13 Comics Portraying The Worst Double Standards Of Modern Society

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Stereotypes and double standards are surrounding us and it seems that there is no possible escape from them. Our modern society should be a lot more open-minded, but it seems that there’s little to no tolerance about a lot of things, and the worst part is that there certainly are double standards about them.

Check out the following examples and leave a comment about the one thing that bothers you the most when it comes to society’s ridiculous double standards.

1. Cosplaying is for everyone

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People really need to let go of body shaming. When it comes to cosplaying, men often tend to neglect their own looks, but never fail to mention if a woman does not have the exact curves of the character she’s trying to recreate.

2. You are always judged for your appearance

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No matter what you do, you would likely be abused if you’re overweight, even if you do the same things you would if you were thin. People love to criticize and it is not a pleasant thing at all.

3. Here are some typical summer situations

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Catcalling and normal things that are still unaccepted seem to be a common thing mostly in summer, when people wear fewer clothes. We wonder if the people who actually apply these double standards realize what they are doing.

4. The style police is always on the watch

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People love to talk about other individuals’ personal style and choice of clothing, which could be extremely rude sometimes. However, they could accept the same style on someone with a different body type.

5. Men would end up confused if women treated them the same way they do

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One of the best examples of a double standard is the way men often treat women in a number of different ways. When they get a taste of their own medicine, they are often confused and even feel uncomfortable.

6. We often judge others for things we do

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This is rather annoying! You have probably been in a situation when someone criticizes you or even tries to scold you about a certain thing, and then the same person literally turns around and does the same without realizing it.

7. A person can be accepted in two completely different ways based on appearance

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There have been quite a lot of social experiments conducted that were entirely based on the way people accept you by the way you look. If you create an amazing outfit, hairstyle and accessories, you would be able to influence them in the totally opposite way if you dress casually and have messy hair, for example.

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8. Defining other people’s emotions based on their gender is unacceptable

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It may sound absurd, but it happens all the time. People feel the same kind of emotions, but the way they express them and the gender they could totally change the way these emotions are labeled. There are no logical reasons for that, and it’s just something that happens in society and it is still going on.

9. Marriages are not what they used to be

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People need to understand that the way we look at marriage needs a major change. The moral point of view on this issue is totally wrong, as these images suggest. We need to come together as a society and change our outlook, because this is related to everyone’s happiness.

10. We have always wondered if this is due to envy or something else

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Women with a larger breast size would probably relate to this immediately. There have been countless situations when these women were forced to feel uncomfortable and even ashamed, and this is absurd. People need to accept this because there is nothing wrong or inappropriate about it.

11. We all hate it when people are unhappy no matter what you do

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Sometimes we cannot even use the word ‘modern’ about our society. One of the reasons for this is the fact that it seems impossible to please everyone, and even if you try, they would come up with something else that is apparently wrong.

12. Men and women’s bodies are accepted differently when gaining weight

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This is just plain wrong! It is definitely something that should remain in the past, but sadly it is still a part of today’s society. Gaining weight is equally bad for your health regardless of the gender, but the way people would accept your change appearance is a whole different story.

13. It seems that the outfit double standards will go on forever

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We have all seen this at least once. If a woman shows a bit more of her body, men accept is a sign that she’s probably feeling playful, but then again, men often wear equally short clothes, but nobody has anything against that.

Written by Nick Martin

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