13 Dark Hollywood Secrets That The Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know About

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You probably think that Hollywood is some kind of a magical place where all your dreams can come true, and that all the entertainment that is produced has a very high price; if you take a step away from the spotlights and the big screens, you would definitely find yourself in a scary place, which some actors compare to a battlefield. All the scandals and the variety of traumatic experiences that surround the life of people in the industry cannot be seen on first glance, but now we lift the curtain for you just a tiny bit.

13. Animal Cruelty

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Animal abuse has a long story in Hollywood, and one of the recent examples is the Bengal tiger King who was the star of the “Life of Pi” 2011 movie. Some emails leaked after filming and it apparently the animal nearly drowned on set and had to be pulled out of the water with ropes. A year later during the making of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”, the crew left 27 farm animals without food and water for several days, which caused their death. During the production of “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” there were a lot of special effects that involved explosions in the water, but the crew did not take any precautions in order to protect the marine life; as a result, a lot of fish and squid were washed away dead on the near shoreline. It was later revealed that animal control did not take any measures in regard to this case.

12. Illegal Substances

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When a celebrity’s name is involved in a drug scandal, the public is mostly surprised, but not the people who work in the movie industry. Each and every actor is one call away from getting any drug they could possibly want, and the parties of the big Hollywood names often include addictive substances. Some celebrities do not even attempt to hide it.

Specialist say that the problem is getting more serious and the media is not able to hide it anymore and they are likely not willing to do, because it makes a good story every time. The legal system has also stopped dividing the rich and famous from the regular people and they receive the proper punishment when they get in trouble.

A bright example for substance abuse is Jack Nicholson, who was reportedly so addicted to cocaine during the making of “The Shining” movie, that his daily doses were included in the budget of the production. In a very honest interview in 1980, he said that he still loved to get high about four times every week, which according to him was an average amount for an American.

11. Cheating On The Set

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The process of making a movie means that the crew is more or less isolated from everyday life and they become rather close. Imagine two beautiful actors on set getting close – what do you think might happen?

Ryan Phillippe had two kids from his wife Reese Witherspoon, but that did not stop him from cheating with Abbie Cornish during the “Stop Loss” film production. Johnny Depp had an affair with Amber Heard while making the “Rum Diaries” movie, despite his relationship with Vanessa Paradis. We must mention the breakup between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart after she was caught kissing director Rupert Sanders.

We just have to mention Angelina Jolie. After she managed to steal Billy Bob Thornton from Laura Dern on the set of “Pushing Tin”, she eventually divorced him after she starred with Brad Pitt in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”—she snatched him from the extremely lovely Jennifer Aniston. However, Jolie and Pitt broke up when Pitt was accused of cheating on the set himself—during the “Allied” movie with actress Marion Cotillard.

10. Starving Before A Public Appearance

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Have you ever heard of “Oscarexia”? Apparently there is a fad which most Hollywood actresses follow – they literally starve before a ceremony such as an award show because they want to look their best when appearing before the whole world’s eyes. Naomi Watts and Jennifer Lawrence are among those who have admitted doing so.

The so-called “Slim Wrapping” is another method the female stars use to look their best. As described by actress Eden Sher, this is a process of wrapping the body with 15 to 20 tight bandages which are filled with a mineral solution. Then you have to jump for fifty minutes on a trampoline. It sounds crazy, but they obviously do it. She also said that it is terrifying that the world sees those people as happy role models but nobody is aware of what it actually costs and all the suffering behind it. Of course, the media buy this only by appearance and put a sugar coat on top for the people to devour.

9. Castings Gone Wrong

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Thandie Newton had a terrible experience when one director asked her to spread her legs and then put one of the legs over the chair arm, with the camera focusing between her legs all the time. The unnamed man allegedly showed the video during parties afterwards. Another example is Patricia Douglas’s casting for MGM in 1937, when they made her wear a minimalistic cowgirl costume. Their intention was to use her as entertainment at a party attended by more than 300 male company employees. She sued MGM claiming she was sexually abused, but the guests were paid to lie in court, saying she was really drunk. The case stopped there.

Gwyneth Paltrow has a similar story. In her teenaged years, she received a proposition to finish a “work meeting” in bed. She left horrified, but thought that some other poor girl might actually agree because of fear she might damage her career.

You are probably aware of the many scandals that shook Hollywood in the past few months—many stories of abuse and harassment over famous women surfaced, and those stories disgraced some of the legends in the industry, who had hidden their bad ways for many years—all remained a secret for a long time, but they could not stay a secret forever. The victims that decided to stand and reveal what they lived through were very brave and they have surely changed the way women are treated in the world of filmmaking.

8. Celebrities With A Criminal Past

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The rich and famous used to successfully hide their dark past with some PR stunts, but now we have the Internet—and it is not that easy to hide your dark deeds.

Christian Slater, for example, has an impressive criminal history, including drunk driving, attacking his girlfriend while heavily drunk, attempting to get on a plane while carrying a loaded gun—and in 2005 he allegedly got a third-degree assault charge after he grabbed a woman from behind.

Matthew Broderick was 25 when he was involved in a head-on collision in Northern Ireland which resulted in two deaths. It was Broderick’s fault. He simply drove in the wrong lane. He was fined $175 for reckless driving, and that was the end of that.


7. Fake Relationships

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Celebrities sometimes hook up with the sole purpose to get noticed or to promote something. You have probably considered this possibility, and you were right to do so—it is a fact. Some relationships are initiated to act as a booster for the public appearance of the stars. A perfect example for this was the relationship between Kaley Cuoco and the relatively unknown Henry Cavill back in 2013. Their PR crew arranged things and the two of them appeared together everywhere, but nobody believed it. However, it worked for Cavill. Other examples of such relationships include Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn’s alleged brief romance. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is another couple that is rumored to have gotten together for the same purpose; at least in the case of Holmes, it definitely improved her status.

6. Celebrities’ Children From Side Affairs

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A perfect example of this would be Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has been married to Maria Shriver since 1986. In 2011, it was exposed that he had a son with his former housekeeper—Mildred Baena. He fathered the boy named Joseph, who looks exactly like him. The Terminator made an official statement where he admitted that once he left the governor’s office he told his wife everything about the events that happened 10 years prior.

Liv Tyler found out that Steven Tyler was her father until she was all grown up and noticed just how much they resembled one another. Another example is Mel B and Eddie Murphy’s daughter Angel, born in 2007. Eddie Murphy denied that he was the father, but a DNA test proved that he was. There are probably a lot more examples, but some will most likely remain unknown.

5. Award Events Diversity

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Diversity in Hollywood is a big deal. The problem is compared to a crisis by some specialists, so the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag started circulating. The percentage of speaking characters played by female and non-white ethnic groups does not correspond to the actual percentage among the population of the US—it is not even close.
Some stars have even boycotted the Oscars in an attempt to raise awareness and show just the diversity that still plagues the world of show business. More and more actors are attempting to confront the situation and speaking about the problem is one way towards eliminating it.

4. Child Stars’ Early Burnout

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The problem with child stars is that they get used to the fact that their lives are constantly validated by external factors and people. When the assignments are no longer available and you are not in the spotlight anymore, you wonder what’s gone wrong and you try to keep up to the former image of yourself by any means necessary.

This is probably why a disturbing behavior pattern has been noticed; some examples include Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, and Edward Furlong—they all had problems with alcohol and illegal substances after their careers declined. As the former child star Martha Plimpton shared, when a kid or a teenager is put under the spotlight, this is an immediate exploitation, but it happens now and it will continue to happen. After all, people need to watch. and Hollywood needs to make profit.

3. The Mental Problems Of The Stars Were Kept A Secret

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Many Hollywood stars from the golden era had mental issues—but they either chose themselves not to reveal any of this or they were strongly advised to keep quiet. Fortunately, this has been changing slowly over the years, and now the stars tend to be open about this kind of illness; those who kept it a secret now share their suffering with the public.

In an interview years ago, Halle Berry shared that she attempted to kill herself using the exhaust gas from her car, but she stopped herself when she pictured how her mother would find her and realized that it would be very selfish of her to end her life like that. Owen Wilson and Drew Barrymore had also confessed that they had attempted suicide during their darkest periods. But things were different during the golden era of the movie industry.

Because the image of a celebrity had to be perfect, huge names such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe had to hide the eating disorders they suffered from, and Monroe had bipolar disorder as well. Many of the other actresses may have been suffering as well, but they were never allowed to speak publicly about it.

2. Stars Tend To Sue Magazines That Question Their Sexuality

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The media has questioned the intimate preferences of some stars for a long time. John Travolta is the perfect example, because he always had to fight back the rumors that he was actually gay, despite being married to Kelly Preston for more than 25 years. The Gawker magazine once reported that he had a secret gay-life during all this time and even specified details about it, after which Travolta’s lawyer threatened to take things to court.

Tom Cruise had a similar experience years ago when a French magazine that claimed that he left Nicole Kidman because of a wrestler he had something romantic with. Cruise and his lawyer Ricardo Cestero managed to sue the magazine for ten million dollars and they were pleased with the court’s decision, because reportedly the actor insisted on his immaculate reputation.

The Hollywood star sued publisher Michael Davis for a hundred million dollars after Davis said that he had a videotape showing Cruise and another man engaged in certain acts. However, Davis publicly announced that Tom Cruise had never been in a gay-related affair.

1. Child Abuse Is A Real Thing

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Not too long ago Elijah Wood shared in an interview that he was lucky as a child, but other actors of his age were literally prey. As the actor stated, everything imaginable had probably happened already; such a statement likely gives you the chills, and definitely should.

Corey Feldman is a former child actor who shares that there were many types of abuse, but what he meant was the countless publicists, photographers, and other people that were related to the industry. Feldman has his regrets about not sharing the things he witnessed, but is now certain that the lawmakers have to be notified in some way; according to him, Hollywood has more inappropriate relationships between adults and kids than any other place in the world.


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