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13 Images That Are Hard To Believe Even Though You See Them

Image Source: Reddit

One of the keys to the continuously happy state of some people is the simple realization that things sometimes do not make any sense and that’s perfectly normal. You are not obliged to understand everything or to provide an explanation for every single thing you are asked for.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should settle and numb your curiosity; the least you could do is make the most of something you cannot explain and try to find the reason behind it. The following string of pictures would definitely give some food for thought.

1. This went from cute to horrific in under a second

Image Source: Instagram

The original photo is super cute, and probably a rare sight; after all, who gets to have a selfie with a smiling fish anyway? However, this person decided to twist things a bit and did a face swap, which literally left us speechless for a few seconds, and then we all burst into laughter like maniacs. This guy has some fine sense of humor.

2. There is only one logical reason for this

Image Source: Reddit

If you want to eat a banana in a way that people wouldn’t stare at you, you need to avoid the classic way of doing it. However, the alternative way pictured here would probably draw even more attention, because it would be the first time people see someone eat a banana with a spoon.

3. Here is a photo that would remain unexplained

Image Source: Reddit

The composition of this image suggests literally thousands of possible scenarios behind it. First, there is the curious dog in the back, and the boy in the center seems to be laughing and crying in the same time, and we believe that it has something to do with all the food around him.

4. Body art has no limits

Image Source: Instagram

Well, this would probably confuse you a bit. We like body art, and if it is done with high quality like the work you see here, it is pure eye candy. However, the theme chosen for this piece is rather confusing – did they want to create the skin of a reptile or just imagine how a human-mermaid hybrid would look like?

5. These people need to redesign that sign

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

You would probably laugh when you see this, and you would need to take a second look to understand what they actually wanted to say via that huge sign. The only quick solution to end the possible confusion most customers would experience is to draw a vertical line between the two products this place offers.

6. Overdoing something is not okay in most cases

Image Source: Instagram

And calling this overdoing would be an understatement. We have no clue about what this girl intended to do in the first place, but she obviously got it wrong. How is this even comfortable, not to mention that it looks awful? Maybe she wanted some attention, who knows.

7. The dog invasion has begun

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how you infiltrate somewhere without being noticed by anyone. This dog is really good at disguising and the natural body language we see contributes to the whole concept. We need to give some credit to the owner, because he obviously put in a lot of effort for this to be possible.

8. This is what happens when you are too hungry

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, this person must have been really starving in order to bite into the unwrapped cheeseburger! We have also experienced strong cravings for food, but this is way beyond us! It is curious if that hungry person finished the whole cheeseburger while still wrapped.

9. Here is a tree exploding with pollen

Have you ever seen anything like that? Witnessing that thing was mind-blowing! The effect created by all the pollen falling off the tree is almost surreal. It kind of creates a magical feeling and we definitely want to see this happen with our own eyes.

10. He is smiling because he knows what’s going on

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

Even the ugliest piece of clothing you have can make you look special; it all depends on the circumstances and finding the perfect moment to put it on! This guy got lucky, because he happened to wear that shirt when he got on the right bus at the right time. You can tell he’s happy.

11. It looks like a joke, but apparently it’s not

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

There is no way these people could be serious about this, but the sign looks legit, and the photo does not appear to be altered in some way, too. It must one very special parking lot, because there probably isn’t another place with the same speed limit in the entire world.

12. Have you seen human trash lately?

Image Source: Instagram

Yes, that is what we mean, quite literally. This guy probably lost a bet or he simply seeks his few minutes of fame, so we are more than happy to help. The idea behind this is easily one the most ridiculous things ever.

13. This description is brilliant

Image Source: Reddit

The odd fact that someone decide to put a description about a lamp post is funny, but when you see the actual description, it get even more hilarious. There are apparently a lot of people with free time and a huge sense of humor.


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