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13 Brilliant Hacks That Will Definitely Make Your Home Safer

Image Source: This Lovely Life Blog

One of the most important things about your home is the safety inside, and if you have children or pets, then you know it is a top priority. Every home features a lot of things that can be potentially dangerous to toddlers and animals. However, another aspect of the safety measures everyone must take is prevention of burglary.

There is a whole market for random products that can help keeping your home safe, but where’s the fun in that? A much better and also cheaper idea is to do things yourself, and we are here to help! Check out this list of ideas and feel free to apply some of them in your own home.

1. Keep the fridge and the kitchen cabinets safe from curious little hands

Image Source: Huffington Post

Toddlers are almost unstoppable when it comes to peeking in places they should not be able to reach. The kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator are definitely such places, because there are things inside that should be kept out of the reach of kids, and a couple of hooks with a rubber band can do the trick.

2. Hide the ugly cable knots out of sight

Image Source: Mitchhy

There are always a few places where huge electrical cable knots are formed, because there are too many sockets, adaptors, charges and other stuff. This is a neat way to hide all these cables and cords by showing some creativity and skills.

3. This is a brilliant idea

Image Source: Thrifty Fun

Nobody hides keys under the door mat, because it is simply not safe enough, but you can still hide a set of keys in a way that nobody would guess. Simply use a small bottle glued to a rock and place it somewhere in the garden in front of the porch.

4. You can always create such small improvised safe places for valuables

Image Source: Art of Manliness

All you need to do is choose a book to sacrifice for the idea, and cut the pages as shown above. This is an easy way to create a place to hide your valuables, and it’s actually brilliant because nobody would have the time to go through every book in search of money or other hidden stuff.

5. Make hard surfaces safer using pool noodles

Image Source: Kid Spot

No matter if your goal is to keep toddlers or clumsy adults safe, it would work equally well. You simply need to cut a few pool noodles in half and put them on the edge of the object you would like to make safer, which can be a door or a piece of furniture.

6. No electricity and out of candles? No worries

Image Source: Pinterest

There is a neat trick that you can use if the power goes out or you simply forgot to pay the electricity bill. If you do not have candles in your home or you can’t find them, simply light up a crayon, and it will burn just like an actual candle for about half an hour.

7. One of the best things to do to prevent spreading a fire

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Often the best precautions you can make are the simplest of all. One of the main things to do if you want to prevent a house fire from spreading is to close all the doors in the houses, because this would delay spreading of toxic emissions in the smoke.

8. Bungee cords can come in handy

Image Source: Pinterest

Toddlers love to crawl up cabinet drawers, but it can be very dangerous. An easy way to prevent a disaster is to just tie the drawers with bungee cords, which will guarantee the safety of your kids. You can use this trick if you need to move the cabinet to another room.

9. Use this to add safety to your sliding doors and windows

Image Source: Twitter

Sliding doors and windows have locking mechanisms, but they can fail relatively easy, so you need to add another safety feature. The best solution is wooden dowel, because it is hardly visible, but it’s strong enough to keep the sliding part of the door or window secured.

10. You can reinforce any lock with a fork

Image Source: Home Hacks

This is a genius way to secure a door lock, and it is very easy to do. All you need is a fork, which you need to bend and cut in a certain way, and it becomes a really good safety feature that you would be impressed with. Check out the process here:

11. Self-adhesive Velcro strips are very useful

Image Source: Listotic

One of the best ways you can use Velcro strips is to apply them on the edges of your rugs. This way you will prevent them from constantly slipping, and it would be harder for someone to trip over the edge of the rug.

12. Prevent the sidewalks and stairways from freezing

Image Source: Pinterest

There is a way you can prevent the staircase outside from freezing. All you need is some dishwashing liquid, rubbing alcohol and warm water. You have to mix it in the right proportion and you will have a surface that will not freeze again.

13. Socket covers are a must

Image Source: Amy Vansant

If you have kids, you need to put socket covers around your home, because toddlers often try to put things inside sockets, and we all know what that might lead to. The socket covers can also prevent electrical fires, which is also a top priority in making your home safer.

Written by Nick Martin

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