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13 Confusing Photos With Logical Explanation

This is a Japanese Taishogoto
Image Source: Reddit / Justanormalasian

Internet has only been around for a few decades, but when you think about it, you’ll start wondering how we managed to go through life without it before. It is so easy to answer any possible question now, and every time you are confused, you can simply check the real facts online, or seek an explanation for something that puzzles you.

This is exactly what people do after seeing photos like the ones you are about to see, and the internet was able to provide the answer every time.

Check out these photos which are more or less confusing, and the explanation behind them.

1. These strange contraptions were installed in the new subway cars in St. Petersburg

Image Source: Reddit

Most people would probably wonder what the idea behind these things was, because they look quite unusual. They look like ironing boards, but they cannot be folded, and nobody would put those in a busy subway train. It turned out that they were simply backrests for disabled people who ride the subway in their wheelchairs, and the idea is a good one.

Image Source: Ridc

2. These strange fungi look like no other

Image Source: Reddit

If you came across a field of this type of fungi, you would probably be curious whether they were edible or potentially dangerous. A quick check shows that these are Fairy inkcap mushrooms and they do not possess a danger to people. However, they are not a particularly preferred choice despite the fact they are edible.

3. This tiny creature was found washed up on a beach in the Vancouver area

Image Source: Reddit

What’s interesting about this small blue creature is that it has a tiny sail on it, and it turned out that it was there for a reason. This ocean creature turned out to be a Velella and it lives on the surface of the water. The sail it features allows the Velella to move around while it feeds with plankton.

4. These two metal containers look strange

Image Source: Reddit

These were found in the junk, and people wondered what they are. It turned out that these were not bottles or container, but lubricators. Back in the day these were used to oil or lubricate different kind of machines and devices, and the metal they were made of was just thing enough to squeeze a few drops where you needed to add oil.

5. This vintage set of combs had a specific type of use

Image Source: Reddit

These are very old, because the newer versions of this kind of tools are made out of plastic. What you see here is a set of tools used to create faux wood finishes on pieces of furniture or walls by scraping the wet paint on them.

6. You can find a lot of weird things on the beach, apparently

Image Source: Reddit

The things people find at the beach are sometimes beyond weird, and this here is no exception! But it is not something alien; in fact, this is a well-known sea creature known as a sea cucumber, which raises the question why would someone name it like that, because it clearly does not resemble a cucumber at all.

7. You can see these posts in the Crystal River area in Florida

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

These posts look curious, and they have a special function, of course. The posts are actually the emergency sirens for Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant, and we hope they are never going to be used in case of a real plant malfunction. However, they can be heard every Friday, when the regular test alert is.

8. Here is a rather unusual instrument

Image Source: Reddit

This tool was found hanging in a restaurant by clients and it sparked their curiosity, but even the owner had no idea what it actually was. Luckily the internet had their backs, and it turned out to be special tool for balancing a sugar cone over a bowl of the typical German drink called Feuerzangenbowle. The sugar is set on fire and it drips into the wine when it starts caramelizing.

Wikimedia Commons

9. This piece of sea glass tells a story

Image Source: Reddit

You can see the face on that small piece of glass found at sea. It has a story behind it – the face turned out to be Harry E. Wilkens, whose face was featured on every bottle of Wilkens Whiskey about a century ago.

10. Someone found his dad’s old things and this was among them

Image Source: Reddit

While it looks quite ordinary, it had a special function. This is actually a heliograph, used in WWII to communicate via coded messages in Morse code sent by reflecting the sunlight with the tool, which was a neat idea.

11. Bugs can be cute, apparently

Image Source: Reddit

Some Reddit user asked the community about this strange looking bug, because it seems like a piece of fluff with tiny legs. Woolly Alder Aphid is what this small creature is, and is well-known species. These Aphids often make trees seem covered in fluff while they feed.

12. Don’t be afraid, this is not a snake

Image Source: Reddit

There are many creatures lurking in the grass when it’s warm outside, and snakes are among the most dangerous ones. However, what you see here is not a danger at all – this is actually a caterpillar called the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, and its looks are meant to protect it from predators.

13. Would you believe that this is a magnet?

Image Source: Reddit

Someone found this hanging under a bridge, and it is surely an awkward sight to see. This is actually magnet fishing, and it uses a powerful magnet to pick up things from the water. However, we cannot identify the object that the magnet clearly picked up, because the picture is not clear enough.

Written by Nick Martin

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