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13 Ideas That We Should Either Celebrate Or Dismiss Immediately

Image Source: The Chive

Good ideas are the thing that keeps the world turning. People come up with random ideas all the time, and some of them are really worth spreading, while it is better to forget about others. However, having a vision is not all you need to succeed, because there is a lot of research that needs to be done in order to turn everything into reality. The trouble is that some folks make steps toward making their ideas work without realizing how bad they actually are.

We have selected a variety of ideas; some of them are really good and some are not at all, but we’ll let you make that final judgment.

1. Here is a rather interesting experiment

Image Source: Imgur

Changing the typical font of the ‘STOP’ sign is an interesting idea, but we have no idea if it is a good one. The sign is known all over the world and changing it might have consequences. What is certain is that it stands out a bit more and draws attention more than it usually would.

2. This is a nice hint and you should take it

Image Source: Twitter

College has nothing to do with your school years. The energy levels that you have will not be sustained when you get accepted in college, so it is a wise decision to take it easy and avoid adding morning classes to your schedule.

3. Doing things the easy way has controversial results

Image Source: Imgur

Bill Gates used to say that he gave the hardest task to the laziest person available, because that kind of person would find the easiest solution. The example shown here is the perfect example for that, but we’re not sure if the solution is genius or just as lazy as the person who created it.

4. Sometimes a simple decision could be the worst idea ever

Image Source: The Chive

The decision here couldn’t be more wrong; someone thought that it was a good idea to send this guy as a family representative. His ridiculous answer may be due to tension on the show, but there is always a chance that he was raised with the belief that Jell-O was actually a real fruit.

5. That’s one way to handle things

Image Source: The Chive

Looking after a toddler can be a hard task and one thing is for sure – you’ll eventually become tired. However, if nobody is there to take over, you must get creative in order to keep things under control while getting some rest. This is just one way to do it.

6. When hunger strikes, your creativity tops the scale

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Image Source: The Chive

People say that hunger is one of the best teachers in everyone’s life, and this seems to be true. You would never know if you have a creative side until you need to use it. This person really proved to have some skills, and this fork looks like a decent solution.

7. Nope, that’s not a good idea

Image Source: The Chive

We have seen all kinds of tricks in the real estate business, but some people really have some wild ideas, and not in a good way. This duo is probably the last choice on any sane person’s list, because it just seems too weird to actually work.

9. Break-ups are not what they used to be

Image Source: The Chive

There are a lot of ways you could end a relationship, but this person probably chose the most idiotic one. Such messages are the worst way to do it, and it shows a significant lack of dignity and courage, therefore it is definitely not a good idea to do it.

10. Well, we need to admit that it looks a bit awkward

Image Source: Pinterest

This guy obviously wanted to mock all the girls that are obsessed with looking their absolute best on every selfie they post on social media. However, we need to admit that the attempt pictured here is more than successful and the difference in this dude’s appearance is amazing.

11. You’re doing it wrong

Image Source: Reddit

What’s the point of using power tools if you still need to swing your hammer around? Maybe the power went out, or this person simply needed a bit of assistance to drill a hole in the wall. Whatever the case, we believe that beating that drill with the hammer would not end up to be a good idea.

12. This is all kinds of wrong

Image Source: DumpaDay

Yes, this is probably an accident, because nobody would melt their laptop with the iron. However, the puzzling thing is that someone actually thought that putting a hot iron on a computer would be an acceptable idea.

13. We salute this dude’s creativity

Image Source: Reddit

This is the best idea on the list! It is the perfect way to follow the rules and have a good time, not to mention that it looks very cool and original! Taking the exam like a boss is our kind of thing.

Written by Nick Martin

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