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13 Images That Reveal A Different Side Of Seemingly Common Things

Image Source: Reddit

If you suspected that most shiny and attractive things have another side which is not so attractive, then you are straight on point, because a look behind the scenes of the making of a product, for example, can give you a whole new outlook on that product.

However, if you are able to see the reality behind some products or services, then you will surely be more or less surprised by something that you had no reason to expect at all, and this is exactly the type of situation we wanted to give examples of. Check out the following list and see what hides behind seemingly ordinary products.

1. Mugs often tell a story beneath the top layer

Image Source: Reddit

Some people may have already discovered something similar to this, because mug and glass manufacturers often use older products that get refurbished or recycled. In this case an attractive red mug covered in glitter revealed itself as a Wonder Woman mug in disguise, which is actually a nice discovery.

2. Not your typical drive-through

Image Source: Reddit

This Dunkin’ Donuts location has a unique feature – a covered drive-through section, which is uncommon for the majority of fast-food places. But they did not create the structure to be like that initially – the fast food chain simply used the fact that the building used to be a carwash and made this possible.

3. This is an awkward find

Image Source: Reddit

When the button for closing the doors of the elevator literally fell of the control panel, it turned out that it was a fake function and it never did anything at all, which is very strange. Maybe the company that produced the elevator saved money by not actually adding that function.

4. This is how a gas station pump looks inside

Image Source: Reddit

Unlike the simple looks of it, gas station fuel pumps are complex pieces of equipment, and this photo proves it! If you are not working with machines or electronic components, this might seem very complicated, and it actually is.

5. Here is a peek inside a Redbox machine

Image Source: Reddit

If you have rented a DVD from a vending machine like this, you probably wondered about how it actually works or looks inside. This picture would probably be enough to satisfy your curiosity, although it does not reveal that much details about the whole process.

6. This is what playful design looks like

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody probably realized this, but there are funny faces drawn beneath some of this keyboard’s dials, and this is a very nice design touch, indeed! We like the fact that someone took the extra effort to add a feature that most people would probably never see.

7. The reality behind an air duster can

Image Source: Reddit

Air dusters apparently are now always what they appear to be. Someone decided to peel of the sticker label on the can, which revealed that these cans were actually meant to be air horns and were probably sold like that before.

8. This shaving gel container holds a secret

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody would suspect this if the label on the canister remained on, but peeling it off revealed what you see in the picture. It is actually a nice and simple solution to create the air pressure needed to get the contents out of the container without using aerosols.

9. Electrical boxes look kind of futuristic inside

Image Source: Reddit

This may come as a surprise to some people, because it looks like something from another planet, but it is actually a common thing. The glowing blue bulb is actually an arc rectifier, and its function is to transform the power from AC to DC.

10. A window display module error shows what it really is

Image Source: Reddit

The nice design of this digital window is admirable, and if it actually worked, the displays would show a nice background or some other information, but there is some trouble with the operating system. As a result the effect is completely washed away and you realize that it is just a computer.

11. This looks like a major fail

Image Source: Reddit

The brilliant idea for digital pillars in this shopping mall is admirable, but there seems to be a huge malfunction, because everything is lit up in blue. We all know that a blue screen is something bad, and the IT support of the mall was probably not happy with the error that caused this, but it was probably restored back to normal in no time.

12. In case you wondered what was inside those big square batteries, here’s the truth

Image Source: Reddit

It turns out that there are just a few smaller batteries inside, and it actually makes some sense, but it was not what you probably expected. After all, the important thing is for these products to be effective and to last as long as they should, and what’s inside does not matter that much.

13. You would expect more from a fire alarm for sure

Image Source: Reddit

If you are like us, you probably expected that the fire alarm switch was something really complicated, because it has such an important function. Well, it is a kind of disappointment to find out the truth – the lever of the fire alarm simply activates a small switch inside, and that’s all.


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