12 Times Reality Television Shows Destroyed Their Participant’s Life

7. Jon Gosselin

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Jon Gosselin rose to real life when he starred on John and Kate Plus 8 with his wife and eight children. His wife, Kate, had given birth to sextuplets, and they already had two other children. People are always interested in babies, especially multiples. The show lasted for several years, but eventually the marriage wound up in some trouble, and they split up. Jon was out of the picture, but Kate kept on with the show on her own with the children for a while longer. There seemed to be a lot of turmoil in his life after splitting from his family. He fought for, but ultimately lost custody of the children in their nasty divorce proceedings. TLC sued him for violation of contract, as well. I bet he wishes he had just stayed a normal guy instead of searching for fame just to lose everything.

8. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson

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You may wonder how these two made it on the list, because they have a remained successful in their careers since their reality show ended. But the relationship didn’t last very much longer after the last episode aired in 2005. They seemed like the perfect couple. Beautiful, young, and talented. Their show was called Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. In the three years that it aired, their everyday life was shared with the world. Every problem they had was also shared with the world, and probably amplified by the fact that it was on TV. It was obvious that having cameras around wasn’t easy, and took a toll on them. They are both married to other partners now, building beautiful families and continuing in their careers. And they are both still as beautiful as ever. Though the honeymoon didn’t last forever, at least their lives were not totally ruined by a reality show disaster.

9. Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan is one of the most iconic wrestlers of all time. He had fans all over the world that loved to see his showmanship and bigger than life personality in the ring and out. He had endorsement deals and was living life to the fullest. VH1 created show around his family titled Hogan Knows Best. What I’m sure they thought would be a great money making, and fame producing undertaking actually unraveled their family pretty quickly.

Through four seasons, we saw the family handle more and more strife and turmoil in their life. He has stated that the couple were having problems ahead of filming, but, as we have heard before, the camera certainly didn’t help things. I haven’t heard much about Hulk Hogan in the last several years, so maybe he learned it staying out of the spotlight is sometimes best.

Written by Amanda Johnson

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