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12 Situations That Ended Up Different Than Expected

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you realize the hard way that you cannot control everything. It seems like life just has something else in mind for you and you never have a chance to see it coming in advance. Of course, these situations can be of great significance to you, but they can also involve only minor everyday things and actions. The best part about it is that they are often amusing to see! Thanks to social media we get to see a lot of people who found themselves in such situations! Even better, we can share them with you! The following list will show you people who were involved in situations with unexpected twists. The example with the cactus flower someone received as a gift is a nice example of an unexpected situation. Nobody gives presents like that! After all, the flower is stingy and smells really bad!

1. This photo is a good way to kick off the list

Image Source: Reddit

When we saw this photo, we were just about to accept it when we realized that there was something very wrong with it. Every diner needs a cozy interior with nice decorations. This is essential for the good mood of the clients. A mural would certainly be the perfect addition to any interior. Of course, this mural needs to be done very well and has to feature images that are in perfect harmony with the rest of the place. We don’t think that a living slice of pizza serving its siblings is the best message! It is kind of gruesome, really, despite the fact they put a friendly face on it. The boy on the left seems to have the same opinion as ours judging by his facial expression.

2. Sometimes DIY projects are not as successful as they were supposed to be

Image Source: Reddit

We love DIY projects and ideas! It is one of the best ways to spend some quality time at home and improve the décor inside or outside. Of course, there are two very important things about DIY projects in order for them to be successful. You need to have the right skillset and you also need an amazing idea to begin with. The idea about dipping teddy bears in concrete and turning them into statues for the garden does not seem that bad, but once you see the end result, you will change your opinion. We did exactly that! The concrete-dipped stuffed toys look more than horrifying! We hope that the person who created them realized their mistake and removed them from the garden.

3. Here is one situation that looks hopeless

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone who spends a lot of time travelling knows how it feels to experience some kind of an emergency situation. Whether it is a flat tire, a car malfunction or some kind of a collision, it is always unpleasant when it happens, not to mention that it is always dangerous! However, sometimes people risk it all by pushing things further than they should. As you can see, the driver of the beaten truck in the back overloaded the vehicle significantly. Having this in mind, it is not that unexpected that it broke down. It even seem that it is about to break in half. We hope the other driver towed the overloaded truck to a safe place without any emergency situations.

4. Here is how creativity works

Image Source: Reddit

The difference between regular people and those with a creative side is mainly in the way they do things. The approach between the two groups is always different. This means that even the normal and everyday things are done in a different way. Of course, such actions often lead to hilarious situations. This test obviously shows how a creative person avoided the real questions by answering them in another way. The answers are technically correct which makes the whole thing so funny!

5. Graphic designers often make mistakes

Image Source: Reddit

We get that creating a good graphic design project requires a lot of skill. It may seem easy to do, but working with graphic software is not for everyone. Of course, you need to have a good idea except the right skillset for the task you need to complete. Even if everything you need is at your disposal, things could still go wrong. As you can see, this logo turned out to be a bit strange. Instead of putting the head as the dot of the letter ‘I’, this graphic designer decided to place it where it creates the illusion of a different letter. It just doesn’t look right.

6. Some restaurant really push things too far

Image Source: Reddit

Restaurants have one thing in common. They all want to attract as many customers as possible. Of course, this means that they need to have assets that their competition doesn’t have. Whether it is a really good chef or an amazing interior, there needs to be something unique about the place in order for people to choose it. Sometimes the secret weapon that restaurant owners use is the way the food is presented. However, not every new idea is a good one. As you can see, serving food on top of some beer cans is definitely a weird decision.

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7. Twitter is the arena of a lot of feuds

Image Source: Twitter

People need to be careful when they post something on social media. Sharing content with the other users might backfire before you know it! This person decided that the image you see was a perfect shot to post on Twitter, and so he did. He added a clever caption but another user literally shut him down! His comment really took away the glorious effect of the original post. The person who posted the photo tried to reply and clap back but it was too late for that.

8. Flirting often leads to nowhere

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that flirting is always nice if it is not too harsh and does not turn into something unpleasant for one of the people involved in the flirt. We guess that the example you see above shows one way to end a flirts that many people are familiar with. Just when you think you got somewhere with the flirt and the whole thing makes you feel embarrassed and even frustrated. It is not nice when it happens, but this is just how life goes sometimes.

9. Sometimes a chore leads to something curious

Image Source: Reddit

Even doing something seemingly boring can end up as the biggest entertainment for the whole workday! The image you see above shows exactly that. It might not seem to be much, but you should look at the details! Someone accidently added an interesting feature to their scissors. It is clear to see that one of the blades has some sort of jagged teeth! In fact, the effect was created after cutting some Velcro tape. As you probably guessed, the scissors will not cut anything until the Velcro strip is removed from that blade.

10. Now this is something that is obviously not right

Image Source: Imgur

There are things that people should not experiment with. If there is a certain standard, it was probably a reason for it to exist. We guess that the patterns used to create similar traffic signs all over the world are among the most important things to consider! The STOP sign you see pictured above is definitely not right. The usual font used for the sign was replaced with the most unusual substitute. The reason for that remains unknown.

11. You should be careful when someone does the shopping for you

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that shopping is one of women’s favorite things in the world. However, sometimes it is impossible to go shopping and the reasons for that are numerous. When this happens, people ask someone close to buy them what they need. As you can see, this girl obviously regretted asking her dad to buy her a coat. The reasons are more than clear! The coat is absolutely massive and is probably three times the size the girl actually needs. Her dad probably had no intention of actually thinking whether it should fi or not. He surely just wanted to get the job done! But as he probably realized, buying clothes is not about getting the job done. It is all about the end result!

12. Now this is one truly unique hairstyle

Image Source: Reddit

One of the main features that physically make us different is our hair. While some people love to shave their head week after week, other grow theirs for years! The possible hairstyles are endless, because there are endless possibilities! Hairdressers these days are wizards and they can achieve wonders with anyone’s hair. Of course, sometimes a hairdresser is not needed! This photo shows a hairstyle that you will probably never see before! We have no idea if this was accidental or not, but one thing is for sure – the hairstyle of this person is one of a kind! We are glad that someone took a photo of it and shared it on social media!

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