12 Times Reality Television Shows Destroyed Their Participant’s Life

4. Paris Hilton

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As if being one of the heirs to the billions amassed by the Hilton Hotels empire wasn’t enough, Paris Hilton has always strived to make her own way. These days, she is a successful DJ in high demand and touted as having a lot of talent in the field. However, long before she discovered that her spinning and scratching skills could earn her respect and a good paycheck, she forayed into the land of reality television. She and Nicole Richie, daughter of music legend Lionel Richie, were best friends back then and decided to star together in The Simple Life. The premise of the show was to show these rich girls put into normal situations such as working on a farm or having a fast food job to see how they handled it. I’ll give you a hint if you missed it; they didn’t. It was painful to watch. I really hope it was scripted, because it made Paris look like a complete fool most of the time. It was reported that her father, Barron Hilton, was so embarrassed by her antics that he pledged to donate 97% of the family money to charity rather than let her get her hands on it one day. That still leaves her richer than I’ll ever be, especially when added to her own earnings.

5. Heidi Montag

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About a decade ago, a show called The Hills started on MTV and we were introduced to a couple of the most hated people in reality show history. Spencer Pratt is a big jerk. I don’t think anyone will deny that fact. He treated her badly on the show and I hope he’s changed now that they’re married, but I’m not holding my breath. She started out like any other girl on a popular reality series, but it didn’t take long before most people started hating her. Spencer took the blame as far as some were concerned. It was said that he changed her. Many believe it was the fame and cameras that went to her head and changed her for the worse. She became someone who only cared about her relationship, dropping her friends and breaking plans so she could spend all of her time with her new beau. From what I’ve seen, people still feel the same way about her. I wonder if she could have gone on and had a successful career after her MTV reality stint if she hadn’t burned all her bridges. I guess we will just keep waiting to see.

6. Lamar Odom

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Lamar Odom is a former NBA player who has had quite a few hardships. He is most well known as of late as the ex husband of Khloe Kardashian. They had a whirlwind courtship and were married by the time they had known each other only a couple of months. He appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians along side his new bride, and they got their own spin-off, Khloe and Lamar. They seemed to be very much in love and happy for a while. There were times in the show where he talked about his less than stellar upbringing dealing with a drug addicted father. His father even appeared on the show a time or two. Before long, it became apparent that Lamar was battling his own demons. He and Khloe split, and some blamed the supposed Kardashian curse, which has also been blamed for “ruining” Bruce Jenner and Scott Disick. Since the split, Lamar has had some rough times. He became unresponsive and almost died while visiting a pleasure ranch. Large amounts of alcohol and drugs were to blame, but some still put it on Khloe. There has been another incident since then. I hope he will stop using and fix his life one day.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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