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12 Simple And Amazing Ideas That Deserve To Be Seen

Image Source: Reddit / IHeartFraccing

Good ideas are all around us, and sometimes genius solutions to common problems just appear out of nowhere.

However, some ideas are not just good; they offer a sleek and elegant solution to a problem while keeping things simple or subtle. This is the kind of things we like to see, that’s why we selected examples for such solutions for you to see and enjoy. Who knows, maybe you will be inspired by some of them and one day your idea will be on a list just like this one, and your brilliant mind will be praised!

Scroll down to see the photos and choose your favorite!

1. These running shoes are magnificent

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently it’s possible to be able to show off while keeping a low visibility most of the time, and we absolutely love the idea! What can be better than having high visibility during the night in a very stylish and unique way while keeping the subtle look during the day?

2. We want this clock

Image Source: Reddit

Some hotels are really ahead in their game, and it is all about customer care, really. The little details can make a huge difference, and this clock proves it. The clever device displays the time on both front and side, and has the option to charge your gadgets as well.

3. This is how you preserve your plane in the desert

Image Source: Reddit

Even small planes are hard to store due to their size, and if you are forced to leave such a craft out in the open for a while, it is necessary to set up a few precautions. This photo shows how to do it on a low budget, and the thorny bushes preventing the wildlife from chewing on the tires is a nice touch.

4. These zipper headphones are amazing

Image Source: Reddit

Most people are fed up with the tangled cords of their headphones, but cordless sets are still too expensive. This idea may actually solve the problem for good, because you cannot really tangle a zipper, can you?

5. An artistic raincoat will make you stand out

Image Source: Reddit

We salute original ideas even when they don’t solve a particular problem, and this is a nice example for such an idea! The producer of this raincoat decided to add a beautiful feature; the fabric is made in a way that shows a hidden pattern as soon as the coat gets wet.

6. Pizza lovers will be in awe

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Image Source: Reddit

We all know those little plastic tables used in pizza delivery; they prevent the top of the box to get stuck on the hot pizza. However, there are surely better ways to do that, and a piece of garlic bread seems to be the perfect alternative!

7. Foodies would be delighted when they see this one

Image Source: Reddit

Ice cream cones are prone to one weakness – they start leaking almost immediately after you place them in your hand and the ice cream starts to melt. This parlor had the perfect solution to this – a small piece of marshmallow candy does the trick and it is a nice addition to the ice cream, too!

8. Clear nozzles on a dispenser is a thing we need everywhere

Image Source: Reddit

This soda dispenser’s neat feature is the example that should be followed everywhere! This way it is easy to see if the machines have been cleaned recently, which brings comfort to the customers and probably an increase in profit as well.

9. Engineers pull off amazing things sometimes

Image Source: Reddit

This fire station’s sign is amazing, because it does not need any electricity to be seen during the night, because its clever design uses shadows! The people who came up with that idea created something original and environmentally friendly at the same time.

10. This is how street musicians should perform

Image Source: Reddit

You are probably fed up of trying to walk around a park peacefully and almost immediately some street performer starts banging on a set of drums and annoys everyone. Well, there is a simple and admirable solution, and these guys show how it’s done.

11. Changing the style of something boring is always amusing to see

Image Source: Reddit

Apparently even small things like barcodes can be tweaked to become a nice feature instead of just another regular marking on the package. A little bit of creativity can go a long way, and marketers need to think out of the box more.

12. Police patrols in Sweden are on another level

Image Source: Reddit

Patrol vehicles in Sweden are almost unrecognizable sometimes, because they are disguised as regular vehicles, and the roof lights are inserted into luggage roof boxes, which is a brilliant idea. They must be pretty effective with that stealth appearance.

Written by Nick Martin

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