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13 Images That Reveal Some Pretty Curious Situations

Image Source: Reddit / skizzoat

Sometimes life puts you in a situation which can be hard to believe at first, but after you realize that something bizarre is happening and you are the witness, you might as well think about it and try to find an explanation. It is not always possible to come up with something, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

However, some weird situations or coincidences are just too awkward to be easily explained even if you try, and conspiracy theorists would gladly call these situations ‘a glitch in the matrix’. As crazy as it might sound, there may be some truth to this theory. We’ll let you be the judge and decide for yourself after you check out the following list.

1. When your Nesquik cereal is not right

Image Source: Reddit

Now here is something that you definitely don’t see every day! This cereal is probably not good to eat, but this is not the point here. The sight of all the chocolate balls stuck together in a giant cereal bar is almost surreal and we are tempted to bite into it!

2. What are the chances of this happening?

Image Source: Reddit

We tried to determine if this image has been altered in some way, but it seems to be real, which makes things even more curious. Imagine what are the odds of this happening – the chances must be really slim!

3. This cannot be simply a coincidence

Image Source: Reddit

Well, now we’ve seen everything! The odds of this random encounter are surely very small, but it is a fact! The cloth pattern used for the upholstery of the seats must have been used for a clothing line as well.

4. These doggies nailed the perfect timing

Image Source: Reddit

You can be absolutely sure that no dog is capable of such stunt, and they are obviously two separate canines in the picture. However, their perfect timing and matching colors and size made this picture possible and we like it a lot.

5. This guy almost became a part of the movie

Image Source: Rebloggy

As much as we loved How I Met Your Mother, we never felt the show as close as this guy probably did. His socks are almost a perfect match to Ted’s sweater, and that must be some kind of a sign. We admit that we are a bit jealous!

6. Here is a gang like no other

Image Source: Reddit

These cats must be conspiring against something, because their perfect positioning cannot be a coincidence! We have always suspected that felines will try to take over the world one day, and they are probably already making plans how to do it.

7. Another perfect match

test ad
Image Source: Me Me

How is it possible that there are clothes with matching pattern to the one in the public transport? It all looks like a bad joke, but it apparently is a real thing, and we are both shocked and intrigued by this type of coincidences.

8. This dog is trying to mess with your head

Image Source: Reddit

Just look at this dog’s face! The cheeky canine knows that this little stunt would more or less play a trick on most people’s minds after they see this photo. You have to admit that those are some pretty good gravity-defying skills.

9. Is this teacher a real person?

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, we have always suspected that some of the teachers at school were definitely not human, and this just might be the proof. What if they are just some unknown entities created by the matrix we live in? It sounds wild, but it is a probable scenario that can actually turn out to be the truth someday.

10. The invisible man exists!

Image Source: Reddit

The invisible man was finally busted! Well, okay, maybe not, but this is as close as it could get. This man’s socks blend perfectly with the floor pattern, creating the illusion that the man’s ankles are transparent.

11. This definitely qualifies as a weird situation

Image Source: Reddit

The sight of a swimming pool with a Christmas tree on the bottom is a rather peculiar one and it raises a lot of questions. However, there must be a funny story preceding this photo, but we would probably never know what happened.

12. The marketers that created this package are geniuses

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how accurate the marketing professionals could be these days! It is almost kind of suspicious, and maybe the abovementioned feline plot is involved in some way. Cats are always up to something, and if this is part of their plan, we are curious to find out more.

13. Well, it seems we really are in a matrix after all

Image Source: Reddit

If the theory is correct and we really do live in a carefully designed and controlled artificial environment, this must be a tiny design flaw or an error in the algorithm. Of course, it may only be a coincidence, but considering the small odds, we consider the matrix theory as a possibility.

Written by Nick Martin

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