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13 Companies Who Proved That They Can Troll Anyone On Twitter

Image Source: Twitter

We live in the era of social media platforms and people basically spend their whole day browsing their accounts. This activity is the reason why most businesses do the same; their online presence, as well as the clever marketing is crucial for sales growth and increasing of the revenue.

Some companies have the best approach and are not afraid to experiment with trolling – the marketing teams really do their best to interact with customers and the results are usually hilarious. We have prepared a selection of such examples for you to see and enjoy.

1. Do not mess with Wendy’s, because the people there have a long memory

Image Source: Twitter

Some guy tried to act smart while shouting out to Wendy’s; he wanted to know what would it take for him to get free food for a year, and the company’s representatives responded immediately. However, probably nobody expected that exactly a year later they would troll the guy about not failing with the task.

2. Shutting down a troll by being a bigger troll is an epic thing to do

Image Source: Twitter

Samsung’s brilliant response to this guy got a standing ovation from us! Some user tried to look smart and funny; little did he know, Samsung’s marketing team proved that they knew this game well and shut him down with a single symbol.

3. Calling out someone is not a good idea sometimes

Image Source: Twitter

This is especially true when you try to call out savages like the people working at Hot Pockets. These people have no mercy and asked their fans for back-up. This is better than any ad campaign ever because it’s the real thing.

4. Trolling the competition is even better

Image Source: Twitter

We love it when two companies jump in a marketing feud; it is sometimes barbaric and that’s what makes it so good. This example here was rather short, because Moon Pie literally destroyed their competitor with only one short comment.

5. Clapbacks are more than welcome

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes the response by a certain company serves as a clapback; it depends on the initial post, really. In this case they managed to troll this girl after she posted a rather poor attempt to laugh at the voice mail service of Tesco Mobile.

6. We could never get enough of these

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes we sit back and wonder if this is all improvised or a huge marketing team decides what they should answer to a shout out on some social media platform. Our guess is that they left the most sarcastic member of the team to manage the social media accounts.

7. Remind us to never mess with Royal Mail

test ad
Image Source: Twitter

Wow, these people have no chill! This dude must have felt really embarrassed after he got brilliantly shut down by Royal Mail in a way that we admire a lot! They did not offend this dude, yet they still managed to troll him in a classy way.

8. Some companies pay millions of dollars for such advertising

Image Source: Twitter

Here is the proof that you need brains to create brilliant ad campaigns, not money. The Tinder guys deserve a round of applause after using this rather odd Kanye West tweet and made the perfect post out of it. This is how you play this game.

9. Those are the best kind of responses

Image Source: Twitter

Some people really think that they can shout out to a company account and make fun of their activity, but sometimes it really backfires and these people get a taste of their own medicine. This example is no exception; the company response is brilliant.

10. These two companies trolled each other and it was perfect

Image Source: Twitter

When one side decided to call out the other, it became a really sweet and a bit savage feud, and the fact that both sides played along is what makes us love this. Social media is a real playground for companies that can take advantage of all the perks available.

11. Sarcasm always wins

Image Source: Twitter

It doesn’t take much to show your sarcastic side when someone calls out your company. It seems that there is always something to use for the perfect clapback, and those responsible for the company social media accounts use every chance they have.

12. Here is how you troll people like a boss

Image Source: Twitter

Like we just mentioned, the best responses are those created with a lot of sarcasm. When you add creativity to the equation, the end result should always look like this. We really hope that more companies use such a strategy when they need to respond to someone who tries to roast their products or services.

13. Wendy’s strikes again

Image Source: Twitter

There should be some sort of an annual rating of these hilarious responds and clapbacks, and you can bet that Wendy’s would be on top of the rating. It seems that they developed a style of their own, and they also know where the thin line between sarcasm and offense is drawn. We are already huge fans and we would like to encourage all company accounts to follow Wendy’s example.

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