12 Times That People Asked Questions That Absolutely Needed To Be Asked

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There are always questions that absolutely need to be asked. It is not always the appropriate time to ask those sorts of questions, but they still need to be asked. Sometimes, it takes a pretty brave person to ask a particular question.

Here are thirteen interesting and amusing examples of questions that absolutely needed to be asked, so they were.

1. The Person Who Had a Little Too Much Fun on Valentine’s Day

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Sadly, this teenager did not have the sort of fun most of us really want to have on Valentine’s Day. I did not know that heart attacks could happen because of that. I am not surprised, frankly, that they can; however, I am surprised that that number is achievable. It seems impossible.

The question posed, however, is a very good one. Who was keeping track, precisely? The activity that allegedly led to the death is generally a solo activity.

I suppose the deceased could have been trying to set some sort of record and therefore needed proof. Why would he be attempting the record on Valentine’s Day, though? It all just seems very curious.

While Valentine’s Day dates back to the time of the Roman Empire, it only really became associated with romance in the 14th century, and it really did not become a popular holiday until the 18th century.

2. The Question About the Goat

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It is scary, really, when you think about how often people buy pet animals impulsively. If people did so less frequently, animals in general would probably be a lot better off.

It is sort of normal, though, to randomly adopt a dog if you think it is particularly cute or friendly. It is not normal, however, to randomly adopt a goat. Not many people know how to take care of a goat. If you decide to adopt a baby goat, you probably need to ask a lot of questions about how to take care of it. I would imagine that finding a veterinarian for the creature could be tough.

Also, if you randomly buy a goat, your friends need to ask questions about whether or not you have completely lost your mind. That is their right when you tell them you have bought a goat.

They are not the most traditional pets, but goats can actually be pretty endearing companion animals. They do tend to form very close bonds with the people who own them.

Billy, the goat in this image, is adorable. You can sort of understand why someone would impulsively purchase him.

It was not a wise decision, true, but it was an understandable one.

3. The Question About the Ugly Pet

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To be honest, this particular feline is sort of unattractive. I know that is not something you are supposed to say about people’s pets, but sometimes it is true.

I am guessing it was cute when it was a kitten. However, it looks like the kitten days ended about a decade ago.

I don’t even know what it is about the animal that creeps me out so much. Is it the size of the nose? There is something about the nose that seems off. It also looks like an actor, but I can’t name the particular actor. There is just a lot to be disturbed by.

4. The Art History Class Question

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If there is one thing all good liars know, it is that you should only lie when there is little chance of getting caught. If you are going to get caught, there’s no reason to bother coming up with a lie. You might as well just tell the truth.

In this case, someone told a lie over social media, and it was a bad one. The person that called the liar out asked a question that really needed to be asked.

Why would anyone lie about being great at art history? I love art, and I also love history, but being knowledgeable in regard to art history is like being good at using Windows 95. Admittedly, the skill probably has some value somewhere, but it isn’t worth lying about.

5. The One About the Concept

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This might be an example of a question that really did not need to be asked, honestly.

Spock, of course, is a character from “Star Trek”. The character was primarily portrayed by actor Leonard Nimoy, who died in February of 2015.

Nimoy is best known for his portrayal of Spock, but he did other things. For example, he starred in the “Mission: Impossible” series for a couple of seasons. He was also the narrator of the video game “Civilization IV”. He was also a private pilot and owned his own airplane. He has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

NImoy’s death was reported to be related to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; he had been a cigarette smoker, but he gave the habit up decades before his death.

6. The Question About the Pizza

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Someone here has a really good point. If you buy a product that advertises itself as “not delivery” because you tend to buy it in a grocery store more often than not, but you then order it in a way in which it will actually be delivered to you, what exactly is going on? Did the universe break?

test ad

DiGiorno pizzas, really, are delicious. If you are not familiar with the brand, it is pretty popular in the United States. People have been eating the frozen pizzas for over a couple of decades now. Well over 200,000 DiGiorno pizzas are made every day for customers in the United States.

Pizza is, of course, one of the more popular foods in the world. In the United States, there is a National Pizza Month—it is held in October. The pizza market is currently worth over $100 billion worldwide.

7. The Question About Zelda

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Any video game lover will agree that this is a question that needed to be asked. After all, every video game lover knows that “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” first came out for the Nintendo 64 in November in 1998.

It was never available for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). That would have been great, really, but it just did not happen.

“The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” is still, decades later, considered one of the better video games of all time. Critical reception, at the time, was remarkable. It was considered the game of the year by more than one organization.

Well over seven million copies of the game were sold worldwide. There was a direct sequel to the game, and “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” has been re-released several times since its initial release. A remake for the Nintendo 3DS was released in 2011.

8. The Dogs That May Be Kissing

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Frankly, at first glance, I didn’t see anything weird about this guy. His overall look is sort of strange, I guess. Personally, I am not a fan, but that’s just me and my tastes.

Then, the person that goes by Locker just had to point out that the moustache looks like dogs kissing, and I can’t unsee that. I personally think they look like terriers, but that may just be me.

It is funny, really, how facial hair can vary from person to person. You would think it’d be a somewhat consistent thing, but that just isn’t the case.

Also, what is with that guy’s hairstyle? That’s just not a good look.

The Metallica shirt is cool, though. There are a lot of great reasons to love Metallica. The heavy metal band has been entertaining people since the early 1980s. Over 50 million albums have been sold in the United States alone, and it is considered one of the most commercially successful groups of all time.

9. The Sun In the Eyes

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There is not really a great question here, but there is a valid point being made.

Actually, I take that back, as I have a somewhat decent question. Why would this be anyone’s favorite picture? I have a couple favorite pictures of myself, true, but that is because they all feature my incredibly adorable dog and my hair looks good.

There is no adorable dog in this picture; furthermore, the kid’s hair is decent—at best.

The shorts don’t really work with the socks, and I personally would not want to wear that shirt. The background is drab.

What, in this person’s mind, is so great about the posted picture?

10. The Mom and the Baby

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This is a great image. It is truly touching. However, you really do have to ask a question or two, don’t you?

How does someone who apparently just had a baby look that good? Frankly, it does not seem possible. You would think that her skin would be blotchy or something like that, but she looks fantastic. Her makeup is also perfectly applied. Now that is impressive.

Frankly, the baby looks pretty good considering it was just born.

These people have good genes, obviously, and we should all be very jealous of those genes.

Hopefully, the new mom and her adorable baby are still doing well.

11. The Knives and the Books

Image Source: Reddit

I can’t figure this one out. It is definitely pretty cool, but I do not get the point. Knife blocks can be expensive, I suppose, but there are inexpensive models.

I’m guessing that the owner of this “knife block” is a big lover of literature, and this is a pretty creative item, so I have to acknowledge that.

One of the books appears to be “The Scent of Water”, which was published in 1963. It was written by Elizabeth Goudge, who is a very famous and prolific award-winning British author. Her works were best sellers for several decades.

She is also very well known for “The Little White Horse”, for which Goudge was awarded the Carnegie Medal in 1946. The book was a favorite of J. K. Rowling, creator of “Harry Potter”, when she was a child.

Her work “Green Dolphin Country” was turned into a film; in the United States, it is known as “Green Dolphin Street”. It won an Academy Award in 1948.

I suppose you really do have to give the owner of this knife block credit for being creative and cultured.

12. The Peanut Butter

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I think there is a good reason to ask questions in this case. Why on Earth would anyone do that to the jar of peanut butter when they could have just taken off the lid?

Did the lid get stuck somehow? I suppose that is totally possible, but it also seems unlikely. Personally, I have never heard of a lid of a jar of peanut butter getting stuck.

Everyone knows that peanut butter is popular, but it might be more popular than you think. In the United States alone, roughly $800 million worth of peanut butter is consumed each year.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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