absorb moisture.

If you are worried about boob sweat, this seems like a neat little tip.

If you know where to shop, they are not very expensive. For example, you can get a few dozen of them from Walmart for just a few dollars. Walmart really is the place to shop if you are looking to save money, it seems. You can also get them from Google Express.

I hope I have made someone’s summer just a little bit better with these tips.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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