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12 Creative Geniuses Who Definitely Took It To The Next Level

Image Source: Reddit

Not everybody is creative. That is just a fact. Everyone enjoys the creativity of others, sure, but that is a different thing.

There are a bunch of creative geniuses out there, and we have a lot to learn from them. At the very least, we need to admire them and respect their ability to think outside the box. A lot of people just do not seem to do that anymore.

Here are thirteen examples of creative geniuses. Honestly, their brilliance might just amaze you.

1. The Dog in the Kayak

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes, you need to get your dog from point A to point B. The guy on this bicycle clearly did. I am assuming that he does not own a car. Maybe the dog gets carsick and the guy does not want the dog throwing up all over the upholstery or leather seats. If you have ever had to clean up dog vomit from a car, you know how disgusting it can be.

In all seriousness, he obviously wanted to go kayaking with his dog, which is nice. He is getting a lot of exercise and is definitely having a fun day. I am sure the dog will have a fun day, too; I have never owned a dog that didn’t enjoy being outdoors. Maybe the dog will get to go for a nice swim.

2. The Waterbed

Image Source: Reddit

Technically, this is more of a pool than a waterbed. However, it is also a pretty clever idea in theory. I don’t really know if I’d want a literal wet blanket on top of me, though. That doesn’t sound pleasant. The pillow looks nice, though, and I wouldn’t mind taking a nap in a pool.

I would sort of worry about drowning, though. If you fall asleep in water, you definitely run that risk.

Over 4 million people die due to drowning every year. It doesn’t sound like the worst way to go, true, but I am not eager to try. At the very least, it seems quick.

Perhaps surprisingly, the vast majority of drowning deaths occur in freshwater, not in seawater. It is technically possible to drown in both puddles and toilets. Drowning in a toilet might be the worst way to go.

3. The Truck and the Barrels

Image Source: Reddit

I really am impressed by whoever managed to figure out how to transport so many barrels on a pretty small truck.

That must have taken a lot of work.

That said, I would prefer all of those objects were transported by more than one vehicle. While the whole arrangement looks pretty secure, you can’t be sure that it is. If that truck had to slam on the breaks suddenly, what would happen?

I would not want to be driving behind that vehicle; that is for sure. I wouldn’t want one of those things to come crashing through my windshield. I doubt I would survive. There would definitely be a very unpleasant accident, and I would likely need to replace my car, and that is never a fun process.

4. The Giraffe In the Latte

Image Source: Imgur

This appears to be some sort of foam giraffe in a latte, which is truly impressive. I am not sure how it happened, exactly; someone was clearly brilliant. This could not have been easy to pull off. It is a good way to sell a cup of coffee, though.

I have yet to meet a person who does not like giraffes. Personally, I have only seen one once at a zoo, but they are impressive creatures. They have been fascinating humankind for centuries due to their unusual appearance.

Unfortunately, the creatures are considered vulnerable to extinction. There are only about 100,000 of them left in the wild. There are about 1,000 in captivity.

They are interesting creatures for a number of reasons. For example, male giraffes actually use their necks as weapons, which is a behavior referred to as necking. That behavior is used to establish dominance. Most fights, fortunately, do not result in death. They can last, though, for more than a half of an hour.

5. The Kid and His Phone

Image Source: Imgur

It is great that we are now able to watch television on our phones. I remember those dark days where you actually needed a television if you wanted to watch a television show or a movie. Fortunately, I am not so old that I remember the days when there were only three channels. I have had relatives describe those days to me, and they sounded positively awful.

Still, binge watching season five of “Arrested Development” on your phone isn’t terribly convenient. You can’t just hold the thing for several hours. Your arm will hurt. There are a lot of solutions to this problem, and this kid came up with a great one. He certainly looks comfortable and perfectly content. This is a great idea.

6. The Security Guard Who Wants to Nap

Image Source: Imgur

This is pretty clever. He is hiding behind a cardboard cutout of a security guard while he is taking a snooze. What are the chances shoplifters are going to target that store during the nap, anyway?

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Being a security guard must be a tough job in a lot of ways. In many places, it must be extremely boring and also very frustrating. You don’t have any real power, and you just sit at a desk making sure people sign into a building. Once in a while, you might have to give somebody a badge or walk around a bit.

However, you have to pretend like you are some sort of law enforcement official to people going in and out of the building when you are, in fact, not.

7. The Police Officer and the Ticket

Image Source: Reddit

You might be irritated by the fact a police officer gave a parking ticket to a car that was absolutely covered in snow. It looks like that was one heck of a blizzard.

However, you have to admire the officer’s commitment to his or her job. The rules are the rules, after all, and sometimes exceptions just can’t be made.

If I were the owner of this vehicle, though, I would be extremely upset. Parking tickets are the worst, and sometimes you get them for the most ridiculous of reasons. I once got a parking ticket for parking just a little too close to an intersection, and it cost me a small fortune. Of course, this was in New York City, where even a slice of pizza costs a small fortune.

8. The Blender

Image Source: Imgur

People need to blend their food, and this person apparently did not have a blender. Maybe something broke. I do not really know the backstory here.

Regardless, this is pretty clever. It takes a pretty creative sort to come up with this solution. Based on the picture, I say this little trick worked pretty well. I have no idea what was being made, though. It sort of looks like something made with yogurt.

I hope, for the sake of the creative mind that came up with this, it was a delicious snack.

9. The Weird Bird Person

Image Source: Reddit

When you really think about it, the person who decided to take this picture might be the brilliant one in this case. Actually, to be honest, the person who managed to convince another person to dress up like this might be the genius.

Why the penguin mask? That is what I’m looking at, right? The penguin also appears to be holding a lightsaber, and lightsabers are always cool.

A lot of people think penguins only live in Antarctica, but that is not the case. True, every species but one lives in the southern hemisphere, but there are many that do not live in cold climates. One species of penguin actually
lives near the equator. A lot of penguins thrive in warmer climates.

A lot of people think penguins are tiny little creatures, and that is not always the case. Furthermore, prehistoric penguins were relatively enormous compared to the species that currently exist. They could be as tall and as heavy as an adult human. Could you imagine running into one of those things? I wonder if it would try to eat you.

10. Snacking in the Pool

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people talk about the downsides of being obese, and there are many, but so few people discuss the upsides of obesity.

In this case, the guy is using his belly to store his food while floating in a pool, which is great. If you are going to be hanging about in a pool for several hours, you are probably going to want a snack at some point. That is only natural.

I don’t know why this guy needs quite so many burgers. It seems a bit excessive. Is he storing food for friends? I am not sure I would want to eat a burger that’s been sitting on the gut of this guy for an extended period of time, but that’s just me.

11. The iPatch

Image Source: Reddit

You have to appreciate the creativity here. That is a clever name, and you have to give this guy credit.

Unfortunately, I don’t see this ever becoming a viable product. I suppose it is an interesting way of storing your phone when you are not using it, but most people have pockets or a purse into which their phone can be put. You can also strap them to your arm with another product.

Also, can you imagine if someone called you when your phone was strapped to your eye? I can’t imagine that would be a terribly pleasant experience. Even if it just vibrated, it would be unpleasant. You would probably end up with a headache.

Could you imagine if that guy tried to make a patch to support an iPad? That would be a feat, and it would be even more pointless.

The iPad is, of course, the tablet produced by Apple. The first one was released in 2010, and well over 200 million of them have been sold. They are not cheap, though. If you want to buy a new one, they generally cost over $300.

The cheapest ones probably won’t do what you want them to do, either. Apple is a great company, of course, but we have to be honest; their stuff costs a small fortune. Just getting a screen repaired will set you back $100, and their warranty plans really aren’t the best.

12. The Selfie Stick

Image Source: FORFUN

If you like to take pictures of yourselves, which a lot of people do, you absolutely need a selfie stick. You just can’t take a proper selfie without one.

In this case, though, it appears as if a woman is holding up a selfie stick so someone else could take a picture of her. Frankly, she doesn’t look like the sort of person who would enjoy taking pictures of herself. Also, it looks like the person taking the picture is flying on a broom like a witch. Also, why is he in his underwear? That’s just weird.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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