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13 Heartwarming Friendships Between Animals And Their Humans

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing like the strong bond between a human and an animal. It is a magical feeling to earn the trust of a different species and every pet owner knows how that feels. In many cases, the love between animals and people is obvious: every little moment is heartwarming and worth sharing. The list below is full of such images.

1. The first meet

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person hug their new pet. This woman couldn’t help it but kiss the tiny kitty that she met for the first time. She wanted a kitten and she finally got one!

2. The long friendship

Image Source: Reddit

Pets are not just animals living inside people’s houses; they’re family members and we are always happy to see how a family gets the chance to offer a cat or a dog a forever home. This dog spent all its life with one family and that’s pure happiness.

3. The dog in love

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that humans are not the only creatures capable of expressing feelings and emotions. Pets are always there to cheer their owners up and this image shows exactly that. This dog is named Sophie and she is in love with her human!

4. The birthday dog

Image Source: Reddit

As a family member, every pet gets occasional parties for its birthday. This picture shows the celebration of the cute dog’s ninth birthday! We can never get enough of seeing cute animals being cared for by loving owners!

5. The babysitter

Image Source: Reddit

People are often busy with their careers and they would appreciate all the help they can get with raising their offspring. In this case, one lucky family received unexpected support from their loyal dog. That baby is in good paws.

6. The new pet

Image Source: Reddit

There is no telling what tomorrow might bring your way. This family probably had no idea that they would have an extraordinary pet the day before it happened. This is Sir Moosalot and you can tell they picked a fine name for this cutie.

7. The goose

Image Source: Reddit

Talking about unlikely pets, this is one image we just had to share. There is no telling where you might find love. This is a goose that was adopted by the smiling man hugging the animal. Her name is Joslin and you can see she loves cuddling!

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8. The feral cat

Image Source: Reddit

People think that feral cats can never be pets but this image proves that wrong. It is obvious that this cat is in love with the human – the eyes say it all. Fuzz Aldrin, as the cat was named, proved to be a fan of cuddling.

9. The brothers

Image Source: Reddit

Some individuals refer to their pets the same way they refer to their children and this image shows why. These two cuties are from different species but this is not a barrier for their love. The awesome image shows the bond they have.

10. The wait

Image Source: Reddit

If you want to get a pet, you need to do it right now! Waiting is not an option, as it would only result in happy times missed. This person waited for six years before getting Archie and they knew that they could have enjoyed this loving face during that time.

11. The kitten

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that when playtime takes too long, nap time comes along as well. You can see how this cute kitten is sleeping peacefully in her owner’s arms. This shows how much the kitten trusts her human.

12. Meet Nippy

Image Source: Reddit

People always cherish the memory of the pet they had while growing up. This person shared a touching picture of their cat, Nippy. The man loved the cat and described it as the best cat to ever live on this planet.

13. The nap

Image Source: Reddit

Cats can also guard human babies and many people who have a feline friend could confirm that. It is fair to say that cats accept the tiny humans as their own babies and you can see that they both feel safe while sleeping.

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