13 Examples of Really Weird Tattoos That People Actually Got

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There are a lot of great tattoos out there. While many of them don’t look so good, many of them are art.

Furthermore, many tattoos genuinely represent truly special things. A lot of people get tattoos to honor parents, children, and other loved ones. Many people get tattoos to remind them of truly special times in their lives or of their religion.

There are also tattoos that are, frankly, kind of stupid. You really have to wonder what was going through the heads of the people who got them. A lot of tattoo artists, apparently, often wonder about that.

Here are thirteen examples of tattoos that are kind of stupid. Even the tattoo artists thought so.

1. The Girl With the Ruler On Her Thigh

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According to a person named “ueeediot”, a young woman got the 6-inch to 12-inch portion of a ruler tattooed on her thigh.

I do not think I need to go on about what a stupid idea that was. Getting silly tattoos when you are young seems fun, sure, but time does not stand still. What seems hilarious at the age of 20 won’t be so hilarious at the age of 50. It will just be horribly embarrassing. The young woman definitely made a big mistake, and she’ll pay for it a couple of decades from now.

2. The Guy and the Potato

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One social media user going by “mdg_roberts1” apparently always wanted a potato on his or her ankle. That person had wanted the potato on the ankle since he or she was a child.

I have no idea why, of course. That seems like a strange desire.

Apparently, the tattoo artist also thought it was strange, and therefore refused to do the tattoo. On the one hand, I can sort of understand. Who loves potatoes so much that they want one inked on their body? I’m assuming “mdg_roberts1” is not a potato farmer. If he or she is, the tattoo would make complete and total sense.

That said, I’ve seen tattoos that are a lot stupider and far more offensive, so I’m not sure why the artist really had a problem with it.

3. The Infinity Symbols

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According to a tattoo artist named “AtlantisSky” on social media, a woman wanted to get a tattoo of the infinity symbol. That’s fine. We’re all familiar with the mathematical symbol that conceptually represents infinity.

However, the artist’s customer apparently wanted that symbol made out of other infinity symbols. That’s kind of cool when you think about it, but it also seems like an enormous pain in the rear for the artist. According to “AtlantisSky”, the artist who actually had to do that tattoo “died a little” inside.

I can’t really blame the artist, either. While the idea sounds cool, it also sounds super pretentious. Some people really need to get over themselves.

4. The Girl Who Wanted Three Tattoos

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According to a social media user going by “ashrose4789”, an 18-year-old woman entered the tattoo shop. She wanted three tattoos at once. She had just turned 18 the day before.

The first tattoo she wanted was of a hand holding a cigarette. The second, according to “ashrose4789”, was the phrase “no regrets” in French. The third, it has been claimed, was of a lip print. That lip print was to go on her butt cheek.

According to “ashrose4789”, the irony was not lost on anyone.

I don’t know whether or not the young woman managed to get those tattoos. If she did, however, she will likely regret them when she is in her 30s.

5. The Terrible Ghost

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Social media user “saarahpops” wrote about a situation in which a woman wanted a ghost on her body. That seems relatively normal enough, I suppose. A lot of people like ghosts, after all.

However, the woman wanted the sort of “ghost” you see come Halloween time. We are talking about the kind of ghost that is basically a white sheet over a human body. Little kids dress up like them when they go hunting for candy.

She apparently also wanted that ghost filled in. The artist explained that the tattoo would eventually look like a black blob, which is not ideal. However, the woman insisted, so the tattoo was done. Apparently the artist still—to this day—wonders what it looks like now.

It probably does not look great. If a tattoo artist thinks that a tattoo is a bad idea, it likely is.

6. The Memorial Tattoos

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The tattoo in the image is sort of great. The idea that nothing hurt—but everything was beautiful—is a lovely one.

That is not really how life works, though.

A tattooist named “diabollockical” went on record to say that memorial tattoos are awkward. The artist explained that everyone deals with grief in different ways, which is absolutely true and totally understandable. However, the clients tend to want to focus on the fact a loved one died; instead, the artists thinks, the life should be celebrated.

That makes sense. There is no reason to remember the day someone died or the how—the good accomplished during a life is a lot more important. Tattoos should be, in the opinion of the artist, reminders of nice memories. Those tattoos are a lot less depressing.

The happy times should be remembered, not the bad ones.

7. The Matching Tattoos

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According to a person who goes by “andiewtf”, couples who want matching tattoos generally are not the best matches. Similarly, according to “andiewtf”, those who want one another’s names on their body are not the best matches.

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It kind of makes sense when you think about it. If you have to prove your love via a relatively permanent modification to your body, your relationship might be in trouble.

The couples who try to get the matching tattoos, “andiewtf” claims, always seem like they hate one another. That’s sort of disturbing. If you are trying too hard to save your love, it might not be a love that is actually worth saving. Chances are, the couples who are getting the matching tattoos won’t end up living long, happy lives together. That is sad, but it is probably true.

8. The Tattoo of the Kid

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If there is anyone to get a tattoo about, it is your kid. Unlike any romantic partner you might have, you will likely love your child for the rest of your life. Children change a person, and they generally change them for the better.

However, if you are going to get a tattoo of your kid, you need to be smart about it. According to social media user “Ashhigh88”, one of his clients was not so smart. He wanted a portrait of his son, which is sweet. The child was roughly four or five years old in the picture given to the artist. As is fairly typical for children of that age, the child had his finger up his nose. His nose and mouth, therefore, were covered by a hand.

The tattoo artist actually agreed to do the tattoo, as it was sort of unique. However, the client wanted the hand removed. That makes sense, right? The client, however, never offered up an alternative picture from which the artist could work, so apparently the tattoo was never done. The artist could not exactly guess what the kid’s nose and mouth looked like, after all. That could have gotten messy.

9. The Woman and the Stars

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A lot of people who get tattoos are really bright; however, a lot of people who get them are the very opposite.

This is the story of a woman who is sort of dim.

According to a person who goes by “CableDolt”, a tattooist was told that a woman was requesting star tattoos on her arm. Apparently, tattoo artists get sort of sick of tattooing similar things over and over, day in and day out—which is totally understandable. Mundane jobs can be the worst.

The woman was told that the tattoo parlor was “out of stars”, which is hilarious. What is even funnier is that the woman believed it. She was clearly not the brightest person to ever enter that particular parlor.

10. The Olive

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According to a person named “ladyughsalot”, a guy wanted a tattoo of an olive. That seems curious, but it came out that the guy was sort of dating a person named “Olive”. Apparently the relationship was not going so well. The guy admitted that. Still, as the guy pointed out, he really liked olives—which makes everything okay, I guess?

The guy ended up getting the tattoo of the olive, by the way. The olive tattoo was apparently the size of a baseball, and it was put on his bicep.

When you really think about it, getting a tattoo of a food you like is a lot better than getting a tattoo about a questionable relationship. Olives are delicious, so why wouldn’t you want a tattoo of one?

Olives are, of course, very important to the Mediterranean region, and they are also the source of olive oil.

According to historians, olives have been eaten by human beings for over 5,000 years. They have been grown commercially for almost that long.

For thousands of years now, olives have been considered sacred, and the olive branch has been symbolic of peace and glory. The olive has also symbolized purity and wisdom.

For example, the olive tree was one of the first plants ever mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, and it was a big part of ancient Israeli cuisine. Also, olive oil was very important to the ancient Greeks. It was, for example, used to anoint kings. In the original Olympic Games, it was a component of the “eternal flame”.

11. The Straight Black Line

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Someone named “Tattooedunicorn” told the story of a seemingly sane, healthy, normal man in his 40s who wanted a thin black line tattoo on his head. Apparently there was a scar—it was tiny and healed—where the man wanted the tattoo.

Apparently, the tattoo artist was not convinced that the tattoo was a good idea, and spent 40 minutes deciding whether or not to give the tattoo. In the end, the artist decided to give the tattoo—after being convinced by the client. However, the artist claims to be sort of tripped out to this very day.

12. The Dragon On the Butt

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A social media user by the name of “vanderbubin” told the story of the time he or she got a dragon tattooed on his or her butt. Apparently, it was not a very cool dragon, either. Instead of being ferocious, it had “derpy” eyes and was eating a cookie. Also, it is worth noting that “vanderbubin” was only 19 years old at the time. People make foolish decisions at that age.

The artist was a friend of the person who got the tattoo, apparently, and actually said that it would be one of the stupider tattoos the artist ever did. The artist made it clear that the tattoo would look great, though; however, the artist nonetheless called the friend an idiot.

Apparently, the person that got the dragon tattoo loves it; the dragon is allegedly named “Sebastian Buttmunch”.

13. His first tattoo




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The first tattoo is always something we want to remember. This person most likely wanted to ‘draw’ his first tattoo by himself. After realizing what it wouldn’t end well the person most likely wanted to make it as good as possible. That’s why he decided to go to a tattoo studio and have his first tat made by a professional. Yes, I am pretty sure it turned out pretty cool in the end.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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