13 Celebrities Whose Fans Consider Them To Be Really Rude – Or The Complete Opposite

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The thing about first impressions is that they cannot be changed after you get them from people. During our time on this planet, we would meet thousands of people and each and every one of them would immediately seem to be a complete jerk or a nice person.

Things get interesting when we talk about celebrities, because a lot the fans’ encounters with them are probably documented, so those first impressions better be good. As it turns out, not all celebrities are nice; you’re about to see some examples of pleasant celebs and some that are the complete opposite.

1. Justin Bieber

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After literally spitting on his fans, along with other signs of awkward behavior, Bieber would hardly make a nice first impression. There have been other reports of him acting disrespectful, mocking others and even pissing in someone’s cup at a hockey game, which is terrible.

2. Lea Michele

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The Glee star is notorious for her behavior – she’s acting like a real diva most of the time. Some time ago Hailee Steinfeld went to her to get an autograph while at the Paramount lot, but Michele simply walked past her. Then a man showed up and explained that it wasn’t a good time. We bet it never is.

3. Mariah Carey

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The singer seems to be quite a diva, too. One Reddit user described his experience of working as a PA for her. He and another PA waited three hours for her to wake up, and then her assistant told them that they were not supposed to look at her or be in the same room with her. She even fed their lunch to her dogs and told them to get something on the way home.

4. Demi Lovato

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Some users on social media tore her to pieces. One of them said that some of her former classmates considered her to be a bully back then, and another user explained that it was no easy task working with her because of her ‘I’m better than you’ type of attitude. No surprises here.

5. Mike Myers

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One of the former employees of the actor said that Myers was acting like a crazy person. He even managed to fire other actors from the set of Love Guru only because they looked at him, and everyone was told not to speak or look at him at all.

6. Ben Stiller

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Well, this is quite a surprise. A story was shared online about someone who worked on the set of Tropic Thunder, and this person simply stated that Stiller was a complete jerk to everyone on set. He even fired an assistant because there was not enough sugar in his coffee.

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7. Jack Black

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Another user shared the story of when he met the actor. The person was working at a theatre, and Black was there, but he spilled his popcorn. When the user offered help, Black told him to sit down, grabbed his broom and cleaned up the mess himself.

8. Tom Hanks

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The actor is a nice guy, and he became even cooler when he managed to photobomb a few wedding photo shoots. One of the brides said how he simply pulled over and went to her and her groom, saying that he wanted to wish them good luck.

9. Selena Gomez

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You would expect her to be nice, and it turned out she is. One user said that he was part of her tour crew. After it ended, Gomez threw a party for all the employees and gave all of them iPads, iTunes gift cards worth a hundred bucks each and personally said ‘thank you’ to everyone.

10. Keanu Reeves

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Here is someone who needs no introduction as a good guy, but he’s more than that – he is an angel! Some of the things Reeves has done is giving most of his Matrix fee to the CGI crew, covering catering expenses on his sets and offering a pay cut of his salary for The Devil’s Advocate so the producers could be able to afford Al Pacino.

11. Mark Wahlberg

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Marky-Mark is apparently a nice dude, too. One user said that some time ago he met Wahlberg at a golf course and while the actor was warming up, he casually spoke to him, and he reportedly was very outgoing and easy to talk to, which is uncommon for most celebrities.

12. Tom Cruise

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Another person shared his experience of working with Tom Cruise. When the actor first met the crew, he personally shook hands with everyone in the room and asked them how were they doing, and took the answers into account, too. Before he left, he said ‘goodbye’ in the same manner.

13. Daniel Radcliffe

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The young actor left one user impressed after a random encounter at a Dublin pub. The person complimented Radcliffe on his work and he was pleased, after which they talked for a while and that was it. This is how you are supposed to behave, regardless of money or social status.

Written by Nick Martin

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