12 Smokin’ Facts About The Mask

1. The Mask is based on a comic book

The Mask character was Dark Horse Comics’ creation, but the comic books were a bit creepier than the movie.

2. The mask was planned to be a dark movie

At first, the main idea was that The Mask character should be a dangerous anti-hero with violent actions. The horror elements were difficult to balance with the comedy and when Jim Carrey got the role, it totally turned into a comedy.

3. The teeth

To make his character weirder, Jim Carrey taught himself how to speak with a large prosthetic teeth, although they were planned to be used only in the silent scenes.

4. Jim Carrey’s elasticity

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Chuck Russell, the movie Director, explained that thanks to the Jim Carrey’s exaggerated and cartoonish movements, it wasn’t required extra digital touch. He actually achieved most of the special effects by himself, which saved a lot of money to the production.

5. Cameron Diaz’s first movie role

Her first appearance on the big screen was exactly in the “The Mask”. She earned less than half a million dollars for it.

6. Improvisation

Jim Carrey, as The Mask, improvised by pulling out the wet condom out of his pocket during the scene where he was chased by gangsters. The scene was so good that the directors decided to keep it.

Written by Patrick Bennet

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