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13 Amazing Photos That Are More Than Enough To Satisfy Every Perfectionist

Image Source: Reddit / imfsfcltj

No matter if you are stressed or dissatisfied – a little bit of perfect symmetry and precision is all the satisfaction you need to get you up and running again! For some reason looking at objects or places in perfect order or with ideal dimensions brings comfort to most people. This is the reason we decided to help you with the daily struggles by offering a way to escape from the hustle and bustle with the selections of photos below. Scroll down and enjoy them!

1. The perfect round shape formed by nature

Image Source: Reddit

What you see here is a Ethiopian Round Honeycomb Opal measuring at 15.8 carats, but numbers are not the important thing here; the shape of the stone is what takes your breath away! Nature has an immense power and in certain cases the result of the natural processes is simply stunning!

2. Manhattan and Central Park look like two different worlds

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone who has seen pictures of Central Park before has an idea about how mesmerizing this place is. You can easily call it one of the most stunning city parks in the world, and the unique placement and design make it stand out. Aerial views of the park show how perfectly divided the park is from the rest of city, and the geometrical shapes are marvelous.

3. Who would dare to grab an item from these shelves?

Image Source: Reddit

We have a lot of respect for people, who do their job with attention to every detail, but the people responsible for this soothing sight need something more than respect – they need an award! Imagine what it takes to create this stunning display. There was a lot of planning and careful work for sure.

4. The prefect illusion

Image Source: Reddit

The cargo containers on this ship are not the prettiest sight to see, but it is their shadow that makes this photo so amazing! The way the light falls on them created the illusion of a skyline, and the photo looks kind of surreal.

5. The worker who did this needs more than a raise

Image Source: Reddit

Most of us are used to seeing a total mess when it comes to cables and cords, and when these cables get tangled, it seems impossible to sort them out. Not only that it’s possible, but it can also look like this. We have no idea how much skill is required to achieve this effect, but the end result is mind-blowing.

6. A Pink Floyd album cover created with cereal

Image Source: Reddit

It might seem easy to do, but we know it is not, because we have tried creating different patterns before and it is much harder than expected. This is the reason why you need to give credit to this person not only for the cereal arranging skills, but for the taste in music, too. If the band members saw this, they would be impressed.

7. There are common sand castles and then there’s this

Image Source: Reddt

One thing is for sure – this structure was not erected by some random kid! The amazing sand castle you see looks absolutely stunning. The complex geometric shapes and sharp angles create a very minimalistic and elegant design. Maybe a famous architect went to beach and got bored, who knows?

8. No, that’s not a melted roll of duct tape

Image Source: Reddit

What you see here is an accurate topographic map of Hong Kong, and this thing completely blew our minds! It looks so weird and unreal that we absolutely love it! There are probably just a few people that could create such an amazing miniature, and it is one of the best kinds of art we have seen lately.

9. Every table needs to look like this

Image Source: Reddit

The flawless design of this table will probably make you wonder why they don’t make all the tables like this. We guess that clever design costs a lot of money and it would be too expensive to make them all like this. The flawless way the chairs re tucked underneath is an amazing feature, and it would probably save valuable space in some small studio in the big city.

10. Clever design makes all the difference

Image Source: Reddit

It might take you a second look to see how brilliant this logo is, but you will eventually see the incredibly good idea behind it. Most people think that creating the design of a business logo is a piece of cake, but this could not be further from the truth. A good logo can have a huge positive impact on any business, because it is the first impression the potential clients receive.

11. The best bouquets are always created by nature

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that the human hand could hardly create. This amazing array of mushrooms and fungi looks absolutely stunning, and any artist would be more than honored to paint it. The oddly satisfying way these mushrooms are arranged is enough to make anyone want to take a few days off and go on a hike.

12. Not all construction work is sloppy

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that most people are fed up with the mediocre work done by most workers and contractors, and seeing this magnificent display of engineering effort brings a lot of satisfaction. It is admirable that someone actually planned this piping setup, creating a real and functional industrial sculpture.

13. Preparing a candy bowl like a boss

Image Source: Reddit

Getting ready for movie night includes all kinds of snacks. However, nobody ever tries to create some special type of arrangement, but this person decided to act differently and made something worthy of a photo shoot! The soothing way this bowl looks brings joy to our eyes, and it would do the same with our taste buds, too.


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