13 Annoying Moments From Disney Movies That Still Bother Us

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90s kids were lucky enough to be born in the era when Disney created some of their best productions ever, and we were all in love with our favorite characters. The movies were the best kind of animation and the new CGI stuff they make is not even close.

However, as much as we loved these moves, there were some moments that most of us would probably always remember, because they were quite bothering. Check out the list below and refresh your memory.

1. Having more than a hundred dogs in the would probably be illegal in real life

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We support the fact that the dogs are rescued and they will not end up as fur coats, but still it seems a bit odd. The scenarios of the movie would never be possible in real life, and it’s a bit annoying.

2. Nobody suspected that Mulan is female

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There absolutely nothing majestic about Mulan, and even her fake male voice is not convincing at all. Having this in mind, it’s rather strange that nobody had the slightest suspicion about her, and there should have been at least one person to doubt her story.

3. Mulan went to war for practically no reason

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Another plot hole in the same movie is the fact that she didn’t have to go to war in the first place. When she failed at climbing the post, she was told to pack her bags and return home, which is exactly what would have happened if her father tried to climb that post.

4. The ice castle in Frozen is a construction fail

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When Elsa built her magical ice castle, she really did not plan it well; it was like an emotional build. However, when you think about it, there is absolutely nothing inside except ice walls – there’s no plumbing, no master bedroom and other essential things.

5. The magical slippers of Cinderella


Cinderella’s slippers are apparently more magical than the other things she temporary received in that faithful night. Think about it; when everything else turned back to normal, the shoes actually stayed, so they must be special in some way.

6. How did the prince know that the shoe would fit only his dream girl?

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We know that the shoes were made especially to fit Cinderella’s feet, but the prince had no way of knowing that. Why didn’t he consider that it might fit several other girls, as well?

7. This is rather peculiar

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When you are raised in the jungle, chances are that you have never shaved in your life. However, looking at Disney’s image of Tarzan, you might consider that there is a very good barber saloon somewhere deep in the jungle, because he lacks any kind of body hair except on his head. We are living in the real world and that bothers us quite a bit.

8. Ariel gave up the ability to speak, but she could still write


We saw that she can write her name, so presumably she could write. The question is why didn’t she just communicate with Prince Eric via notes? It would have spared them a lot of trouble.

9. Beauty and the Beast has a major flaw in it

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There was a torn portrait of Adam’s human image in the castle, but it shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Since he was cast upon with the spell at the age of 11, there was no chance of knowing how he looked exactly at the age of 20 years and more, as the portrait suggests.

10. Bell could never rescue him by herself

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After the scene where the Beast fought against the wolf pack, Bell was able to get him back to the castle. The thing that annoys us is that she was able to get him on the horse easily, which should be absolutely impossible for a girl of her size.

11. There are too many mugs in that cabinet

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When Mrs. Potts sent Chip to bed, he went inside a cupboard with approximately twenty more mugs, looking just like him. Are these also Mrs. Potts’ children and if they are, why is she talking exclusively to Chip?

12. Jafar could have easily used his staff to achieve his goals

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The mean Jafar was able to manipulate the Sultan, and with that in mind, we don’t see a reason why he couldn’t do it again with Princess Jasmine and Aladdin. Something doesn’t add up.

13. Rapunzel is a newer movie, but there’s still something annoying about it

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As you can see, Rapunzel’s hair is simply way too short to pull off an escape the way she did. In fact, she needed double the 70 feet of hair she had, because the tower was also 70 feet high and she chose the pulley system as a way out.

Written by Nick Martin

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