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12 Tips That Will Help Your Wedding Experience Go Off Without A Hitch

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The average cost of a wedding in the United States is sort of insane when you think about it. Yes, it is one of the more important days of your life, but the reception is really just a party that you are throwing for yourself. In the United States, the average cost of a wedding is about $25,000. You can get a fairly decent car for that, or you could put a lot of money towards a pretty nice house.

In the United Kingdom, the average cost of a wedding costs a similar amount; actually, it maybe costs a bit more.

According to statistics, the cost of an Indian wedding when held in the United States is about $65,000, and there are usually about 500 people in attendance. You could buy a really nice car for $65,000, but it is not my job to tell people how to spend their money.

The point is that people spend a lot of money. When you spend a lot of money on a day, you want everything to go as perfectly as possible. There is no such thing as a perfect wedding day, of course. Things will go wrong, but here are thirteen tips that will help make your wedding day as special as it can be.

1. Be Prepared With Many, Many Objects

Image Source: Wedding Bells

This image shows a list of things the happy couple should have on hand, and I have to say I agree with most of the suggestions. One or more members of the wedding party should have all of these things on hand.

The breath mints are important, of course. No one wants stinky breath during their first kiss as a married couple.

Maybe there are some people who want that, but I can’t imagine why.

Similarly, no one wants horrible body odor during their wedding. In general, I don’t think many people ever want to smell bad. Therefore, the deodorant is a great choice. You never know when you might need to freshen up.

Tissues will probably be necessary, as there will inevitably be crying; also, you will need some sort of pain reliever to deal with the headaches that come from actually having to talk to your relatives.

I don’t know why you might need drinking straws, though. Is it trendy now to drink champagne through straws? I know that a lot of people like drinking beer through straws, but it is not your job to supply them.

Everything else on the list is probably pretty important. It is best to have something and not need it, after all.

2. Consider Covering Up Your Tattoos

Image Source: Imgur

There are concealing makeups that can hide tattoos, and you might want to consider doing that if you have one.

People do tend to get tattoos they regret.

You should definitely cover up a tattoo on your wedding day in certain cases. For example, if the name of your ex is visible on your body, it would probably be appropriate to hide that. I doubt anyone’s spouse wants that reminder when saying vows. Really, you should have had it professionally removed long before your wedding day.

3. Have Someone Learn to Tie a Bow Tie

Image Source: Wedding Bells

This might be necessary, but it may not be. Still, if bow ties are a part of your big day, make sure someone in the wedding party actually knows how to tie them. You can also buy clip-on bow ties, which is probably a better idea.

Learning to tie a bow tie isn’t really a skill most people need these days.

Surprisingly enough, bow ties have not been around as long as you might think. They originated in the 17th century in central Europe.

4. Use Hairspray To Keep The Flowers Fresh

Image Source: Hunker

It is always important to have hairspray on hand when getting married. You will probably need it at one point or another. You never know when your hair might misbehave.

It is good for another reason, though. You can use it to keep your flowers fresh. Considering flowers at a wedding often cost between $1,500 and $2,000 in the United States, you should do what you can to keep them looking their very best. That is a lot of money to spend making a room look pretty.

5. Consider the Bugs and the Sun

Image Source: Evermine

Many people choose to get married outside; a lot of people hold their receptions outside. If the bride and the
groom are nature lovers, one should expect to spend a lot of time outdoors.

It is courteous to offer your guests bug spray and sunscreen. The sun is terrible for the skin, and mosquito bites are obnoxious at best.

Mosquitos are awful creatures. They are actually considered the world’s deadliest creature. The rash they create can be a nuisance, sure, but the diseases they can transmit are true killers. Those diseases include the West Nile virus, malaria, and the Zika virus.

You do not want malaria, and you don’t want guests thinking about malaria at your wedding.

Malaria is not a fun disease. Severe cases can result in a coma and death. Hundreds of thousands of people die from it every year. Mentions of the disease have been made throughout recorded history. It has been killing people for thousands of years.

6. The Black Light Pen

Image Source: My Coin Purse

You might find yourself with an RSVP card that you can’t read or is blank. It happens. You will have no idea who
responded under such circumstances.

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You can write an invisible message to yourself with a black light pen, though. That way you will know to whom you sent the card and you can contact them directly should there be an issue.

7. The Sandpaper and the Shoes

Image Source: Stepford

Chances are, many of the men in the wedding are going to be buying new shoes for the special day. Things can get a bit slippery on the dance floor as a result.

There is a trick, though, to deal with that unfortunate reality. You simply scuff up the bottom of the men’s shoes with sandpaper. It will help a lot.

You might think of sandpaper as a relatively modern invention, but you would be wrong. It has been used, at least, for 2,000 years.

8. Bring Along Green Tea

Image Source: Mamabee

Weddings are stressful, even if you do not have cold feet about the whole situation. Also, a lot of people have events the night before their wedding, so they go to bed late. They might not get the best night of sleep.

Fortunately, if you have puffy eyes, green tea bags can help.

Green tea, which originated in China, is good for a lot of things. First of all, if you are in the mood for tea, it can be delicious. There is a lot of talk about green tea being particularly good for you, although there is a lack of firm clinical evidence regarding its particular health benefits.

For example, there are a lot of claims that it aids with weight loss; however, this has not been proven in any conclusive way. There have also been claims that green tea can prevent or treat cancer. This is probably not the case.

There is a correlation between consumption of green tea and a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

However, the correlation is pretty minor. There is also a correlation between consumption of green tea and a lower risk of stroke.

Most of the green tea in the world is produced by China. That makes sense considering it originated there.

9. The Kits for the Guests

Image Source: Something Turquoise

This seems like a bit much to me, as you are already providing your guests with free food and drinks. How much free
stuff do you really want to give them? How much should they really expect?

However, if you really want people to remember your wedding, you might consider one of these kits for every single one of your guests.

The products seem pretty thoughtful, though. A guest might get a stain on a shirt and dress, and everyone needs mouthwash from time to time, especially if the food is sort of garlicy. Nobody likes to have bad breath.

You should always have hand sanitizer on you—you end up shaking a lot of hands at weddings—and everyone gets dry skin from time to time.

10. The Comfortable Shoes

Image Source: Ann’s Entitled Life

From what I understand, heels are not the most comfortable shoes. I can certainly understand wanting to wear them during the ceremony itself, but most wedding receptions last for hours. You probably will not want to wear heels for the entire thing.

Therefore, it is definitely wise to keep comfortable shoes on hand. Sandals will work. Even slippers will do in a pinch. You might even consider a pair of sneakers. If the bride is wearing white, there is a good chance no one will notice a pair of white sneakers, and they will definitely be pretty comfortable. They will be great for dancing.

The shoes in this image are nice and glittery. They could look pretty nice under the right circumstances. They will definitely attract a bit of attention.

11. The Plastic Protectors For the Heels

Image Source: Fancy

High heels are just a pain to wear. I have never worn them myself, but I have heard stories. I have also heard a lot of complaining, and that complaining seems very justified.

High heels look great, but you have to wonder if appearances are really worth the struggle. I suppose the struggle is worth it on one’s wedding day.

However, they can be sort of problematic as far as footwear goes, so you probably need these plastic protectors.

They will prevent people in the bridal party from sinking into the grass or the mud.

You also can’t really tell that they are on the shoe, which is impressive. It seems like a quality product.

12. Know How to Pee While In a Puffy Dress

Image Source: Reddit

This is a great tip. The bride is using a large bag to protect her poufy dress while she pees. Brides do have to pee on their special days, of course. Bladders do get full.

Apparently the bag came from Ikea, which is a fascinating company. There are over 400 Ikea stores, and the company employs almost 200,000 people.

You definitely do not want to pee on your wedding dress. Depending on where you buy it, they can cost a small fortune. If you do a search, you’ll see a lot of wedding dresses that cost well over $10,000. There are many that cost over $20,000.

However, those are not the most expensive gowns out there. I can’t imagine where you would buy one, but you can apparently purchase gowns that cost well over $1 million. That seems like a bit much to me considering all of the starving people in the world, and I don’t see why a dress needs to be studded with diamonds, but I am no position to judge anyone.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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