12 Simple And Effective Ways You Can Save Valuable Space At Home

Holding Bobby Pins With Magnetic Strip Is Simply Genius!
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The prices of real estate are a huge factor and most people are forced to settle with a smaller home, which means that every square inch is important and valuable. Here is where the lifehacks and neat tricks used to save space come in handy. The ways you can improve the living space are thousands, and some of the tricks you can use to achieve that are borderline genius and you will be amazed by their simplicity.

We have some of the best space saving home lifehacks and we hope they will improve your home and make your daily routines and chores a whole lot easier.

1. Use magnets for the fridge

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Most of the space on the fridge shelves remains unused because nobody stacks packages of food on top of each other. There is a neat trick to use that space – attach strong magnet strip on top and stick bottles and jars on it.

2. Door organizers are a must

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If you have never bought a door organizer, it is time that you correct that mistake. Door organizers are a neat invention that can be extremely helpful in the bathroom, because they can serve as a storage compartment for the miscellaneous items typical for every bathroom.

3. Would you believe old CD-racks are usable in the kitchen?

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These old racks can serve you in a neat way in the kitchen. All you need to do is fasten them in some of your cabinets and they can store big plates, trays or Tupperware lids.

4. The perfect knife holder

Image Source: Felicia Kramer

If you want to add an exotic and even an artistic note to the kitchen, you can place some bamboo sticks in a jar in use it as a knife holder. It is a practical solution but it will also be a very nice touch to any kitchen because it looks unusual.

5. The best place for your toothbrush

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You have probably never thought about this, but it really works. All you need to do is cut your shelves in a few places like the picture above suggests, and your toothbrush will always be secured in place instead of constantly falling in the sink.

6. A simple PVC pipe is enough to organize your tools

Image Source: Ash Bee Design

If you have a tiny tool shed or closet for your tools, this is for you. You just need to cut a PVC pipe into multiple pieces and secure them to the wall about a meter above the floor, and you will have a very practical organizer for your big tools in no time.

7. Every gamer needs this one

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We really liked this one, because we are sick of losing the remote all the time. If you have a lot of remotes and game controllers that are either always lying around or you constantly lose them, just attach a piece of Velcro to each of them and pick a storage space in a drawer or a cabinet.

8. Soda tabs are useful, apparently

Image Source: Checking In With Chelsea

If your closet seems to be too small for all your hangers stacked with clothes, this is the best solution. Use the tabs from soda and beer cans, and you can double the number of hangers without losing valuable space in the closet or the wardrobe.

9. This is an amazing idea!

Image Source: Dreaming in DIY

If you don’t like jewelry boxes or you would prefer a safer solution when it comes to their storage, this will probably work for you. All you need is to convert a big mirror into thin secret cabinet, and you can store all your valuables there, because probably no one would ever guess that it is more than a mirror.

10. Never lose a rubber or hair band again

Image Source: Reddit

If you are anything like us, you are probably fed up with losing rubber bands or hair bands all the time, and there never seems to be one in sight when you need it. The simple solution is to use a big carabiner bracket to hold them all in one place.

11. If you feel you need an artistic touch at home, try this

Image Source: Hometalk

If you decided to add some artistic touches to your home, why not create a beautiful jewelry display? All you need is a photo frame and some chicken wire, and the rest depends on your imagination and skills, and on the jewelry, of course.

12. Accessory hooks are perfect to hold all your camisoles

Image Source: Hometalk

Camisoles often get all over the place, and you can avoid the messy sight by using a belt and accessory hook. It can easily take all your camisoles and you can tuck them away in the wardrobe instead of seeing them scattered all over the bedroom.

Written by Nick Martin

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