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12 Stunning Watercolor Tattoos That Are Representing The Real Works Of Art

Image Source: Instagram / scardoodles

Tattoos are a delicate matter, because they can be quite controversial sometimes, and people still tend to judge sometimes when they see someone with a tat. The artists always try to create perfect images that fully correspond to the clients’ expectations, and while the result is a total joke in some cases, in other situations real masterpieces are born!

One of the best trends in tattoos is the watercolor method, and the masters of their craft can really achieve some outstanding results! The examples you are about to see are among the best watercolor tattoos ever created and they can serve as an inspiration for you if you decide to get some ink on your skin.

1. It looks like it is fake, but it’s not

Image Source: Instagram

This cute unicorn has the nicest colors possible! It has a certain style applied to it, and the placement of the whole tat could not be better! The attention to detail and the style of the artist are crucial when it comes to watercolor tattoos.

2. A gentle rose like no other

Image Source: Instagram

Here is a nice example of how shades make all the difference. This beautiful rose features a lot of pink shades that make it appear as a three-dimensional object, which is amazing. The person responsible for creating this piece has good skills.

3. This style is our favorite

Image Source: Instagram

Just take a look at those subtle geometric shapes! The amazing style of these tattoos features a 3D pattern and it looks like they are on the border between graphic images and realistic design. The fox and the swallow probably have a certain meaning to this woman.

4. This is the most beautiful peony tattoo ever

Image Source; Instagram

The idea behind this piece of art is amazing. Notice how it follows the woman’s spine, and it is so gentle that it almost looks too fragile. The shades are very nice and create a realistic appearance. Everyone would like to have such a quality tat for sure!

5. Sometimes the placement makes all the difference

Image Source: Instagram

Maybe this tattoo was originally intended to cover up a scar or a birthmark, but whatever the case is, you need to admit that it is a stunning piece of art! The tattooist really outdid himself and the end result is impressive.

6. The skull pattern never looked so good

Image Source: Instagram

The way the skull blends with the beautiful rose is magnificent and really transforms the whole tattoo. Skulls usually are made to look dark and grim, but looking at this one can really change the way you look at that pattern from now on.

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7. The gentle theme here is stunning

Image Source: Instagram

Imagination is always the best instrument to use when you want to create a unique piece of art, and the tattooist responsible for this breathtaking tattoo is a true master. The tender watercolor effect really makes this piece stand out!

8. No wonder that flowers are a preferred choice for watercolor tattoos

Image Source: Instagram

Floral motives are a common choice and most people like to incorporate them in a watercolor tattoo because of their natural appearance – any flower field looks like it has been painted on a canvas. This example features an amazing color scheme and a gentle style.

9. The sketchy style is awesome

Image Source: Instagram

We like the fact that there are so many different styles in doing watercolor tattoos. This one is really gentle and the sketchy pattern it features makes it stand out in a natural way. This may actually be the best tat on the list.

10. Frida Kahlo is a nice touch

Image Source: Instagram

We are sure that she would approve this tat! It looks so perfect, and it is definitely different than anything we have seen before. Only a true fan would decide to have a tattoo like that and we respect people who do such things.

11. This phoenix looks like an oil painting.

Image Source: Instagram

The magnificent technique applied here creates the impression that it is an oil painting on a canvas, instead of being the watercolor tattoo it actually is. Maybe the best thing about it is the color choice or the whole concept of the image, and we definitely like everything about it.

12. The pastel shades create an amazing end result

Image Source: Instagram

You need to admit that these two forearm tattoos are among the best you’ve ever seen, because they are created in a unique way – the gentle flowers are done in pastel colors, and the tender type of shades done here are the best way to highlight the end result.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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